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The Fenton family waited outside the mansion doors. Once opened, Jack and Maddie's old college friend was revealed. Danny eyed the silver haired billionaire before him. He seemed friendly enough. Although the teen found it odd that the man was glaring at his father.

"Jack. And Maddie! You've never looked lovelier, my dear. Please, please, come in."

Danny, Jazz and Maddie were ushered in, but the teen noted that Vlad Masters slammed the door in his father's face. He could hear the muffled calls from outside of the door as they were lead further in. They discovered what a huge fan Vlad was of the Packers; and how he was annoyed he couldn't have them. What really got to Danny, however, was when Vlad looked at his mother and said,

"One of two things my wealth has not as of yet, been able to require."

Danny wanted to hit the man. Sure, he sort of figured his mother was attractive, he never really thought about it, but for someone to blatantly hit on her just meant that the man had no morals whatsoever. Not to mention he was already giving off the impression that he was a pompous jerk. Still, if Jazz said to ignore it, then there was no reason to think much else of it. After his father was let in, Danny was able to wander around the mansion.

He was impressed by it; that was for sure. He'd never been inside such a wealthy home before. It was such an overwhelming difference compared to his decent and cozy home back in Amity Park. His family was by no means poor, but they weren't wealthy, either. They had enough and a little extra to spare which was always nice to indulge in. Vlad, however, definitely had way more than enough and was more than happy to indulge, in abundance. Everything just looked expensive; Danny swore the tiles were made of white gold.

Vlad stood in the hallway trying to have a conversation with Maddie. Unfortunately, Jack was there and was doing most of the talking for them, which irritated the man. He just wanted to have Maddie to himself; how many years had he been waiting for this? Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to be patient. His plan would come to play soon and he would then have his prize and revenge! What was waiting one more day compared to the wait of twenty years? Ignoring the man talk, he took the opportunity to eye Maddie; she was as beautiful as ever. She always was breathtaking to Vlad and no one could ever compare to her. He couldn't wait to have her as his.

What, however, was he going to do with the children? Well, from what he got from Jasmine, the girl mostly kept to herself. She seemed more focused on her studies and therefore, wouldn't be much trouble. Her younger brother, however, what his name? Ah yes, Daniel. He seemed troublesome. A polite child, Vlad had to admit, but there still seemed something off with the boy. If there was anyone who would be a problem, Vlad had no doubt it would be him. Perhaps they could become somewhat tolerable if Vlad played his cards right. Honestly, he didn't care much for them; all he wanted was Maddie.

Night fell and Danny lay in his bed, trying to sleep. It wasn't difficult to; the mattress was amazing. Unfortunately, a blue mist escaped between his lips and he let out a groan. "Oh great, just what I need: a working vacation." Transforming into Phantom, he phased out of the room and into the hallway. It took a few minutes, but he was able to locate the vulture looking ghosts he had encountered earlier and rescued his dad from them by phasing the man beneath the floor into the bathroom. He flew back up and faced the vultures. However, after seeing him they flew off in fear.

"Okay, that was almost too easy."

"Ah, bright boy."

Startled, Danny turned around to come face to face with a ghost he's never seen before. A blueish skinned ghost with black, pointed jet hair, red glowing eyes and wearing black gloves and boots with white clothing. The ghost looked vampire-like and for some reason, his throat went dry from the sight of him. It was an odd reaction; not to mention his heart was starting to race, but not from nervousness. His stomach was fluttering like it usually did when he saw Paulina or Sam; only this time, it felt more intense.

The ghost, known as Plasmius, fought to keep his smirk in place. He found it strange that he found himself eyeing the young teen before him with interest. Well, he supposed he couldn't help but realize how breathtaking the ghost boy was. The snow-white hair and glowing green eyes just looked…well…adorable. Scowling, he pushed the thoughts away. Plasmius didn't look at mere teenagers like that; he was no pedophile. Then again, the ghost boy could be older than him if he died at a young age and just never allowed himself to look older.

