Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived

A man emerges from a north London flat. He mounts a motorcycle and travels the short distance to his friend's hiding place. It was Halloween nineteen eighty-one and the man just had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

When he arrived at his friend's hiding place he found it deserted. No trace of the man who had been his friend since the age of eleven. So fearing the worst, he leapt back on to his motorcycle and as quick as he could, he made his way to the humble cottage of his best friend, his best friend's wife and his godson. When he arrived he saw a large man exit a cottage. It was the same cottage he himself was visiting. The large man was carrying a small bundle.

'Sirius, yer too late,' the large man began, 'James an' Lily, they're d-dead.'

Sirius felt numb, his best friend – no, his brother was gone.

'Li'l 'Arry, though, 'e's fine – got a scar – but fine,' the large man finished.

'Harry?' asked Sirius, 'he's alive?'

The large man showed Sirius his infant godson and saw that he was still breathing and also saw the scar on his forehead.

'Hagrid, don't go anywhere with my godson, I am his legal guardian and you're not to take him anywhere, do you understand me?' said Sirius.

'Sirius, I got orders from Dumbledore –'

'Fuck Dumbledore!' shouted Sirius cutting him off. 'Just wait here please.'

Then before Hagrid could say another word, Sirius entered the cottage and the moment he crossed the threshold he saw the body of James Potter. Sirius looked around the hallway for any sign of James' wand but found none. Then, hoping harder than he ever had before, he took James' wrist to feel for a pulse. Expertly using his index and middle fingertips he applied the necessary pressure.

To his shock and utter jubilation he felt a pulse. Sirius then pointed his wand James and said, 'Enervate.'

James Potter's hazel eyes flickered open.

'H-Harry … Lily …?' James whispered.

'No, it's me – Sirius,' said Sirius as he handed James his glasses.

'Sirius, are they all right?' asked James.

'Harry is fine, he's outside with Hagrid,' answered Sirius.

'What? Why?'

'I'm guessing the emergency Portkey that was kept in the nursery was deactivated,' said Sirius.

'Then, Lily – she's dead?'

'I don't know, I came in here – I had to be sure. I found you first and checked for life-signs – out of desperation, really, but what happened? And where the fuck is your wand?' said Sirius.

'Voldemort, he came and he was already blasting open the door. I told Lily to take Harry and go, I tried to hold him off but I left my wand on the sofa. Voldemort just laughed and said, "This is going to be easier than I thought", and then he stupefied me.'

Sirius then pointed his wand toward the living room and said, 'Accio James' wand,' the wand flew into the hallway and was caught by Sirius and as he handed it back to James, he said, 'James Charlus Potter, if you ever go anywhere without your wand again, you won't have to worry about Voldemort because I will kill you, understand?'

'Yes, Dad,' said James chuckling before Sirius helped him to his feet and hugged him.

'Go into the sitting room, sit down and I'll go and see to Lily – don't argue,' said Sirius.

James did as he was told while Sirius made his way up the stairs and once he got to the top he could see the door to the nursery had been blasted off its hinges. Sirius slowly walked to the room dreading that he would find Lily dead. He walked into the room and there was the body of Lily Potter lying on the floor by the wall. Sirius rushed to kneel by her side and took her wrist to feel for a pulse like he had done with James.

This time, however, he felt nothing. Sirius swallowed and moved his fingers to her neck to feel for a pulse, if this did not work …

'Yes,' breathed Sirius as he felt a very faint pulse before pointing his wand at her and saying, 'Enervate.'

Lily's green eyes slowly opened.

'Lils, speak to me, it's Sirius, say something, please,' he pleaded, 'come on; call me an arse – anything!'

'Harry …?' she whispered.

'He's fine, I promise you,' he told her.

'Where is he?'

'Outside with Hagrid,' answered Sirius.

'Oh … James?' she asked.

'Alive and sitting in your living room,' he said smiling at her.

'Really?' she asked.

'Yes, c'mon, I'm going to take you downstairs,' said Sirius before he scooped her up into his arms and carried her downstairs. Once he got to the bottom of the stairs he called out to James.

James came running out of the living room and saw his wife in Sirius' arms. 'Is she –?'

'She's weak but alive, James, thank Merlin, did you find Lily's wand?' Sirius answered.

'Yeah, she left it in the kitchen, it's in my pocket,' said James as he patted his coat.

Sirius, James and Lily left the cottage to find Hagrid still waiting with Harry in his arms.

'Gallopin' Gorgons!' exclaimed Hagrid, 'James? Lily? How? I though' yeh were – yeh know?'

'My son, please, Hagrid,' said James.

Hagrid did not comply with James and said, ''Ow do I know yeh're the real James Potter?'

James then thought for a moment before whispering something in Hagrid's ear which made his eyes widen.

'All righ', yeh're the real James Potter, 'ere yeh go,' said Hagrid as he handed Harry over to James before saying, 'I'd better get back ter Dumbledore an' let 'im know yeh're alive.'

'Tell him we're on our way to see him and have him and Professor McGonagall meet us at the gates at Hogwarts in half an hour, and, tell him we know who the leak in the Order is,' said James.

'Righ', will do,' said Hagrid and he Disapparated.

Sirius put Lily in the sidecar of the motorcycle, and as Lily was slowly getting her strength back, James handed Harry to her and she held him tight in her arms. James then got on the back of the bike behind Sirius who was starting the engine.

'Let's fly,' said James, before the engine of the bike roared in to life and Sirius selected the flying gear and they were in the air and heading to Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A/N: This is my take on a James and Lily survives the attack by Voldemort at Godric's Hollow story. This story will contain elements of canon and maybe a few characters and other things from A Quiet Year at Hogwarts. I hope I have not copied or appeared to have copied another's story, if I have then I apologise for any similarities with other fics. I will admit to being influenced to write my own version of this arc by some of the ones I have read. Please remember this as the story progresses, thank you, and enjoy.