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Deer Boss,

Thot as I aught to rite to you and express my admrashun for you, and my thanks for all the halp you have givn me and mine ovr the years. When first we met you coud have had any of those feelows from Azkaban and you choze me insteed. I have always hoped to repay yor kinness by being the best werker I coud be fer you and now fer yor girl, which is to say Her Majisty.

I am sory this letter aint beter ritten. Nicolae Pavel halps me with me ritin but he is gone and I dunt want to bother an elf. If we shud never meet again, pleese know yor good inflewence and kind ways have made a very grat impreshun on me, and I hope sumday to be half as gud a father and a imployer as yorself.


Lemuel Scabior