After receiving some harsh and unfair critiques from a client, Rarity loses confidence in her designs. Spike can't stand to see her sad and will do anything to cheer her up. Mainly Spike x Rarity, with some light Macintosh x Twilight on the side.


Part 1: Falling Down

"No! No! No!" The pale pink unicorn screeched in dissatisfaction as she tore off her dress. "This is even worse than before!" She flipped her curly cyan mane in indignation as she paced around the Carousel Boutique, walking in circles around its owner. "Awful, terrible, you don't know what you're doing!" Her golden eyes narrowed at the designer.

Rarity's eye twitched as she tried very hard to keep a professional face and not break into tears of frustration and anger. She had been trying to make the perfect dress for this super picky unicorn for days. Yet every time she showed up for a fitting, she had more to complain about. She had changed her mind about the color and style several times and always found little details to complain about. Too bright, too pale, too simple, too overloaded, too long, too short and so on. Because of Miss Stylista, the rude picky unicorn, Rarity was behind on all her projects. "I'm sure I can adjust the design," Rarity spoke between clenched teeth.

Stylista held a devious grin for a second before her expression went back to being displeased. "I will oh so mercifully grant you another chance to prove yourself, but you better outdo yourself with real quality materials this time. Use only your best."

"Of course," Rarity sighed. She began to pick up the discarded dress while Stylista continued going on and on with her critiques. The picky customer emphasized the fact that she was from Canterlot where the designs were of much better quality than in plain old Ponyville. She reminded Rarity over and over that her opinion could make or break her career as a major fashion designer.

The little bell attached to the front door of Carousel Boutique chimed, indicating the arrival of someone else. Rarity looked up from her notes, her mane a little messy from the stress. "Hi Rarity," Spike greeted her cheerfully, though he soon paused to really take a closer look at her. She seemed so stressed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, darling, just a little busy right now." Rarity tried not to snap, after all none of this was Spike's fault.

Stylista saw that Rarity was trying her best to keep her temper in check. She was on the edge of a nervous breakdown, which was exactly what the conceded pink unicorn wanted to cause. "Ugh! What is that ugly thing? You allow lizards into your shop? Such bad taste!"

Spike's shoulders slumped and he frowned deeply. Was a dragon really that ugly from a unicorn's perspective? Twilight had never hinted at such a thing and neither had Rarity, but what if they were just being mercifully nice?

Seeing Spike's heartbroken expression, Rarity finally lost all control. She dropped the dress, parchment and quill that she had in her psychic hold and allowed her frustration and anger to show on her face. She was furious, in fact, she was so furious that both Spike and Stylista had to take a step back, because at that moment, the white unicorn was scarier than a fully grown dragon. "How dare you?" Rarity shouted enraged. "Insult my shop, insult my designs, insult me and I can take it in a civilized manner, but I will not tolerate any insults at my friends." She charged forward with her horn glowing brightly.

Before Stylista had a chance to counter, she found herself entrapped in Rarity's psychic hold, being flung out the door and thrown across the street to land in a mud puddle that remained from last night's downpour. Rarity exhaled through her nose with an angry quite unladylike grunt, then slammed the door shut, the little bell falling off from the force of the impact. Angrily pacing about, she placed the bell back where it belonged and changed the 'open' sign on the door to 'closed'.

Spike stood open mouthed, in awe of the outburst. He had never seen Rarity so furious before. Was she defending him because she disagreed, because she didn't think he was ugly? Yes, that had to be it; she must think he was handsome. Yet Spike's happiness didn't last, as he noticed that Rarity didn't look like she felt any better after letting out her emotions. In fact, she looked like she felt worse, which was confirmed as she burst into tears. "Rarity, don't cry!" Spike rushed over to comfort her.

Between desperate sobs and sniffles, Rarity cried out, "I'm ruined! My career is over; I insulted Canterlot high-society and acted like such an uncivilized beast for all the ponies walking down the street to see!"

"But that mean unicorn deserved it!" Spike insisted as he patted Rarity's shoulder in a soothing gesture.

