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Infinite Stratos: Special Circumstances

CHAPTER 1: The new student is?

*Ding-Dong-Dang-Dong* the bell rang signaling second period, after the bell rang the halls started to empty, when all the students returned to their class rooms and all the doors slid shut, a figure walked down the hall way. 'Let's see, ah- here it is' I thought to myself as I looked up, I saw the room number "class 1-1" I read to myself, which meant I'm a first year student. As I read the class room number , I heard from inside the class room a woman announce "Class, I have some exciting news! There's going to be a new transfer student joining our class today."

I could also hear students talking to each other that sounded like "another one? That's two in one day" and "I wonder who this new student's going to be?" the rest I couldn't make out, but they all sounded rather excited. And I could also hear the same woman trying to calm down the students by saying "P-Please calm down so we can meet the new s-student" and I did say "try".

She only got them to calm down part way, so I could still hear them but they were whispering , so I couldn't hear what they were whispering about. I then took a breath and slid open the door to the class room , I tried to move but for some reason I couldn't move my feet 'Well this is weird, why am I so nervous for?' I thought to myself, then I saw the woman that the voice came from look over to me, then she started to walk towards to door, she then bent over a little and said with a friendly smile "Don't be shy, they won't bite"

(Ichika POV)

As the class looked over trying to get a better look at the new transfer student but Yamada-sensei was blocking the new student from view so I couldn't see who it was, I was also a little curious to see who was standing there 'I wonder who she's talking to?'

(POV reset)

And as she said that she gently yet firmly took my hand and walked me into the class room and as she did I thought to myself 'Wow, she's really pretty and she also seems really nice' as I went up to the front of the class. There I was standing up in front of the class, next to me a beautiful green haired teacher, the one who was talking before and she said with a smile" Class, starting today he will be joining our class" If you didn't know this by now I'm a male. After she said that, she turned to me with the same friendly smile and said "Please introduce yourself to the class" I took a step forward and took in what was in front of me, and noticed a small detail…well a BIG detail, my whole class except for one student and a empty seat towards the back, were ALL GIRLS!

Because if you didn't already guess, this is IS Academy a school for training young people to pilot the Infinite Stratos or IS for short, a power suit that has a fatal flaw.. it can only be operated by girls and one male..and me, so only two males in the entire world can use it. I also noticed some details about the teacher that's standing near me, she has a petite figure and doesn't look any different than a student. However wearing clothes that didn't quite match her body made her look even more petite. And it looked ever more out of place with her large olive green eyes, behind her hazy glasses. I just shook it off as a situation like out of a Anime, where some women look younger than they are, but by guessing I say she's like 22 or something. And she seems to be really nice, after thinking that in 2 or 3 seconds so I didn't stand there for too long, I did as the nice lady asked and introduced myself, I breathed in and gave a kind of nervous yet as friendly of a smile I can to make a good first impression on the class and said "H-Hello my name in Edwards Sebastian and I hope you will all take care of me during my time in this class, and I will be looking forward to learn more about you nice young ladies, and hopefully become your friend and if you would like I will try and answer any of your questions you may have about me as best as I could."

And as I finished my self introduction I gave another smile to the class, it was silent for a bit and I thought 'Oh no, do they hate me? Are they going to make fun of me for being nervous? Did I say too much for a self-introduction? And why do I seem to hear them saying "stare" like that? (1) and why are their eyes shining like that?' I thought to myself, I glanced over at the other male from what I saw he had black hair and redish-brown eyes he wore a male version of the uniform but it was different than mine because it had shorter sleeves and thought 'weird looks like he's expecting something to happen' then the whole class, except said male erupted into a loud chorus of "KYAAAA!" and I also heard some girls say stuff like " He's so cute!","I want to hug him!"," His name's so cool it's like out of a Anime","I'll start a fan club about him!" and "well I'll stalk him" and I thought ' cool I'm getting a fan club…wait what was that last one?' I heard another pair of feet walking in what sounds like high heels behind me, and then I heard it *BAM* the sound of a desk being hit mad me jump a little bit out of surprise, I then heard a voice.

"Everyone! Quiet down, Now!" and as that was said, all the girls stopped talking. "A-As I was about to say m-my name is Yamada Maya-sensei and…" as Maya was about to continue she was cut off "And my name is Orimura Chifuyu " as she was talking I turned towards who's speaking, she was tall and slim and wore a black tight fitting skirt, she had the body line of someone who doesn't look muscular even after lots of training, all in all a rather attractive woman. Again another quick thought, she continued " I will repeat this only once" my duty is that for this one year, I will be training you in the operations and controls of IS. Everything I teach you have to remember and understand. To those who can't understand, I'll teach them till they can. My job is to thoroughly train you during your first year, from the age of 15 to 16" well except that other part since you're a special case, as I was saying " you can dislike my attitude, but you still have to do what I say. Understood?'' am I clear?" as she finished she gave a "Don't piss me off" look. All I could say was "Y-Yes Orimura-sensei" she then turned the class back over to Yamada-sensei as she went back to where she was standing ' from my experience from watching Anime, I have one tip for you "Don't piss off a demon." Yamada-sensei continued on with the class by saying " O-ok let's find you a empty seat.. oh there's one next to Nohohon-san"

