This is Deadly Shinigami and I know that I said that I will update when I can, and that this is not a new chapter but I need a little help from the readers/fans out there.

The questions I will ask you all, and if I get enough feed back from you guys and gals, or maybe just guys I don't know the gender that most of the readers are that read this fanfic, but anyway here is the question for the people with profiles to PM me so I can make the changes, but if you don't have one you can just put it into the review section.

Ok question 1: In the biggining part of the prolauge when my character wakes up to his alarm clock going off, should I change it so one of the oc's that will be in this fanfic, and no not Kat because I already like the point where she is introduced into the story. But one that I was gonna introduce into the story in a later chapter that isn't of my creation but a character from a manga series that I like, so she wakes Sebastian up instead of the alarm going off? She will be one of his friends that I really want to add into the story. Or keep it as it is?

I will be waiting to post the rewriten prolauge untill I get some feed back with the answer to the question.

Question 2: I will be making this a harem fanfiction, I know what you are thinking "A harem fanfic? You monster." and not one that has a "Nice boat" ending. How do you guys/gals feel about older female x young male pairings in the harem, because that will be happening in later chapters, as you can guess because all the famale characters are older than the protaganist (I think thats the word used for the main character) in this fanfic.

Question 3: I'm planning on starting another fanfic up but I won't stop writing this one to focus on the other fanfic. I'm having a tough time chosing which series to write for, the choices are:

1) Sekirei



4)Baka and Test: Summon the beasts

5)A certain magican index

6)Mayo Chiki


8)Lucky Star

I'm also planning a Strike Witches fanfic in the future.

Your votes count, but when I do write a crossover that has not been done before I will post a chapter of it to show that I thought of it first so no one writes one and says they did and steals all the credit for my idea. Nothing personal it's just I want to make sure you are all informed.

Thankyou for your time and Bankai!