A/N: Love to signofthetimes, CB and reviewers.

This is SIH-verse and will make no sense unless you are familiar with that body of work.

The set up for these was a challenge I gave myself: What would the characters write to one another in letters they thought might be their last? (I'm absolutely not saying it is or isn't, just what if).

Requests, of course, are welcomed :)

Dear Idiot Dog,

I despise you. Since we were children, you have seemed to me the epitome of every terrible thing possible, and the time I have spent living with your vulgar, eccentric and ruthlessly annoying behaviour have long since proved that belief not merely true but irrefutable.

Also, are you aware that you snore? And have done virtually nothing to decrease the population of gnomes infesting Spinner's End? If anything, there are more of them, and they grow daily more irksome and destructive of my peace of mind, quite like yourself.

I shall see you in Hell,

Severus Snape

Post Scriptum- Thank you for everything.