And as she said that a girl near the back waved at me, to show me where she's sitting. I then walked over to my seat next to this "Nohohon-san" I sat down and she introduced herself to me with a friendly smile " Hi, my name is Nohotoke Honne, It's nice to meet you." As she said that I noticed that she was very cute, she looked kind of sleepy which I thought added to her cuteness, she had rather dark pink hair and she was also really nice, and her blazer looked allot like my own which was a rather a happy coincidence 'I could get used to sitting here and this school.' After another quick thought I said with a smile "Thank you, and can I also call you Nohohon-san?" then Honne said "Sure or you can also call me Honne and may I call you Sebby" again with a smile and I said back "sure you can or you can call me any nickname you would like" I replied with a smile as well. As I was turning around to inspect what was on my desk mostly all the girls in the class started to swarm me, and then started to ask the questions I said I would answer so I did to my best ability. The questions and answers that I gave were "Where are you from" " I'm from the U.S.A, Los Angeles California to be more exact" "Do you have a girlfriend yet?'" "No, not y-yet but I hope to get one while I'm attending IS Academy" that one I became a little bit flustered and looked a little bit shy, all the girls reacted saying I was ''Super Cute'' ok back to the answering of questions, "have you ever kissed a girl before?" " N-No I haven't yet but hopefully I will someday" and again with that one I answered a little bit shyly and the girls reacted to that answer by looking rather happy because they wanted to give him his first kiss, and it is true I haven't but hopefully soon I will get to but I did get kissed by a girl but it was on the cheek or forehead but not on the lips. "How old are you?" " I'm 13 years old, but please don't get discouraged because of my age, I would still go out with one of you lovely ladies" with that answer all the girls squealed about how they wanted me more. "Will you go out with me?" "If I get to know you better, then maybe I might go out with you" that made the girl squeal with glee "Do you like Anime, and what is your favorite?" "I LOVE Anime my favorite's are Black Butler, Hetalia and DEAtH NOtE and maybe later I would like to hear your favorites" "What's your favorite color?" " My favorite colors are black and red what's yours?" I asked and she said her favorites she said " mine are orange and pink" and I replied " wow, lovely colors for a lovely young lady" it looked like she was slightly blushing and looked quite happy so I thought to myself 'well I guess my Charisma is all the way to 10 today.'

(Ichika POV)

As I heard all the commotion being made from the back of the room by most of the girls in class, I decided to go and introduce myself to him. As I got up I first went over to Houki and said " Common let's go introduce ourselves to the new guy." and Houki replied while still looking out the window with " No, don't want to." and I said " Come on let's not make a bad first impression on him."

Houki then said " I said NO" as she said that she gave me her usual scowl, so I took her by the hand and pulled her up and towards the new guy. She was trying to pull from my grasp but I still held on as we made our way over towards the back of the class. The girls seemed to notice us and parted so we could get through, and then he noticed us as well and smiled. So I started to introduce myself to him by saying " Hello, my names Orimura Ichika it's nice to meet you." and then he replied by saying " It's nice to meet you too, the name's Edwards Sebastian but you already heard me say that already, so you can all me Sebastian and I'm glad to have been put in the same class as the other male IS pilot so I don't get overwhelmed by so many girls." Sebastian-kun gave a sort of nervous laugh and smile, " Then you can call me Ichika and are you actualy 13?" then he answered" Yup and I heard something about being the youngest IS pilot or something like that." he said in a happy tone and it was time for Houki to introduce herself, but all she did was remain silent so I gave her a little nudge with my elbow. Houki then said " My name is Shinonono Houki." then she remained silent ' well that was a bit short ' then I heard Sebastian-kun say " It's very nice to meet you Shinonono-san"

(Normal POV)

'I'll tell her that I know her sister later but now I'll try to make friends with her, and that Ichika guy seems nice.' As I was about to be asked another question , I heard Yamada-sensei say "O-Ok it's time to settle down so class can continue" and as that was said the girls, Ichika and Shinonono-san returned to their seats so class could continue. There sitting in front of my were five heavy books, apparently all about the IS, just flipping to the top most page, I could see columns and columns of text. And as I was looking I heard footsteps approaching and I looked up and saw that it was Maya she then bent down a little as she said " Can you see the board alright Sebastian-kun?" I responded by saying " Yes I can, thank you for asking" as I said that I noticed in a way she didn't see that she has rather huge breasts, she also said " The school supplied you with your books in English thinking that it will be easier to understand." and I responded by saying " Please tell them thank you for me" with a smile, as that was said she stood back up and walked back up to the front of the class and continued with the lesson.



(1) (A/N: they are saying it drawn out like that so it's longer, watch okamisan and her seven companions)
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