"That's not the point," Rarity sobbed. "I was unable to meet her refined standards, so it was only natural that she became frustrated with my inability."

"But everyone thinks your designs are amazing!" Spike continued trying to cheer her up to no avail.

"Everyone in Ponyville maybe, but being recognized in Canterlot is but a far away unattainable dream!" Rarity cried. "If I had done better from the beginning, this wouldn't have happened."

Spike frowned, his expression becoming further depressed. "If I haven't come in here and scared that Canterlot brat, this wouldn't have happened. I guess I must be hideous by Canterlot standards."

Rarity gasped, moving away her hooves from her face and ceasing her crying in a moment of determination. "Don't say that, my little Spiky-whiky." She sniffled and fought to dry her tears. "No matter what anyone says you're the cutest, most adorable, handsomest dragon I've ever seen!"

Spike blushed at the compliments, "really?"

"Yes, really," Rarity nodded. She regretted her wild actions, but she didn't regret defending Spike. "What was it that you needed?"

"I didn't need anything; I just came by to see you." Spike shifted shyly, a light red blush still on his face.

"Oh..." Rarity had several projects she could work on, but after the upsetting scene, she just didn't feel like it. She really needed a good relaxing rest to feel better. Maybe she should go out for some tea in that nice cafe down the street. It was only polite to take her guest with her. "Spike, do you want to go out for some tea?"

Spike immediately became excited at the prospect of going out with Rarity. It might have been a simple outing between friends for her, but for him, it was a date. "I'd love to!" The young dragon exclaimed.

"Then let's go," Rarity smiled at Spike's happy expression. "Just give me a moment to brush my mane."

"Sure, I'll be waiting right here," Spike smiled.

Rarity walked to her room and looked at her face in the vanity's mirror. She sighed and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She carefully dried it, then went back to her room to brush her mane and re-apply her make-up. Maybe if she looked good, it would help her feel good. After she was finished, she returned to the main room of her shop where an impatient Spike was pacing around as he waited for her. "I hope that didn't take too long."

"Not at all!" Spike was quick to exclaimed. "You look beautiful Rarity," he bashfully complimented.

Rarity giggled, "thank you, my Spiky-whiky." The pair left the shop together and spent a nice relaxing afternoon at Rarity's favorite cafe.

xoxox xox xoxox

The next day, Rarity felt much better after having taken the rest of the previous day off after the upsetting fiasco and getting a good night's sleep. She got ready for the day, ready to dive into the projects she had been putting off. She went to change the closed sign on her door to open, though she didn't expect any customers to arrive that early in the morning. While she was there, she went out to look into her mailbox. She levitated the mail and set it down on the table inside the shop. There was a party invite in a bright pink envelope from Pinkiepie to celebrate Gummy's half-way birthday party, which was to take place on the six month anniversary of his last birthday. A plain white envelope held a bill and a small lavender postcard held an advertisement for a special at the spa she and Fluttershy often frequented.

Aside from these articles, there was one more item that Rarity had retrieved out of her mailbox. She set aside the rest of her correspondence and curiously looked at the pale blue envelope. One look at the return address made Rarity's heart skip a beat. It was from the committee organizing a fashion show competition in Los Pegasus, as part of the opening ceremony for an upcoming theatre festival. She had mailed her dress days ago. A team of models skilled in dancing would wear dresses from the contestants to be judged. Unfortunately, Rarity couldn't make it to watch the show in person, but she was excited to hear about it. This couldn't be a letter telling her that she won or thanking her for her participation and informing her that she didn't win, because the competition had not taken place yet.

Overtaken by curiosity, Rarity opened the letter. Her eyes read over the lines rapidly over and over in disbelief. This couldn't be; it simply couldn't be. Her sapphire eyes watered and tears soon began to cascade from them. Then the sound of the little bell on Rarity's door chiming softly, caught her attention. She quickly dried her tears and put her mail away with her unicorn magic, then went to greet the early potential customer. To her surprise, the one she found was, "Spike?"

