Wrapped in nothing but a worn towel following her shower, April stood with her soap-lathered leg poised on the rim of the bathtub as she gently skimmed a razor over her skin. It was her final pre-bed ritual, and then glorious sleep awaited her. Just as she extended her arm and began to drag the razor across her leg again, a familiar voice chirped.

"Hey, April! Sorry to bother you this late, but Donny wan—whatcha doin'?"

April jumped at the interruption, completely caught off guard by the silent entry of her unwelcome visitor—in her bathroom of all places—at this hour. She had only known the boys for little more than a week, and they were already becoming bold regarding visiting hours. Apparently very bold.

Her abrupt motion caused her arm to jerk, and she nicked herself with the sharp edge of the razor. As a steady trickle of blood began to descend down her leg, she bit her lip and swore, reaching for the roll of toilet paper hanging from the spindle in the wall nearby. Tearing off a length with one hand, she hastily pressed it to the cut and pointed the razor at Michelangelo with an accusatory swipe of her hand.

"Mikey!" she scolded, giving the offensive object a threatening shake, "Look what you made me—" The sentence was abruptly cut off as April's expression went blank. She was half-naked, dripping in a towel under the curious scrutiny of a teenage guy—turtle or no. "OUT, OUT, OUT!" Face turning red with mortification, she clutched the towel against her chest and pointed insistently at the door.

At first there was no immediate response to her demand; Mikey's blue eyes merely widened in utter bafflement at her sudden distress. Then April's gaze acquired a dangerous glint as it came to rest on the unassuming loofah lying on the rim of the tub.

The startled turtle frantically retreated at the human's bizarre squawks of indignation, ducking with hands covering his head to avoid the projectile as it launched over him and smacked against the far wall. What even was that thing? Catching a quick glimpse of the perforated object as he hurtled over it and scrambled through the doorway, Mikey could only assume it was a ratty old dog chew-toy. Of all the objects that he had seen washed down the sewers over the years, it was the closest match he could think of. Though why she would want it in her shower was beyond him. He was a little too preoccupied at the moment to think about it much anyway.

"Sooooooo… why were you cutting yourself?"

Mikey sat idly on the edge of April's kitchen table, legs swinging back and forth as they dangled in the air—toes just short of the linoleum. He winced as he watched her clean the cut on her leg and apply a band-aid. Injuries looked so much worse on humans than they did on him or his brothers, especially from this close up. The squishy pink skin seemed so fragile compared to their thicker, leathery green skin. Almost as if it would bruise to the touch.

"I wasn't cutting myself," April grumped as she put the medical supplies back into their proper cabinet. "I was shaving. Or, at least, trying to." She shot him a dirty look over her shoulder.

Though the reason for her disapproval was lost on him, Mikey still ducked his head in abashed repentance to appease her, at the same time cocking his head inquisitively at the unfamiliar word. "You were… what?"

"Shaving." April clicked the cabinet shut and turned her head to regard Michelangelo with an odd look. This conversation was getting awkward. "You know… removing hair?"

That seemed to surprise him.

"Wait, humans have hair on their legs?" Mikey immediately thought of Master Splinter, and then superimposed April over the mental image, wrinkling his snout at the idea of her covered in a thick mat of fur. He knew humans had hair on their heads. Crazy lengths; all kinds of bizarre colors. But on their bodies, too? He always assumed they were more like him and his brothers in that regard: hairless.

Watching the reactions dance openly across Michelangelo's face, April couldn't suppress a small smile as it quirked her lips, in spite of her previous aggravation with the turtle. "Yeah."

Mikey rubbed his own bald head thoughtfully as he spoke. "Why do you cut it off then? Shouldn't you be happy with how you're born? I mean, nature knows best, right?"

"It's—" she paused, not entirely sure herself, come to think of it. "Smooth skin is considered beautiful," she offered with a noncommittal shrug.

The thought of a shaved, hairless Master Splinter made Mikey snicker. Beautiful? Right. "Why?" He pinned April with an expression mixed between genuine curiosity and lingering amusement as his brain still toyed with the idea of a hairless sensei and a hairy April.

"Oh, I don't know, Michelangelo… It just is." She really wanted to change the subject now. It was weird talking about shaving around normal people, let alone green mutants with a case of culture shock. "Anyway, why on earth did you walk in on me like that, you little skeez!"

"Like what?" Mikey's expression was sincerely confused now.

"In the bathroom. I was half-naked," she stated flatly, deadpanning.

"So? I'm all-naked. Well… sorta." He indicated his mask, belt, and protective pads with a general sweep of his hand, "And that doesn't seem to bother you." There was no sarcasm or defensive tone. He was merely stating fact.

April opened her mouth to retort but snapped it shut. He had a point. "That's… different. Just knock or something next time."


She was beginning to hate that word. "Just do it, Mikey," April sighed in exasperation. "It's rude to see other peop—humans—naked, or close to it. It just is."

Mikey wanted to point out that he had seen men shirtless and women in bikinis—which provided even less coverage than a towel, if you asked him—on MTV all the time and it didn't seem to bother anybody then, but he held his tongue for once. He wasn't too keen on fleeing the assault of another chew toy to the head just yet.

"If you say so, Ape..." He looked askance at her now, a new question burning in his eyes. "So, about this shaving thing… Is that why some dudes have beards and some don't? They cut them off?" The idea of leg hair as thick as beards popped into his head unbidden and made him cringe a little. Maybe shaving wasn't all that bad of an idea after all.

April arched her eyebrows. Now that was a bizarre question to answer, seeing as it came from a teenage guy, directed at a woman of all audiences. She smirked. "Of course! What did you think before today?"

Mikey shrugged. "I always thought they were just… born with it, or something."

The idea of babies with beards had April cracking a grin now. But she wasn't prepared for the question that came next.

"…So all women shave their beards, too, I guess?"

And now she was laughing, her prior irritation forgotten in the hilarity of the moment. Shaking her head in amusement as she tried to stifle her chuckles at Mikey's look of bewilderment, she gently pat him on the shoulder. Her voice still hinted at laughter as she replied, "Mike, you have a lot to learn about us."