Part 9: Epilogue

One thousand years ago, there was a genius unicorn stallion called Magnus Mecha. He was skilled with machines and conducted constant advanced studies along with a specially chosen group of elite researchers. Magnus and his followers preferred the quiet of the night over the noisy busy days, as they could better focus on their experiments. Because of their nocturnal habits, the group was favored by Princess Luna, who became good friends with Magnus. At his request, she granted him a territory in the lands neighboring the borders of what once was the Crystal Empire, which had disappeared after King Sombra had been recently defeated. There, Magnus built a peculiar metal dome, large enough to fit a city the size of Canterlot inside, and he called it Mechatropolis.

Unfortunately, Magnus betrayed Luna's trust when he constructed pony shaped machines that would serve as soldiers to take over Equestria. Ultimately, he lost the war and retreated to his headquarters of Mechatropolis with his followers and what was left of his android army. The disappointed Luna and Celestia gave chase to ensure that the enemy did not prepare another attack. The princesses were accompanied by their trusted captain of the royal guard, Victorious Strong, a heroic unicorn stallion of exceptional prowess.

Though Magnus' stronghold fought against the Equestrians, in the end, they broke through their defenses and Victorious charged into the dome ahead of the princesses. Seeing as his defeat and imprisonment was imminent, Magnus activated a device that hid Mechatropolis in an alternate parallel dimensional space, similarly to what King Sombra had done before, but with one distinct difference. Those trapped inside the dome city would not be frozen in time as the crystal ponies were. They would remain conscious and continuously work to become more knowledgeable and stronger for the day of their return.

Shortly after Magnus' imprisonment, Luna was left with no one to appreciate her nights and became very lonely. Thus the story of Nightmare Moon began. It had been a thousand years since then when Luna recovered her true self and the Crystal Empire returned and was restored to its past splendor. Then something very peculiar happened, an amnesiac unicorn appeared with traces of time travel magic and a dangerous pursuer. She was being hunted by a metal pegasus who, as if possessed by something evil, had no qualms about eliminating all who stood in his way.

Celestia thought that the unicorn must have come with a warning and entrusted her to the elements of harmony in hopes that they could help her recover her missing memories. In time, the unicorn, whose name was Digital Fantasy, began to recall bits and pieces of her life and even managed to recover her pegasus android companion, Cyber Wing, who had been reprogrammed to kill her. Yet before Fantasy and the elements of harmony could put all the pieces of the puzzle together, the time came for Mechatropolis to reappear.

The city of machines was populated in part by the descendants of Magnus' original followers, with a few of the originals also remaining alive, having extended their lives via cyborg enhancements. It was revealed that it was from the near future and not from a distant future that Fantasy came from, when her own past self was found at Mechatropolis. Magnus, now an alicorn with mechanical wings, had become the true king of Mechatropolis, learning to care for his subjects above his own ambitions. He appeared to have changed his ways for the better and had no desire to take over Equestria. He claimed that his wish was only for peace. Understandably, the princesses, especially Luna, were distrusting of Magnus and approached the matter of Mechatropolis with heavy suspicions.

Nevertheless, the princesses' suspicions were misplaced. Just as Fantasy's past self was sent back to the past, her present self recovered her memories fully. Yet it was too late to warn any pony of what was truly destined to occur, as it had already begun. The once heroic Victorious had grown bitter, trapped in a place where war heroes were not needed. Though he pretended to make peace with the repentant Magnus during his thousand year stay at Mechatropolis, Victorious was secretly waiting for the day when the city would reappear in Equestria so he could take his revenge. Yet his resentment was not for Magnus, but for Celestia herself, whom he secretly harbored romantic feelings towards. He felt she had used and betrayed him by leaving him to be trapped along with the enemy.

Victorious took over the central control tower of Mechatropolis and used its technology paired with his magic to send an army of android alicorns against Equestria. Worse yet, he brainwashed Spike by tricking him into wearing a special high tech armor and caused him to become an enslaved rampaging beast, towering over Canterlot. With great pains, Luna set the past aside and joined forces with Magnus to stop the signal from the control tower. Meanwhile, the elements of harmony were able to free Spike. Yet Victorious had a backup plan, he used his own life energy to reestablish his control on the robot alicorn army, aiming to kill Celestia. Yet thanks to Luna lending her power to Magnus, Victorious was once again stopped. Finally, the elements of harmony targeted Victorious himself and, when his resolve was momentarily weakened by regret, they defeated him. With Victorious no longer controlling them, the alicorn android army regained their original programming as peaceful protectors. Later, after having them repair Canterlot, Magnus had them march back into Mechatropolis to be stored away, hopefully never having to be called upon.

When Celestia removed the helmet of her former royal captain, she found that the youth he had preserved for a thousand years through cyborg technology, had been drained away by his desperate efforts. Celestia did not know of his feelings for her, but none the less, she had tried to stop him from charging in so recklessly the day in which Mechatropolis first disappeared. As bitterness would accomplish nothing, Celestia held no grudge against he who was judged and not petrified by the elements of harmony. Though it looked like he might die, Victorious was sabed by his cyborg condition and would eventually rejuvenate and awaken, but time had to pass before that.

The danger had ended, but the ponies of Equestria were left frightened and untrusting towards the ponies from Mechatropolies. Fearing for the possibility of conflict and the inevitable difficulties that the two widely differing cultures would have adapting to each other, Magnus decided to move Mechatropolis elsewhere. Luna offered her moon as the site of a new home for the city of the ponies that came to be known as tech ponies. Thus Mechatropolis took to the skies and landed on the moon, where the tech ponies continued their peaceful lives, waiting for the day when the Equestrians would gain the knowledge to freely travel to the moon, thus marking the readiness of the two groups to unite in bonds of true friendship.


I hope you enjoyed the story. You can see pixels of all the original ponies at the art archives linked in my profile.