"Good morning Rarity, the sign said open so I came in," Spike greeted, he was holding a basket of contents that were as of yet unknown to Rarity.

"Good morning Spike," Rarity tried to make herself smile despite the harsh blow that the letter from Los Pegasus delivered. "What brings you here this early in the morning?"

"I came to bring you some breakfast." Spike showed her the basket full of toast, waffles, a jar of apple jam and a bottle of apple juice. The last two were very likely Sweet Apple Acres products. "You haven't had breakfast yet, have you?"

"Not yet," Rarity smiled, at least she had her little Spiky-whiky to keep her company in her time of woe. "Let me start setting up the table." She focused on the simple task of getting everything ready to have breakfast with Spike. Soon the food was served, but she did little else beyond stare at it.

Spike observed Rarity's sad expression. She looked like she was feeling a lot better when they parted ways yesterday. He thought that she would be over yesterday's incident completely after a good night's sleep. "Rarity?"

The elegant unicorn looked up from her staring contest with the food. "Yes?"

"Why are you still sad?" Spike cut to the chase. He wanted to make Rarity cheer up, but he didn't know how.

"I'm not sad, not sad at all, you don't have to worry about me, darling," Rarity forced herself to smile.

"But you're not eating," Spike pointed out. "Don't you like the food?"

"I like it very much." Rarity took a bite of her toast to demonstrate. "It's delicious and the apple jam certainly gives it a special touch. It was very thoughtful of you to bring me breakfast, thank you so much, my little Spiky-whiky."

Spike smiled, "you're welcome." Maybe Rarity wasn't so sad after all. Maybe she was still half-asleep; it was very early in the morning. But then he looked into her eyes again and concluded that his first theory was correct. Those were not sleepy eyes, those were sad eyes. Even though Rarity had assured him that it wasn't his fault, Spike still felt guilty for scaring her customer yesterday. Sure, the prissy pink unicorn deserved worse, but that wasn't the point. The point was that the whole ordeal had upset Rarity. "Are you still sad about yesterday?"

"Not at all, darling," Rarity assured, trying to sound as normal as she could. She wasn't entirely lying; she was a little upset about yesterday but only as a result of being very upset about today. "My sweet little Spiky-whiky, don't you worry about me, I'm fine."

Another forced smile followed and Spike remained unconvinced. "If you say so..."

After breakfast was finished, Spike knew it was time for him to go back to the library, but he didn't want to leave Rarity until he knew she was okay. "Are you heading back to the library?" Rarity casually inquired.

"I guess so." Spike thought that Rarity must be getting tired of his nosy presence and wanted him to leave.

However, her next words took him by surprise. "Do you mind if I come along? There is something I want to discuss with Twilight."

"Sure," Spike immediately agreed. "Let's walk there together." He didn't know what Rarity had to talk to Twilight about, but he was all too glad to have her come over. Besides, maybe this way Rarity would cheer up. Thus the unicorn closed her shop for the day and headed to the library with Spike.

xoxox xox xoxox

After a short walk to the library, Spike and Rarity went in, with Spike announcing their arrival. "We're here!"

"We?" Twilight inquired as she made her way down the stairs. She was expecting Spike to return any minute, but she wasn't expecting him to bring company. She smiled as she spotted Rarity near the door. "Good morning Rarity, what brings you here?"

"Good morning, Twilight," Rarity politely returned the greeting. "There was a little something I wanted to try out and thought you could help me with it."

"I'll do anything I can," Twilight assured, though she didn't even know what Rarity would ask for yet. "What do you need?"

Spike listened quietly as Rarity shared an unexpected explanation. "When I was a little filly, I enjoyed those cute picture books with the stories about castles, knights and princesses." As Rarity explained Spike imagined himself all grown up and wearing polished armor, as Rarity's valiant knight. "I liked to imagine myself as the princess in the story, wearing the pretty gown. I also really loved the ball scene in Hoofrella and the beautiful pictures of all the lovely dresses."

