New Guys and a Vampire

Chapter 1 – The Meeting

"Good morning Tsukune!" Moka called out to Tsukune as she rushes to Tsukune's side. "Oh, good morning Moka,"

Tsukune responded, "Oh Tsukune you smell good today" Moka says intimately, moving closer to his neck.

Tsukune becomes uneasy because he knows what happens next, "ah…Moka! Wait!"

Moka responds, "I can't help myself," then bites Tsukune on the neck sucking his blood, Tsukune felt dry and empty trying to barely smile. Tsukune hears someone call out his name,

"Tsukune!" he turns to see Kurumu's breasts jump into his face and her body wrapped around him, "Good Morning Tsukune! I know you're happy to see me, right!"

Yukari follows and greets Moka and Tsukune, Tsukune gathers his breath stands up straight to greet his friends, Kurumu rubs her breasts on Tsukune's chest and tells him, "you know I have something special planned only for you big boy," Tsukune's nose starts bleeding, he blushes and smiles dumbly.

Kurumu continues to rub her breasts when an ice kunai knife flies into her head and Mizore leans out from a tree behind them, "Get away from him you huge boobed bimbo!" Kurumu faces Mizore and tells her, "Oh yeah why don't you make me you snow skank!" Mizore responds, "I'll do a lot more then that you slut!"

Everyone feels unsurprised and Yukari remarks, "not again," Moka gets in the middle and breaks up the nearly starting fight, "C'mon guys fighting is no good now, school is about to start," Kurumu and Mizore calm down and Kurumu responds, "Yeah, I wouldn't want my poor Tsukune to get hurt," Mizore grabs Tsukune's arm, "Hey, Tsukune want to walk to class with me?" Kurumu and Yukari join in, "NO! He's mine!"

They all start holding and pulling Tsukune around as if they were playing Tug-a-war. The bell rings and Tsukune tells the girls, "guys stop the fighting, class is starting we need to go inside!"

They all walk inside and get to Ms. Nekonome's class; they take their seats and notice two new desks near theirs. Mizore comments, "Hey guys look, could there be new students?" Tsukune responds, "Oh yeah, I just noticed, what's up with that."

Ms. Nekonome comes into class excited, "Good morning students, before we start class today I just want to say we have two new students, but it seems they still haven't arrived yet," The door slides open and a tall young man walks in with short pale whitish brown hair, brown eyes with glasses and a Yokai uniform suit with a strange tie on.

He bows his head, "Please forgive me for being late, I couldn't find the class," Ms. Nekonome smiles and tells him "It's alright, after all it's your first day," She turns to the class "Class this is Okashii, he just enrolled in Yokai academy and is a new student here in our class, please treat him like a friend."

Okashii walks down the aisle smiling and sits down in the desk behind Moka and sets his things on the desk.

Ms. Nekonome continues, "Well that's one of them but I wonder where," the door slides open and a tall young man with long dark as night black hair, brown eyes with a serious look on his face, biting on a cross in his mouth, he is wearing a Yokai uniform undershirt, a black jacket with the hood barely holding on to the edge of his hair and black pants.

He tells her in a deep voice, "I am deeply sorry for being late." Ms. Nekonome smiles again and tells him, "you must be Kurayami then, I am so glad you could make it."

She turns to the class again, "students this is Kurayami, he is new and it's never easy being the new kid so please treat him well."

Kurayami stands as she says this to the class with an uninterested/bored look on his face; he walks down the same aisle and sits down in the chair behind Kurumu sitting next to Mizore. Mizore glances at Kurayami; he glances back and grins then turns to the front and returns to his serious look. Mizore turns her head back to the front uninterested, but glances back.

When class ends Ms. Nekonome calls on the new students, "Okashii, Kurayami I need a word with you two" Okashii and Kurayami get up, face each other and bro fist. Tsukune and the gang become surprised and think to themselves, "THEY KNOW EACHOTHER!"

Ms. Nekonome discusses with them about clubs and hands both of them a paper with all of the clubs and room numbers.

Tsukune gathers his things when Moka walks up to him, "Hey Tsukune," Tsukune responds, "Yes Moka," Moka blushes and tells him, "Do you want to hang out later after the club meeting."

Tsukune blushes, imaging what they could be doing and instantly replies, "That sounds amazing!" Kurumu and Yukari push Moka away, "don't go with her, hang out with me!"

Tsukune gets uncomfortable and tells the girls, "We should all hang out together then" laughing uncomfortably. Moka pouts feeling jealous, getting into an argument between Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore knocking down Tsukune's bag dropping his things on the floor.

Tsukune kneels down to gather his things and tells them all, "hey guys go to the meeting I'll catch up; I need to pick up my things." The girls stop arguing and agree to all leave for the club meeting.

Tsukune finally finishes gathering his things and walks out the door and stops when he hears someone call out his voice in a serious tone, "Tsukune!" Tsukune turns around and sees Kurayami walking up to him with his hands inside the pockets of his jacket, "Oh Hello, your Kurayami right, so what's up?" Tsukune says nervously.

Kurayami stops and tells Tsukune, "Tsukune….You're human," with a serious look in his face. Tsukune freezes with his mouth open wide.

"That's crazy, why would you say something like that," Tsukune says hastily sweating everywhere.

Kurayami tells him, "bro it's okay, I won't tell anybody I really don't care if you're human, I'm not the type of guy who would just tell people someone's secrets."

Kurayami turns around and walks away, Tsukune felt like he had just had a heart attack and rushes to the Newspaper club.

Tsukune falls over at the entrance sweating and out of breath. Moka, Kurumu and Yukari come to his aid and ask him, "Tsukune what's wrong?!"

Tsukune takes a deep breath and gets up with Moka and Kurumu's help. He turns to Moka and tells her while breathing heavily, "Moka, Kurayami knows..." Moka and the gang are surprised, "Kurayami knows that I'm human!" Tsukune yells out.

Tsukune calms down and tells the girls, "He told me he wouldn't tell anybody but I don't think I could trust him."

The girls set Tsukune on a chair, as he rests for a bit he turns to Mizore and tells her, "Mizore please, I need you to stalk him, please…..please watch him and see if he'll tell anybody, you can't let him tell anybody."

Mizore feels uncomfortable with Tsukune's abnormal request.

Tsukune holds her hands and looks up at her, Mizore instantly blushes, "Mizore, please do this for me…..please."

Mizore stares into Tsukune's eyes and tells him, "Ok Tsukune, I won't let you down. But after this can you call me your little Snow bunny." Tsukune smiles then freezes in surprise at her request.