Okay, I recently reread this and I realized that I am not happy with it. So, now that I am a better writer I decided to rewrite this. I'm rewriting it all at once, so once it's finished I'll post them one after another. Just a reminder, this is set after Buffy finds about Riley and the Initiative and before Faith wakes up from her coma. So I'm going to go with after A New Man for Buffy, and after She for Angel.

"Boo." The newly risen vampire cranes its head to look at her, recognition flashing in its eyes as instinct tells him what she is, and what she does to things like him. He uses his new-found strength to propel himself out of the grave, lunging at her once he is free of the dirt. She grabs one of his arms and swings him, sending a kick at him for good measure. The vampire falls and she turns, just in time to see him get back on his feet. He goes to lunge at her again, acting on pure instinct. She ducks and grabs his upper arms, flipping him onto her back, then stands and tosses him onto the hard ground. She crouches and pivots, knocking his feet out from under him, knowing he was already standing again, and brings out her stake from her inside pocket. She pins him down and drives the stake into his heart, coughing as bits of dust float up.

She sighs and stands, wiping off her hands and clothes. She puts the stake back into her jacket pocket and is about to leave this cemetery and move on to the next one when she feels him. He's behind her, hiding behind a crypt, and without turning she feels him step out from behind it.

"Buffy." His gruff voice breathes out her name, bringing with it countless memories of their time together.

"Angel." She still remembers everything, though sometimes she tries to pretend she's gotten over him, even though she knows that's impossible. She feels rather than hears him step closer to her, but she remains facing away.

"Buffy, I-" He starts. She decides not to let him finish and whirls around to face him, her head automatically tilting up to the correct angle to look him in the eyes.

"You what? You're sorry? Well, it's a bit late for that, don't you think?" Her voice is icy, a tone she has almost never used with him. She turns back around to leave, knowing the conversation that will follow by heart.

"Buffy, I am sorry." He calls after her, stopping her in her steps. "I wasn't going to come, I didn't want to burden you with this, but Cordelia insisted, and you know how hard it is to dissuade her from something once she's made up her mind." He chuckles slightly, but it's a hollow sound. She stays where she is standing, waiting for him to continue. "What I'm trying to say is, I'm not telling you this because I'm trying to disrupt the life you've made without me. I'm happy that you've found someone that can take you into the light, someone that you can grow old with. But, I thought you might like to know." He was stalling and she knew it.

"Angel, just tell me what it is that you need to tell me so I can get back to patrolling." She grits out, her back still facing him. He takes a breath that she knows he doesn't need.

"My soul is permanent." He tells her softly. Her entire body stiffens and she slowly turns to face him, her eyes wide in shock.

"What?!" She demands, not quite believing what he's telling her.

"My soul is permanent," He repeats, in the same soft tone.

"I heard that." She snaps. "I meant, what were you thinking when you decided to tell me this, then disappear into the night? And you were thinking of not telling me this? Angel, this is big news! Of course I would need to know about this!" His head ducks downing a familiar gesture of shame. She feels a pang in her chest, but decides to ignore it.

"I'm sorry. I know I should have told you as soon as it happened, but I was still trying to process it myself. We aren't even sure how, or even when, it happened yet. We only know it happened because someone tried to remove my soul, again. Wesley thinks it could have happened when Willow returned my soul, he said something about changes in the curse, I wasn't really listening, he tends to ramble when he gets excited. I went to the Oracles and they confirmed that my soul is mine." He pauses for a moment and looks up at her. She remains frozen, processing this new information. "There's, um, something else too. Do you remember the Gem of Amarra?" She nods slightly and he continues. "Wesley dug up a book about it while trying to figure out how my soul was returned. It said something about how when, or if, it was destroyed, the power would remain in the last person to wear it. Meaning me." He stops talking and studies her face, waiting for her to break the silence. She remains silent for a few moments after he finishes, just processing what he just told her.

"Wow. I think that's the most word I've ever heard you say at one time." She breathes out, still in shock. Angel sighs at her.

"Buffy..." Angel groans in exasperation. She nods and holds up a hand, stopping him from continuing.

"I know, I know. This is serious. It's just, a lot to take in at once. I mean you have your soul back. Forever. And... Wait. You said Gem of Amarra, right?" He nods. "So basically you're Mr. Unkillable-Vampire-Guy now?" She asks. He chuckles at her typical Buffy-speak.

"Yes." He answers simply. She nods again, processing this information as well.

"Well, that's good. I mean, you could use a bit of sun, you are kinda pale. And you look good in the sunlight." She comments without thinking. After the words are out of her mouth they both freeze. 'How do I know that? I shouldn't know that. I've only seen him in the sunlight in my dreams.' She thinks to herself, around the same time Angel thinks something similar. 'She shouldn't know that. She shouldn't remember that, even subconsciously. I'm the only one who should remember that. Why does she remember that?' They lock eyes and suddenly the Day That Never Was rushes to the forefront of both of their minds. Buffy's eyes well up slightly.