Danny forced himself to ignore his feelings and focus on what he should be doing, fighting the ghost. He was in this mansion, where he shouldn't be since it belonged to Vlad. "Ah, whatever, I was aiming for the birds, but you'll do."

Amused, Plasmius raised a brow and watched as the teen flew towards him with his fist ready to punch. He easily caught the small fist in his hand. Flinging the ghost, where he crashed into wall; landing onto the floor with a painful thud. Dazed, he glanced up at the ghost. He was powerful; Danny immediately knew he had to stop fooling around and not take him so lightly. It was incredibly difficult to focus; every time he glanced up at the vampire-looking ghost his heart felt light and he had to remind himself to breathe.

Danny Phantom gave it another go at Plasmius; which only amused him. However, the young ghost's attempt at fighting him was … admirable. He had spirit; and Plasmius found him liking that. The boy was weak, and the older ghost wasn't afraid to show just how much of an advantage he had over the teen. Every attempt to attack him was quickly overthrown and Plasmius could see Phantom was starting to become overwhelmed and nervous. Chuckling after sending Phantom into a bookcase, he hovered over him.

"Get away!" Phantom shouted desperately, shooting an energy blast at him. Danny looked distraught when the ghost put a shield up, effectively blocking his attack.

"Ah, an ectoplasmic energy blast." Enraged, Danny tried again with both hands; and used more of his already wasted powers. The ghost blocked it again. To add insult to injury, he yawned, looking bored. "So year one. Tell me child, can you do this yet?" He split himself into three identical duplicates.

Phantom stared at them in awe, shaking his head. His earlier feelings for the ghost were dampened and in exchange, came fear. His chest felt tight as his heart raced. Adrenaline was flowing through but he had no idea what to do. "No, I can't! How are you doing all this?!"

The four ghosts flew down towards Danny and circled around him. One of them stopped in front of the teen, but he was unsure if it was the real one or a duplicate. "Years of practice. I can teach you how do all this and more, Phantom."

Plasmius was surprised he made the offer. Training another ghost was something he never held interest in. What would he care if a ghost were weaker than him? It just means he had an advantage. Yet, there was something that stuck out to him about Phantom. He didn't know what it was exactly, but he never felt something like this before. He was afraid to explore it, he didn't want to; but there was no reason to not have the teen around…

Danny was shocked to say the least. He eyed the ghost in front of him wearily. "You know me? And…You'd do that?"

Hope bubbled in the older ghost's chest. "Of course I know you. You're the ghost who uses his power for good." He said mockingly before smirking. "And yes, I would."

"What's the catch?"

"No catch, dear boy. Just follow me and become my apprentice. I'll teach you everything I know and within a few years, months if you focus, you'll become very, very powerful."

Danny shivered at the ghost's words. He still felt unsure of himself. "What's your name?"


What did Danny have to lose if he joined him? The ghost was obviously skilled and had experience. Danny had no one to look towards help with his powers. Everything he's done so far he's learned from pure luck or by accident. None of it was really helpful and now he was discovering there was potential for so much more to learn. It was exhausting to know how much of his powers he probably still hadn't unlocked. Plasmius seemed to know though. He bit his lower lip. He wanted to take the offer but something deep down inside was telling him not to. The ghost had mocked him for using his powers for good, which only meant one thing: The ghost was evil.

"I…I can't." Danny said sadly, looking down at the floor.

Plasmius felt disappointment shoot through him heavily. "Why not?" He asked, irritated.

Weakly, Danny shook his head. "I'm sorry. I just can't."

Angry, Plasmius growled. "Well, isn't that just too bad?"

The one in front of Danny and the ones surrounding him had glowing pink energy forming in their hands, ready to strike at him. Panicking, Danny phased himself through the floor and went down two floors until he found a safe spot to switch to his human self. He waited a few minutes in his hiding spot before coming out and searching the area. Sighing, he dragged his weak body towards the stairs that would lead him to his bedroom. He was exhausted; there was no way he could fight anymore. If the ghost attacked again, he would have to get his parents to wake up and help.