Twilight smiled, listening to her friend speak of her enjoyment of books. She took a guess at what Rarity wanted help with. "So now you want me to help you find those same picture books for nostalgia? Maybe to share them with Sweetie Bell?"

"Actually," this was the unexpected part of Rarity's revelation, though Spike was yet to comprehend what it truly meant. "I wanted to create a picture book of my own. I was wondering if you could inform me on the process."

"A picture book of your own?" Twilight had to admit that she was surprised, but she was also happy. "That's wonderful! I'll be happy to tell you everything I know about publishing. In fact, I have a book about it around here."

"Way ahead of you!" Spike was already jumping down from the shelf where the book in question was stored. "This should be helpful," the tile read 'A Guide For Publication'. "I got a dictionary too, in case you need some extra pretty words."

"Excellent!" Rarity exclaimed. "I'll get started in the project right away!" She didn't feel like going back to her shop so she asked. "Is it okay if I stay here at the library? I promise to be quiet and not get in the way."

"It's no trouble at all," Twilight assured. "You're welcome to stay as long as you like."

"And I'll be happy to help you with your picture book project," Spike offered.

"Me too," Twilight agreed. "Just let us know what you need.

"Thank you both!" Rarity got to work right away. "For now, I think I'll just get started on the basic draft and show you my progress as soon as I have something."

Rarity made herself comfortable in a corner of the library and read through the basic explanations on the guide book. She needed to draft her story before she started sketching so that she knew just what she should sketch. She stared at the quill and parchment in her psychic hold for several minutes before setting them down with a sigh. She had no idea what to write about that would make for an exciting plot. Well, she had always liked balls, so there would be a ball in her story. It might have sounded cliche, but she decided to write a story about a pony who found her true love at a ball.

She tried to picture the heroine; she would be a beautiful princess from a far away land. The book said she had to establish and develop the characters' main traits and that the traits and plot had to compliment each other.

The heroine needed something to overcome, so Rarity decided that the heroine would be lonely, that should be appropriately dramatic. The princess would spend her days reading pony tales of love. None of her suitors were anything like the stallions in the books, much to her disappointment. Rarity took notes of all of that.

A few minutes later, Spike took a break from his daily chores and went over to Rarity. She had stopped her writing and was back to staring at the parchment. She had been doing that for twenty minutes now. "Hey Rarity, sorry to interrupt, I was just curious about how the story was going."

Rarity sighed, "it's not going anywhere right now. I came up with the basic design for the main mare, but I have nothing for the stallion. The heroine of the story is a beautiful princess from a kingdom far, far away."

Did the hero really have to be a stallion? Spike didn't think so. He could be a dragon. "So this princess... She's a beautiful unicorn who is..." He paused with sudden shyness, but made himself continue, "looking for her true love?"

"Yes," Rarity confirmed, wondering if her story was already too predictable. She knew it was a bit cliche, but maybe it would develop into its own tale if she kept working on it. "I have a pretty good idea of what her ball gown will be like. It will compliment her color and mane beautifully! As for the stallion, I have nothing but a big blank." Honestly, she couldn't wait to draw the ball scene, but she had to finish designing the characters first.

"Well... Maybe he could be different..." Spike suggested. Different as in not a pony, but he didn't want to be too direct.

"Different?" Rarity pondered.

"Yes... Then you can show in the story that love overcomes everything," Spike suggested. "And that it's what's inside that counts and stuff."

"Yes, that does fit the theme," Rarity further mused on the suggestion. "I know, it'll be a classic rags to riches tale, but instead of the mare being the peasant who finds her prince like in most pony tales, it will be the stallion who finds his princess. That's it! Oh my little Spiky-whiky, you're a genius! All the so called high class stallions were only interested in the princess' riches and kingdom, but a noble peasant stallion would prove that he truly loved her. He would be... he would be..."

"Lunch is ready!" Twilight's voice suddenly called out.

"Yay! Lunch time!" Spike cheered, he really loved lunch time. It was his favorite time of the day right next to dinner time.

