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Infinite Stratos:Special Circumstances

Prologue:A knock at the door.

*Ring My Bell from Heaven's Lost Property original by Blue Drops*

The sound of my Ipod touch dock's alarm clock filled the dark room.


The blankets on the bed started to move as a hand started to reach out from underneath them to hit the snooze button. The same hand was still resting on the snooze button for a few seconds before it retracted back into the bed, after a minute or two the blankets started to move again.

(POV 1st person)

"*Yawn*...What time...is it anyway?" I asked myself a bit tired while I started to wake up.

I slowly lifted my head up, still groggy from sleep while still under the blankets so I could see what time it is.

"8:30 a.m...*sigh*...well, I guess it's time to get up then."

I slowly sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them, I then started to uncover myself and I got out of bed. I then walked over to the window and drawn back the curtains, letting in the morning light as it gently illuminated my room, my eyes had to adjust to the sudden change of light. I then opened the window and felt the gentle morning brease.

My bedroom is on the second floor and has 2 windows that are near each other, the first window which is the one that I opened over looks the street and some houses that line the other side of the street, the street is named Green Brush Ave.

The people that live around me are pretty nice and past the street you can see more houses, the town that has plenty of places to eat, 1 or 2 parks, some schools and a couple of shops. You can also see some of the city which have more places to eat at, many shops, a huge mall, some arcades and many more places, it's a city where there is always something to do.

The other window opens up to my next door neighbors window, she is my best friend but since it's a little after 8:30 a.m on a Saturday so she probably won't be awake yet but I walked over to the window and opened the curtains an slid open the window anyway.

In my bedroom I have a double bed, book shelves to hold some of my manga, a bed side table for a lamp, my Ipod dock and my Iphone charger, a desk, a decent size walk-in closet, drawers and more shelves to hold anime figures, a computer so I can play PC games and a art pad so I can draw on my computer, art supplies and a spot to put together anime figures. The walls of my bedroom are mostly covered in wall scrolls but I also have some posters. I have a Black Butler calender. I then walk over to my bed and I started to make it, my bed has Bleach bed sheets, Bleach skulls pillow case and a body pillow of Musubi from Sekirei and I also have some anime plushies, after when I finished making my bed I decided to go take a shower.

I started by first closing the window and curtains of the one over looking the street, I then started to take off my pj's that's dog themed that has ears and a face on a hood, long sleeves that obscure my hands for the top, the bottoms legs are a little baggy and has a tail, and I placed them on my freshly made bed. I then grabbed a change of clothes and left my room, I then grabbed a Ikaros Heaven's lost property towel and walked into the bathroom, turned on the water and when it was nice and hot I took off my underwear and I stepped in and took my morning shower.

(10-20 minutes later)

After I was finished showering I turned off the water, got out and dried myself off and hung the towel up to dry and I then got dressed and looked myself over in the mirror.

I'm about 4'4'' tall with raven-black hair that reaches a couple inches bellow my shoulders with short bangs that cover some of my forehead and longer hair on the sides that frame my face. I have rather large red-brown eyes that are more red than brown. I'm slim with hardly any muscle tone at all, but don't let that fool you I'm a lot stronger than I look and I have a high metabolism. I kind of have girlish features but not a lot of people confuse me for a girl and I have white, light, smooth skin with no body hair except for my eye brows and eye lashes of course.

Right now I'm wearing jean shorts that end at the knee and a red Fullmetal Alchemist shirt with the logo on the front with a basic transmutation circle below it in white with a white Flamel cross on the back, the shirt is signed by Vic Mignogna the voice of my favorite character Edward Elric and he is my favorite voice actor ever and is the best voice actor of all time.

After I was done I gave myself a once-over, my hair is the way I like it slightly spiky and stylishly messy with my bangs the way I like them and when I was done I left the bathroom, I didn't brush my teeth yet because I'm going to have breakfast first. As I was leaving I grabbed my dirty underwear so I can put them in the dirty clothes hamper.

I walked down the stairs to the living room then I walked over to the laundry room so I can put the dirty clothing away, the laundry room has a front loading washer and dryer, a table to fold clothes and cabinets to hold the different things I need to do my laundry.