Flying after the teen ghost, Plasmius was annoyed when he couldn't find him. Scowling, he was surprised to see the young Danny Fenton slowly making his way up the stairs. It would be fun to frighten the boy, but he decided against it. Instead, he phased into a nearby closet and switched to Vlad. He wanted to know what the boy was doing up this late in his mansion. When he got close to Danny, he gripped the teen's shoulder, startling him and causing him to look at him surprised.

"Mr. Masters?" Danny asked tiredly.

"Daniel, what are you doing out here?"

"Oh, uh," Danny tried to think of an excuse. "I had to use the bathroom," he lied uncomfortably, unable to meet the man's gaze.

"So you went down a flight of stairs instead of the one in your bedroom?"

Flinching, Danny immediately became defensive and angry, unsure what the man's problem with him was. "I just needed a walk."

Scowling, Vlad walked Danny back to his bedroom; his irritation growing now that he was with the young teen after losing the other one. "Try not to roam these halls at night, will you boy? It's best not to."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Danny asked suspiciously with a glare.

"It means to mind your business," Vlad snapped angrily, opening the door to Danny's temporary bedroom. "It's past your bed time," he added mockingly.

Gritting his teeth, Danny pushed past Vlad. "Goodnight you old fruitloop!"

Vlad's jaw dropped and his eyes flashed angrily. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself down. There was no need to fight with a child. He slammed the door closed and stormed to his bedroom. As he walked, his thoughts drifted back to Phantom. Why had he been so interested in the teen? Worst of all, why was he more crushed at the idea that he didn't want to join him more so than when Maddie rejected him for Jack?

The reunion was utterly boring to Danny and his sister was avoiding it. Looking back on it now, he should have stayed in the theatre with her, but was too lazy to. Sitting down and watching adults humiliate themselves by their awful attempts at dancing was the only thing Danny found himself doing. As his eyes scanned the crowd, he was annoyed to see Vlad Masters talking with his mom. She clearly looked uncomfortable and he had a smirk on his face that only meant trouble. Scowling, he looked for his father, who was over by the punch bowl. Danny made his way towards him and when he got close, immediately got his father's attention.

"Hi dad!"

"Oh, hey son! How's it going? Isn't this great! I told you Vlad was a swell guy."

"Yeah, real swell dad," Danny said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. His father blissfully didn't see it. Smirking, Danny finally came up with a way to get Vlad away from his mother. "Hey uh, speaking of which. Vlad told me he couldn't wait to hear about your latest ghost invention."

Hook, line, sinker. Jack's eyes immediately brightened. "Really?! Well where is he?"

Danny pretended to scan the crowd. "Oh, there he is! He's with mom."

Jack immediately went over to the pair. Vlad looked annoyed while Maddie's expression was of relief. She happily listened to Jack blather on about their latest ghost hunting invention. Jack must have said something that didn't sit well with Vlad because the silver haired man immediately looked out into the crowd. Vlad's eyes locked with Danny and the teen sent the man a smug smirk, feeling satisfied when he saw the man's angry scowl directed back at him. His feeling of satisfaction was short lived when his ghost senses kicked in. Groaning, he ran off from the party and into the nearest bathroom to change into Phantom.

"It better not be Plasmius again…" He grumbled, even though he was desperately trying to ignore a large part of him that actually wanted to see the ghost again. He phased back into the party to see the vulture ghosts causing a scene and attacking Jack Fenton. Immediately, Danny flew towards them and knocked the vultures into the next room by phasing them.

"Didn't I tell you to go away?" Danny asked with an annoyed tone, blasting two of them. The vultures cried out in pain before disappearing. He immediately knew why. Without even bothering to turn around, Danny was immediately hit in the back from an energy blast, sending him crashing to the floor.

Plasmius stepped forward and glared down at Phantom. "You're getting in the way of my plans, child." He stuck out his hand. Ectoplasmic ropes whipped out from his hand and wrapped themselves around Danny. The ghost teen struggled against the bindings. "There, that should hold you for a while." Smirking, Plasmius made himself intangible and flew towards where the reunion was taking place.