"Lunch time already?" Rarity was taken by surprise. The morning flew by and she hardly had an unfinished draft for her story. If she was making dresses, she would have a finished, or at least nearly finished, product by now. But she couldn't think of that now, it only reminded her of that letter from Los Pegasus, it only reminded her of her shame and her failure. It reminded her of her disgrace that went beyond the disgrace of a failed design. She couldn't think about that now, not when Spike and Twilight were so kindly supporting her in her new career as a pony tale book illustrator.

Rarity tried to hide her sudden outburst of sadness as she joined Spike and Twilight around the table, voicing her sincere thanks for the generous meal. However, her shift in mood did not go unnoticed by Spike and Twilight, who discretely exchanged glances. Maybe Rarity was suffering from writer's block and could use a few suggestions.

After lunch, Twilight decided that rather than waiting for Rarity to call her over, she would provide some feedback. Thus Rarity shared what she had of the story so far. "I must thank you both for the inspiration, the stallion character would still be but a blurry shadow if not for the two of you." Rarity ascertained gratefully. "Spike and I were discussing him just when you called us to lunch and that gave me an idea," she told Twilight. "He will be a chef in the princess' royal castle. He's always there for the princess and truly cares for her. But the princess is so caught up in her pony tale books that she keeps on waiting for her ideal prince and doesn't realize that her dream stallion is right in front of her." Rarity secretly drew some inspiration from her experience with Prince Blueblood for certain parts of the story. "All the princes from other lands disappoint the princess, but the chef stallion has every quality she's looking for, except she doesn't immediately see it because he's not a prince."

"Sounds like the story is really taking off," Twilight encouraged. Admittedly it was a little cliche, but picture book stories were only half about plot and half about the art. Besides, if this was a story for young fillies, then it shouldn't be too complicated and if it had a positive life lesson, even better. "What are the names of the princess and the chef?"

Rarity drew a complete blank and her lack of answer to Twilight's very vital question was plainly obvious on her face. "Ah... well..."

"Rarity and Spike!" The young dragon suggested. Twilight and Rarity laughed in good humor.

Rarity considered her options, "I'm going to name them..."

The knocking on the door interrupted Rarity's thoughts as everyone's attention focused on it. Twilight opened the door to reveal Big Macintosh with a basket on his mouth. "Howdy every pony," he quietly greeted.

"Hey Big Mac, come in," Twilight invited him inside the library.

However, Macintosh shook his head. "S'okay miss Twilight, Ah'm only here tah deliver this pie from AJ." He gave the basket to Twilight and inside it; there was a freshly baked apple pie.

"Wow, this smells delicious, please give Applejack my thanks," Twilight happily exclaimed. "Are you sure you can't stay to have some pie with us?"

"Ah should really get goin' back to tha farm." In all honesty, Macintosh wasn't even sure why Applejack insisted that he delivered the pie, instead of doing so herself when she went to town to sell apples and apple based treats. He didn't question it too much though, he didn't get out of the farm much, and frankly he didn't miss the hustle and bustle of town, but visiting Twilight was... nice.

"No!" Rarity suddenly exclaimed with such dramatics that it made Macintosh worry that she was spontaneously injured somehow. "Please stay for pie Big Macintosh, you must! It is vital for my future!"

Twilight rose a suspicious eye brow while Spike huff with jealousy. "Vital?" Macintosh questioned in confusion.

"Yes, you see, I was just about to finish designing a character for my upcoming book and I can just feel that inspiration is very close. The name is just about to come... It's coming... I know that if I come up with a name, the stallion's face will also appear in my imagination, then I'll be able to draw him along side his princess. Please, oh please stay!" Rarity insisted.

Big Macintosh didn't know how to refuse that, so he simply replied with a helpless, "eeyup."