After when I was done I went back to the living room and walked into the kitchen to make myself breakfast, the kitchen is a pretty good size and has a spacious side by side refrigerator that has a freezer at the bottom and a small LED screen, a stove with a built in oven, a ice-tea maker, a microwave, a coffee maker and shelves, cabinets and drawers to hold stuff to cook with, cups plates, utensils, food, snacks, candy etc.

I opened the fridge and looked around to see what I wanted to eat, I then spotted it the mother of all breakfasts, left over pizza. I then grabbed two pieces of pepperoni pizza and closed the fridge, I then grabbed a paper plate and paper towel and placed them on the plate and covered them with the paper towel, opened the microwave and put the pizza in for 1 min. 30sec., closed it and pressed start.

(1 min. 35sec. later)

I then walked back to the living room with my pizza, the Mountain Dew I got out and sat down on the couch, I placed the plate on the coffee table to let it cool down and turned on the TV. The living room has a nice, big, comfy couch, a coffee table, 2 end tables, 2 lamps, 2 arm chairs, a LCD TV, PS3, Xbox 360, DVR and shelves to hold my games and DVDs. I turned on the TV and selected a recording of Bleach on the DVR.

(time skip)

After I was done eating, drinking my soda and watching TV, I turned off the TV and I walked into the kitchen to throw away my trash and rinsed out my can in the sink, I grabbed a cup from a shelve and poured myself some water.

I then walked back upstairs and into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I grabbed my tooth brush after I put on some tooth paste and started to brush my teeth, my tooth brush is green with pink paw prints on it. When I finished I walked into my bedroom and put my cup down on the night stand, walked over to the window and opened the curtains and window I closed earlier, I then picked up the volume of Black Butler that I'm currently reading and sat on my bed and started reading.

(time skip)

When I finished reading a couple chapters I marked my place and put the volume down on my nightstand and I looked at the time, it's 9:30 a.m and I sat up on my bed, as I did the curtains on my best friends bedroom window slid open and when she saw me she slid open the window.

Then she said "Hey Sebastian, good morning~" with a friendly yet still sleepy smile and gave a cute, sleepy wave with one hand and started to rub the sleep from her eye in a rather cute way with the other hand.

By the way my name is Sebastian Edwards, and yes my first name is the same first name as the demon butler from Black Butler which happens to be my favorite anime and manga of all time and the name thing happens to be a happy coincidence. I'm 12 right now but I'm turning 13 later this year, I live in Starlight City which is located in California, the city gets it's name from the fact that you can see stars almost every night. I live alone and the house I live in has rooms to put all of my anime, manga and figures. There are two rooms I don't use to put my stuff in and those are my sister's rooms. Yes I do have sisters, two of them actualy and no they are not like some of the women now a days, neither are my friends that are girls or the women that I know and like to hang out with. And I don't get lonely because of my best friend and her mom and dad.

"Good morning to you too Kat." I replied as I made my way over to the window to talk to her.

Her full name is Katherine "Kat" Evens but everyone calls her Kat for short, and she is my closest friend and even though I'm 12 right now she is considered my childhood friend, I've known her for years and she's around 2 years older than me, even though she's older than me she is always genuinely nice to me, I'm even friends with her mom and dad.

Kat has long lower back length peach-blonde hair that ends a little above her butt, it's in between blonde and light orange, with short bangs on her forehead and longer hair on the sides of her face, some of her hair sticks up giving her a cute appearance. And since it looks like she recently got up her hair is slightly messy with more hair sticking up than usual, she usually wears a ribbon, hairband or a hair clip of some sort.

Her eyes are the color of honey a golden-brown color that compliments her hair perfectly. She has light, smooth skin with a slight hint of a tan and a healthy, flawless complexion. Kat is around average height for a girl her age, maybe a little bit taller. Kat has kind of large breasts but not too big just enough to fit her proportions, which gives her her ample cleavage, and no I'm not a pervert I just notice this stuff.

She has a good body with plenty of curves in the right places, slim with a good width on her hips but not too wide just enough to fit her body, all in all she is cute and pretty attractive. And since I knew her for many years I watched as she matured; Kat getting taller, her hips getting wider, her breasts becoming larger, again I'm not a pervert It's hard not to notice these things, and with her cute she became pretty attractive.

