Too many schools, in too many places. That was my first thought of the day as I ran downstairs to eat breakfast. Schools were all the same no matter where you went, the same cliquey girls, the same jock guys the same place cloned thousands of times and spread out across all states. I shoveled the cardboard cereal flakes into my mouth before running upstairs to get dressed. So today I would go to a new school in a new city, and to be honest I couldn't be more nervous. The thought of a day full of countless, nameless faces wishing welcomes in my direction? Could I think of anything more painful? But before that I had to face the trauma of choosing what to wear. After over ten minutes of deciding, I gave up, and went in what I felt comfortable in. I wore my black three quarter length leggings, Sleeping With Sirens band t-shirt, thin camouflage jacket, grey reeboks and a black beanie hat. After all that pointless fussing I barely had fifteen minutes to straighten my hair and put on my minimal makeup. I all but ran towards to the bus stop and got there with seconds to spare as the yellow monstrosity pulled towards the stop. Shit. No time for a cigarette. I sat more or less at the front of the bus, boxed in by a sea of braces, glasses and acne. I plugged in my iPod and shut out the world as the calming voice of Kurt Cobain flowed from my headphones and into my ears massaging my stressed brain. I closed my eyes and imagined that i was in my happy, a place away from varsity jackets and pom poms. I felt the bus come to a stop and I opened my eyes to catch my first sight of McKinley High. I stepped off the bus and into enemy lines. I got several looks from curious onlookers. These were all expected. I ignored them and skilfully dodged an AV geek all fired up to give me the school tour. I preferred to do things my own way. The school building itself was large, I carefully picked out private spots where I could go while ditching class in favour of nicotine. The thing about being an outsider like me is having the natural sixth sense of noticing when someone is watching you. I felt that strange familiar burning instinct and looked up to see who the eyes belonged to.