The reunion was quickly becoming a disaster. Plasmius overshadowed Jack and tried to make him out to be this destructive person who should be frightened. It took Danny a few minutes to be able to break free from the binds. Finally, he was able to search for the other ghost, surprised to see him overshadowing his father. He heard his father shout,

"If you live to tell the tale, remember that big, fat, Jack Fenton did this to you!"

Annoyed, Danny flew towards his overshadowed father with rapid speed. "Guess again!" He shouted as he turned himself intangible and knocked Plasmius out of Jack. They landed in the next room, where Danny forcefully shoved him against a bookshelf. With a gruff, Plasmius pushed Danny away and was able to block the teen's attack against him. He then gripped the front of Danny's shirt and pulled him close.

"You're much more trouble than you're actually worth, Phantom."

Danny kicked at the air, trying to break free from his tight grip. "Says you!"

"Are you sure you don't want to join me? I can teach you many things, Phantom…" Plasmius froze. Oh god, had he said that in a husky like manner?

Danny stopped kicking and a blush rose to his cheek as he examined the ghost before him. "Uhh…I-I…"

Was it odd that the older ghost found Danny's blush…endearing?

Their moment, however, was ruined when the Fenton RV crashed through the wall. They managed to fly away in time to get away from the impact. Seeing Jack and Maddie, Plasmius shook his thoughts away from Phantom and remembered why he was doing all this in the first place. He hovered over the RV and phased Maddie out, clutching on to her. She immediately protested.

"Let go of me!"

"Never again, woman."

Yet, his heart wasn't into it anymore. He actually kind of … felt indifferent that he was holding her close. He had expected a much different reaction. Actually, he had expected to have the reaction he similarly had when he had been close to…Phantom?

Needing to save his mother now, Danny phased into the RV right after Jack left it in an attempt to save Maddie. Invisible, Danny fiddled with the gears of the RV, annoyed that he didn't know which did what. He finally managed to drive it towards the ghost holding his mother and began to just randomly press the buttons. Taking guesses, he shot several kinds of blasts at Plasmius, who cockily blocked them. That was until Danny was able to shoot out the laser that held the ectoplasmic goo. That one knocked Plasmius off and his mother dropped to safety.

Danny phased out of the RV and made his way towards Plasmius, a smug smirk on his face. Plasmius groaned and glared at the teen; yet, he wasn't that angry. In fact, he felt sort of amused that the teen got the best of him. He could still win in a fight, but what fun would that be? There was so much potential Phantom held that he would like to explore. He also wanted to know why he felt so oddly with this teenager. That was something that would need time.

Truthfully, Danny didn't want to fight the older ghost. It wasn't the fact that he would most likely lose since he had the RV and could use it to his advantage, but it was more that the ghost intrigued him. He never felt like this before and it was something he didn't want to ignore. Still, the ghost was definitely evil with malicious intentions; he had to be taken down. Yet…the way the ghost was looking at him, it made Danny doubt wanting to do any harm to him. Taking a deep breath, he bent down until he was at eye level with Plasmius.

Chuckling, Plasmius got some of the gunk off of him. "Not bad, Phantom." The surprised look on the teen's face was amusing. "I guess I can say I underestimated you. You're not as dumb as you look."

Scowling, Danny responded angrily, "And you're as annoying as you look."

"Oh aren't you clever." Seeing the teen growl, Plasmius held his hands up in surrender. "Relax, I'll back off, for now." He no longer had interest in his earlier plans…he had much more to think of now. "Don't get used to it, Phantom. You've caught my interest and that's something you should worry about."

Surprising them both, Phantom smirked. "I think I can handle having your interest."

"And someday, you shall join me. But, for now…" he flew to the air and made a very dramatic exit. Rolling his eyes, Danny made himself invisible before his parents would attack him. Both half ghosts felt their chests were much lighter and their moods much brighter.

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