Even though she's older than me she has time for me and she said that we will always be friends, even if either of us get's mad or upset nothing will change that.

Since Kat apparently recently woken up she has hardly anything on, she only has on a matching pair of bra and panties, the ones that she's wearing are light-pink with little green clovers on them with small dark-pink bows, which are rather cute on her if I do so say myself and I'm kind of used to how she's dressed...or under dressed as some would say by now and she doesn't mind me seeing her like this, we are best friends/childhood friends after all, I'm not dense if she had 'those' kind of feelings for me I probably would notice them, and I've seen her like this many times before.

When she was finished she rested both elbows on the windowsill, clasped together her fingers so she can gently rest her chin on them which caused her breasts to squish together showing off a lot more of her ample cleavage.

I noticed this and it caused my face to heat up as I started to blush and I turned my gaze away, which accidentally was on her breasts "H-How was your sleep?"

Kat noticed this as a playful smile crept onto her face as she got a playful look in her eyes as she said "I slept well. Would've been better with someone to sleep with~ And you could've used me as a pillow too~." she said that last part after she stood up and stepped back a little, as she did my gaze returned to her. She then grabbed both of her breasts, squeezed them and squished them together while lifting them up, arching her back slightly which pushed her breasts out further as she leaned toward me a little, tilted her hips to the left and she also tilted her head to the left while she winked and gave me a flirty smile while she said 'And you could've used me as a pillow too~' in a rather seductive voice, I have no idea where she learned this sort of thing.

I know what your thinking, and no she is not a pervert, Kat is just very playful that's all, she has a playful personality and she is very nice, not just to me but to almost everyone and by almost everyone I am not including bullies, she is not nice to them, she will ask them to stop and get both sides of their stories first. All in all she is very playful, very nice, has a great personality and sense of humor, attractive and cute.

Anyway when she did that my face heated up even more as it got a little redder than before as I blushed even more. No I'm not awkward around females but sometimes I get this way, and I emphasize on 'sometimes'. Kat is just playfully teasing me she is not doing this to be mean she's doing it because she thinks it's fun that's all, and apparently she likes my reactions.

Kat's playfulness reminds me of Asa from Shuffle! Yeah, that's right I'm 12 and I watch the anime and read the manga, I even have Shuffle! related stuff and Ama is my favorite character. And her playful teasing is like Yoruichi from Bleach, and I love the anime and manga of Bleach.

After she saw me react to that she let go of her breasts and then they bounced and jiggled a little before they stopped, this caused me to blush even more as I turned my gaze away again. I then heard her giggle a little at how I reacted to what she did, her laughs and giggles are normally nice especially to her friends and the people she is fond of.

Kat then moved back to the windowsill and rested on it like she did before, I then regained my composier and patted my face a little to make them regain their normal color again and coughed into my hand a little before returning my gaze back to her.I then saw that she had one of her signature smiles on, it's a smile that is friendly, warm and has a gentleness to it, this is one of the many reasons why we are such close friends.

"Your so cute, your even cuter when you get flustered like that." Kat said this with the same smile. Besides how I look I also have a voice that is a little higher than other boys my age so with how I look, act and and my voice girls often think I'm 'cute' which is a good thing, I'm guessing there are guys who wish they are like me so they will be more popular with girls.

"How was your sleep? And the offer still stands, and don't worry I won't try any funny buisenes. Unless. You. Want. To. I won't refuse~. But I wont force you at all, unless you like forcefull girls~." she said most of it like this; 'And the offer still stands' in a playful voice, ' and don't worry I won't try any funny business' in a flirty voice, 'Unless. You. Want. To. I won't refuse~.' in a very flirty way, 'But I won't force you at all, unless you like forcefull girls~.' with a mix of very flirty and seductive.

I felt my face start to heat up again "M-My sleep was good, a-and thanks for your o-offer, I'll think it over l-later." while I was talking my face cooled off "*Giggle* Still so cute." Kat said with a smile. " Are you gonna take the entrance exam to enroll in IS Academy later this year?" I asked after I regained my composier.

Since Kat's going to turn 15 she can take a entrance exam to enroll in IS Academy, that is if she passes but I'm sure she will pass the exam, she is smart after all she gets decent grades in school, and I should know we go to the same school together, and that means I see her everyday, and that includes before and after school and during weekends.