"Really Angel? How could you do that? You took away an entire day from me, without thinking about how I would feel about it, without even telling me until it was too late. You weren't the only one in our relationship! You can't just decide things for me withou-" She never gets to finish, because suddenly Angel's lips are on hers, his arms wrapping around her waist, lifting her up onto her toes and carrying her weight so it's easier for her to kiss him back. They stand there, in the middle of the cemetery, a pile of dust still at their feet, kissing, until it becomes painfully obvious that Buffy still requires air. She leans back and Angel sets her back down on the ground, though they stay close together.

"Angel." She breaths, looking up into his deep brown eyes. "You're still going to live forever, that's never gong to change, especially now. I could die tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I might finish college." Angel smiles down and her and strokes the side of her face.

"Don't worry about that love. The Oracles told me something else when I went to visit them. They told me that a battle will be coming, and that they must have their Champions at their fullest. You, the Scoobies, and the 'Fang Gang', as Cordy likes to call us, are immortal. Something about 'Together you are powerful, alone you are dead'; it was all very vague." Angel explains. "You, Faith, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Tara, Oz, and Anya. Oh and Cordy, Wesley, Fred, and Gunn from my team. They also said they would bring back Doyle, said he was important."

"One, who's Tara, Fred and Gunn? Two, what about Mom? Three, what about Riley? And four, Faith? She's evil, and in a coma!" Buffy asks. Angel growls at the mention of the man, but he composes himself enough to explain what the Oracles told him.

"I think you should ask Willow about Tara. We think Gunn is part of a gang that's been hunting vampires in LA. We're working on contacting him. Fred, I'm not sure about Fred." Angel answers her first question, then pauses before answering her other ones. "Riley is, and I quote, 'untrustworthy'. Faith will be waking up, soon I think, and I'm going to try to help her." He pauses again and looks deep into her eyes, sorrow shining in his own before talking. "I'm sorry Buffy. Your mother's death is a fixed moment, it can't be changed, no matter what you do. I'm truly sorry." Buffy takes in his words and nods again.

"So… We're all immortal?" He nods. "And your soul is permanent?" Another nod. "And you're Mr. Unkillable-Vampire-Guy-Who-Can-Go-In-The-Sun?" Again with the nodding. "So, explain to me again why we're still standing in this cemetery? We should be getting all celebratory! But minus the alcohol, alcohol and Buffy are non-mixy things." She says, wrapping her arms around him again. Angel chuckles and looks down at her.

"Buffy, don't you think we should tell your friends they're immortal?" He prompts. Buffy pouts at him.

"Yeah…" She concedes. "But we can do that tomorrow! Tonight is just us. Our own mini celebration for you getting your soul back permanently."

"Buffy, what about Riley? You know, your boyfriend?" He grits out. He may not like the guy on principle, but he's nothing if not chivalrous.

"Riley? Oh yeah, Riley. That's simple. I'll just tell him the truth, minus all the hellmouth-y mystical bits. When I met him I had just gotten out of this really intense relationship…"

"It was a really messy break up. I was in a bad place for a long time. And then Parker happened, which was a huge mistake. And then you came along, and you were sweet, and normal-ish, and we were good together. But, I just can't do this anymore. I guess I realized that I just can't be in a relationship, not in my line of work. And yeah, you're kinda in the same line, but it's different. For you it's a job, it's something that you enjoy. You can stop whenever you want. You can have your normal, happy, apple pie, white picket fence life with a big backyard and dogs. I can't. This is who I am, this is my destiny. The only way I can stop is if I'm killed, and I can't put you through that. Do you understand?" She looks up at the blonde man. He blinks at her a few times before opening his mouth and answering.

"Uh, wow. I'm not sure how to answer that." Buffy opens her mouth to say something but he puts up a hand to stop her. "No. Just let me say this. I thought you were different, which you are, but not in the way I thought. I really liked you Buffy, a lot. I might have even loved you. I understand that what you do is dangerous, I do it too, but that's no reason for us to break up. This hasn't been a problem before now. Or maybe you've finally decided that it's not worth being with me if we're not having sex. I guess Parker was right, you're a slut!" Buffy slaps him before she realizes what she's doing, using her full strength. Riley's head snaps with the force of it and he cradles his cheek.

"I was trying to be mature about this, I wanted a clean break. I wanted to walk away from this at least be on speaking terms, but I guess you're not mature enough for that. You're just like every other stupid male out there." She starts to walk away, but turns back. "Oh, and you should probably stop letting vampires suck your blood. Yeah, I noticed. But it's not my place to say anything anymore, so go ahead, let them suck you dry, see if I care." With that she turns and storms off, leaving Riley to lick his wounds.

'God, I'm such and idiot! Why do I always attract men that want to take advantage of the monsters I fight? Angel is a monster, Owen jumped at the possibility to see more vampires, Scott, well Scott was pretty normal except for his best friends. Ford wanted to become a vampire. Parker was just a jerk. Then Riley not only worked for the government killing monsters, but he was also letting vampires bit him! Which I knew when I started dating him! Even Pike broke up with me because of the whole Slayer thing.' She mentally berates herself as she walks away.