The four friends had some apple pie in a silence that was too awkward for Rarity's liking. She had thought of becoming an illustrator because she couldn't possibly face the world as a designer after her recent failure. Twilight was always talking about how she loved to get lost in books and an escape from the harsh reality was exactly what Rarity needed. Plus, even though she didn't have any experience in story writing nor in drawing sceneries, structures, backgrounds, poses and expressions, she could certainly draw pretty dresses, so the rest of the art, she assumed, would come on its own during the process. Maybe the library was getting to be a little stuffy though. Thus after the dessert was consumed, Rarity suggested, begged and insisted, that they went back to her house so she could better grasp the fragile thread of inspiration that kept eluding her grip with such agility.

xoxox xox xoxox

At Rarity's shop, she ran around levitating fabric, needles and threads, pins, ribbons and gems all around. Somehow, she managed to work on two projects at the same time with Spike watching in amazement as she put together a dress for Twilight and a suit for Big Macintosh simultaneously. "This here... that there... Stay still now, darlings. Make a few adjustments here... Look up now Twilight... Ah yes, of course, that's what it needs... Please hold still Big Macintosh, this will only take a moment."

If he was going to be perfectly honest with himself, and honesty ran in the Apple family, Big Macintosh was nothing short of terrified. He gave Twilight a pleading look while Rarity attacked him with a brush to his mane. Twilight gave him a smile that was both knowing and reassuring as she whispered. "You better not move right now." For Rarity was wielding a pair of scissors on his mane and tail. She didn't cut much, only trimmed a few split ends here and there, so he looked polished, but not particularly different.

"There, all finished!" After hours of following Rarity's instructions, Twilight and Macintosh found themselves all dressed up as if they were in the Grand Galloping Gala.

Spike was still jealous that he wasn't in the center of Rarity's attention, but he calmed down a little when she gave both Twilight and Big Macintosh attention, instead of just Big Mac. In fact, she had spent more time on Twilight, but that was only natural, since mare attire was more elaborate than stallion apparel. Besides, Spike was pretty impressed with Rarity's talent and the way she put together the outfits so quickly and naturally, she was amazingly talented.

Twilight looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a silk lavender gown that flowed beautifully and somehow made her legs look longer and more slender. Rose quartz adorned her jewelry in cascading long earrings that shimmered with elegance and a small delicate tiara. "Wow, this dress is really amazing. I can't believe you came up with the design and made it in such a short time." Macintosh said something, but Twilight didn't quite hear him, "sorry, what was that?"

A bit shyly, Mac repeated, "you look really purdy Miss Twilight..."

Twilight smiled, "thank you," she took a moment to examine Big Macintosh in his suit. It was a black tuxedo with elegant golden details. He was a handsome stallion on his own, but she had never seen him all done up like this, he looked like a pony tale prince. "You look really handsome," she complimented.

"Thanks..." Macintosh smiled shyly.

"Princess Rarelight and Chef Maike," Rarity finally decided. It was so much easier to name the characters when she was seeing them. "I finally have names for my characters, now I just have to figure out the rest of the plot. That shouldn't be too hard now that I have my inspiration going. Spike, please take notes."

"Right away!" Spike jumped at the opportunity to help Rarity with her book project and had a quill and parchment ready in no time.

Rarity paced around the room as she spoke. "Princess Rarelight thought she would never find her dream stallion and her only comforts in life were her pony tale books and the delicious treats the castle's main chef, Maike, prepared for her. Maike cared deeply about the princess, he truly loved her, but Rarelight was obsessed with waiting for her perfect stallion prince to appear. She wanted her life to be like the lives of the princesses in her books and would accept nothing less than perfection. Because of that, she was missing out on getting to know a wonderful stallion that wasn't a prince, but had the heart of how a true prince should be."

Everyone listened attentively to Rarity's narration. "Then one day, Princess Rarelight held a grand ball in one last effort to meet her prince. Maike was sad that he couldn't go to the ball as a guest and was instead stuck serving food. However, one of the guests at the ball happened to be a very talented fashion designer, who was also very attentive to matters of the heart and could see that the chef and the princess were each other's true love. So the fashion designer asked Maike to be her model for her new line of stallion attire and thus he changed into an amazing suit right away and returned to the ball in its final hour, blending in with the crowd. He asked Princess Rarelight to dance and she gladly agreed, for she saw that this stallion was with her because he wanted to be and not because of her riches."

