"How is he?" Claire was barely able to get enough breath to ask. She had run all the way to the hospital after receiving news that Chris had been admitted.

"He's fine. I'm more concerned about our other guys." Piers answered, well aware that some of his other team mates might not make it through the night. The thought of losing his new found friends was almost to much for him to bare. He sat there, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to forget the past twenty-four hours. From where she was standing, Claire could tell he was hurting. To sooth him, she took his hands in her's.

"There is nothing I can say to make your pain go away. Just know that if you need me, I'm right here." Her words helped set him at ease. To him, it was like the cloud of depression hanging over his head had dispersed, shedding rays of light on his situation. "I know you don't want to talk about it, but I'd like to know what happened. Who knows; it might even help you if you talk to someone." She squeezed his hands tighter, showing her support.

"We were so close. Just a few minutes from heading home, and..." Piers trailed off, unable to speak due to a lump in his throat. "By the time we got to them, the tyrant had already taken most of them out. Before we left, we had to get all the information we found back to HQ..." His sadness turned into suspicion when he remembered what Chris had found on the computer at that damned lab. "You. What did you have to do with all of this?" He mumbled out his words. Claire looked at him, confused.

"What?" She didn't catch anything he said. His suspicion had now turned into emotional rage.

"He had a file on you! It had all your information, right down to your blood type! So, I'm going to ask you again; what do you have to do with Hitchmon?" He was yelling at this point. Claire was shocked at the sudden turn in events. He had obviously misunderstood her position in all of this. Instead of throwing anger on top of anger, Claire replied in calm manner.

"Where do you think his confession came from? Do you really think he would turn himself in after all he has done?" She made sure to get her point across. She hated having him stare her down and accuse her of being associated with that psychopath. It's not that she could blame him though. He had no idea that the B.S.A.A got the majority of their intel from Terra Save. She had preferred to keep it that way, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Piers seemed lost, pondering over this new information.

"You're reckless. He was planning on hunting you down and making you his personal slave." He balled up his fist, fighting back down his anger and disgust. His feelings for Claire had developed far beyond what he could comprehend, causing panic and jealousy to over come him. "I didn't mean to take it out on you. I just... I'm worried about you." She let out a sigh, followed by an extremely long rant about how she could take care of herself. The entire time she was chewing him out, she couldn't help but feel guilty.

"I'm sorry, alright? I should have covered my ass better, but I got taken off guard." The image of Leon in her rear view mirror, flashed through her mind. She winced, turning away from Piers so he couldn't see her face. Her phone went off, giving her the perfect excuse to leave. "Well, I have things I need to go take care of. Tell my brother to call me when he can." Quickly, she walked away, pulling out her phone to answer it. Piers stood where he was, watching her until she disappeared down one of the hallways.

"Piers!" Chris's voice snapped him back to reality.

"Captain. Good to see you. You just missed your sister." He pointed in the direction she had gone in. "She was coming to see how you were."

"Yea, I know." Piers looked at him, his eyebrow raised.

"So, just how long were you standing there?" Chris smiled maliciously.

"The whole time. I was waiting for you to make a move, Romeo." He smiled again, this time more sincere. Piers smiled back then yawned. "You must be tired. Why don't you go home for the day? We can talk on the way to your car." He nodded, putting up no protest to the offer. They both made there way to the parking lot, bogged down in a serious conversation. After a few minutes, they arrived at their destination, continuing on with their talk.

"How do you really feel about my sister?" The sudden change in subject threw Piers off. He dropped his eyes to the floor, avoiding Chris's gaze. "I know you two were just humoring me when Claire told me you were dating. Even so, your display of affection back there was pretty convincing. I think you actually fell for her." He shot his head up, bringing his blushing face into full view.

"I-I don't know! I guess you could say I like her, but my feelings are all jumbled up." He rubbed the back of his neck, dropping his eye to the floor again. When Chris didn't respond to him, he slowly looked up. Chris's eyes were distant, making it clear that he was thinking about something painful in his past. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He cleared his throat and tried it again.

"When I thought Jill died, I wanted to die with her. Everyday, I would think about all the things I never got to say to her. All the things we never got to do. It made me realize just how short and uncertain life is. That we can't waist any of our precious time being scared to tell others how we truly feel. Piers, if you have any sort of feelings for Claire, she deserves to know. Even if it's not love, she deserves to know that she has someone she can rely on." It seemed like Chris always had some major words of wisdom when he needed them the most. After taking time to think over his strategy, Piers smiled at Chris. He now had the confidence; the boost he needed to take his first step.

"What's her address?"