By the way IS Academy is as it's name implies, it's a school to train young people in the use of the Infinite Stratos or IS for short, it's a sort of power suit that was originally created as a multipurpose power suit for space exploration.

When Kat does get accepted and enrolls into IS Academy I won't be able to see her in person at all or if at most a few days a year until she graduates, it's the same as my big sister but she does visit me when she can and it will eventualy happen to my other friends as well. This is because there is a slight problem;

1) IS Academy is in Japan which is pretty far away from here, but I can ask my mom and dad to get me a ticket to travel there.

Ok when I said 'because there is a slight problem I meant to say there is 1 slight problem and there is a even BIGGER problem, and NO it's not the entrance exam I'm sure I can pass that, its that-

2) The IS has a fatal flaw... it can only be operated by females and the last time I checked between my legs I'm a boy so I can't operate one, and that's why I won't be able to see Kat for a long time, it was hard to get used to that when it came to my big sister and it will happen to my female friends as well. But on the bright side when she enrolls she would be an IS pilot, and I would personaly know IS pilots which would be pretty cool.

"Yup, I'll take the entrance exam and enroll in IS Academy when the time comes. But don't worry that's a long time away from now, we'll see each other and hang out everyday till then. And when that time comes I will miss you every day," she then got a playfully mischievous look on her face as she raised herself up a bit and gently groped her breasts " like when I want to model sexy clothing, costumes, underwear and lingerie for you when I get some," I felt my face start to heat up again, she then stopped and returned to the position she was in before with her normal smile returning "I'll especially miss your cute reactions to my lovable antics and seeing you everyday, before I go to sleep and in the morning," If you didn't already guess I see her almost every morning, day and night. "and when I give you your good night kiss every night, *sigh* that's one of the things I'll miss the most." she said that last part after she stood up, used her her fore-arms to squish her breasts together, rested her left hand on top of her breast while she used her right hand's index finger to gently press down on her soft lips and gave me a very flirty look, when she sighed her her right hand went to rest on top of her right breast as she pouted a bit.

"D-Don't worry about that right now, we have quite a long time t-till then. Like you said it's a long time away from now, so we'll be hanging out till then." I said as my cheeks cooled down from what she did, and by the way when she talked about when she gives me my good night kiss it's always on my cheek or forehead, it's never on my lips so I still didn't get my first kiss yet because first kiss=lips. Although I did make a promise to my big sister and a similar promise to my little sister but anyway.

After when I said that her mood brightened as she was smiling her signature smile again "Your right I shouldn't get so worked up about something that is a long while away. Thank you for cheering me up." she gave me her closed eye smile. "Your welcome."

Before you say anything she is not my girlfriend, yes she is a girl and she is my friend but she is not my girlfriend, we haven't went out on a date before, and I never dated anyone, I'm not sure if Kat dated before but ever since I've known her I've never seen her go out on a date before.

(Time Skip)

We talked for about an hour or 2 about many things from anime and manga to video games and movies, when Kat looked at her clock and said "Oh...It's 11:00, do yo want to come over to hang out since my mom and dad are awake?" "Sure, hanging out today sounds like fun." I answered with a smile, I like it over at their house, there is hardly any dull moments there. Then she got the smile that I'm familiar with and said "Or maybe I can come over so we can have some F..U..N together~." in a very flirty voice and winked after saying that.

"Y-Your house is f-fine." I said with a slightly red face "*Giggle* Still cute, ok I'll get dressed while you come over... or maybe you can watch me get dressed and then come over~" she said that by and slightly pulling down one of her bra straps with a playfully seductive smile and a flirty voice "I-I'll come o-over now." my face was heating up again, I then made my way away from the window so she can get dressed and to get a pair of socks, as I did I heard "*Giggle* cute." and I made my way down stairs to the living room to get my shoes to put them on to hang out next door

As I was making my way down the stairs to the living room when

*Knock knock knock*

I heard someone knocking on the front door.

'Hm? Who could that be? It probably won't be Kat, well I guess I should answer it to see who it is'.

Prologue End


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Ask me what?

Sebastian:Are you alright in the head?

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