Rarity's story was about to reach its climax as Spike speedily took notes of her narration. "Princess Rarelight and Maike danced until the sun came up and the princess asked to know his name and see him again, as he had kept his identity a secret so far. He told her that she already knew him. She tried to see beyond her own misconceptions that a good stallion must be a prince and once she realized how shallow such notions were, she recognized him right away. Thus Princess Rarelight found true love in her dear Maike and they lived happily ever after!"

Rarity's audience clapped. The story was a collection of cliches and things that had been done before, but it was still a good story and it had a positive message, so it deserved to be told. "I got everything written down!" Spike proudly announced.

"Thank you, my little Spiky-whiky, you're such a good helper! And thank you Twilight and Big Mac for being my models for the costumes of Princess Rarelight and Maike," Rarity expressed her gratitude. "To show my gratitude, you can keep those outfits!"

"Wow, thanks Rarity," Twilight smiled.

"Eeyup, thank you Miss Rarity," Big Macintosh added. He didn't have any fancy clothes like this, since he never went anywhere that required him to wear such things, but now he had a fancy suit if he ever needed it. "Ah should really be gettin' back to the farm now."

"Oh of course, duty calls, I'm sorry I took away so much of your time," Rarity voiced. She had certainly gotten caught up on making those costumes.

"It's no trouble, have a good evening every pony." Among the goodbyes of all those present, Big Macintosh glanced at Twilight one last time before leaving. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Spike didn't quite catch the exchange, but Rarity did and she giggled with glee. Maybe she should ask Twilight and Macintosh to be her models more often.

"I should really be on my way too." Twilight voiced. There were several things she needed to catch up with regarding her studies.

Spike organized the parchments of notes and gave them to Rarity, who set them on the table to refer to when she drew the main pictures of the book. He had to finish his chores at the library; he was Twilight's assistant after all. "It was really nice spending the day with you, Rarity."

"I say the same, thank you for having me over," Rarity smiled. After Twilight and Spike left, she began to work on her project right away. She couldn't wait to design costumes for the rest of the attendees of the ball in her story!

xoxox xox xoxox

Later, at Sweet Apple Acres, Big Macintosh entered the house, to be greeted by Applejack. "Wow, what's with tha suit there Big Mac? Ah knew ya were fond of Twilight, but Ah didn't think ya'd go and marry her."

"Marry?" Big Macintosh would have turned red if he wasn't already red.

"Cool your hooves there, big bro, Ah'm just kiddin'," Applejack laughed. "That fancy suit's got Rarity written all over it."

"Eeyup," Big Mac admitted. "She was at tha library and asked," more like demanded, "that Twilight and Ah became her models for some costumes she was making. Ah think she was planning a play or somethin'..." The plan was actually to publish a pony tale picture book, but Macintosh logically thought the story was a play because, why would Rarity need to make costumes if it wasn't?

"A play eh? That'd be interesting to see. Ah'm surprised Rarity talked ya into actin' in it, or did she get Twilight tah convince ya?" Applejack curiously inquired.

The world fell on big Mac like a ten ton apple tree. "Acting?" He started to panic. "Nope, no one told me that."

"But you're wearing the costume and it looks like ya even got your mane trimmed," Applejack pointed out. "It looks tah me like you're part of the cast."

Big Macintosh didn't know anything about acting, but he didn't want to disappoint anyone either. He thought he might as well give it a try. "Ahright, Ah'm gonna try."

"Oh, this I have tah see!" Applejack grinned. Maybe she could help out with the props and sceneries. Of course, she would have to know what the setting of the story was before she could offer. Then when the play took place, she would put out a little booth to sell apple treats to the audience. "Dinner's already on the table, Ah can't wait to hear all tha details about the play."

To be Continued

This was supposed to be a short one-shot, as I was dared to write a My Little Pony fanfic. Yet somehow it grew into such a big one-shot that I divided it into three parts. Let me know what you think so far! Disclaimer, I don't own My Little Pony.

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