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As Danny was knocked back from an electric blast by Vortex, Plasmius swooped in and caught him before he could crash into a building. Danny Phantom glanced up at the ghost, grateful for only a moment for being saved before he gave him a hard glare, pushing himself away and crossing his arms in a manner that Plasmius knew meant he was in trouble. "You released Vortex again?"

Plasmius placed his hands up defensively; wincing from his lover's scolding tone. "I was just asking him for a favor!"

"And how did this favor end with Amity Park heating up like it's in a desert?!"

"I might have, ah, threatened him after I lost patience with his rude denial to my request."

Sighing, Danny rubbed the corner of his head. "I told you it was no big deal if it rained during the game and it was canceled. We could have done something else."

Plasmius flew closer to Danny and pulled the young halfa close. Smiling, Danny affectionately rubbed their noses together, temporarily forgetting there was an angry ghost intent on destroying the city behind him. "But you've planned this for months, Daniel, and you bought the tickets with your hard earned money instead of just asking me to get them myself, only because you wanted to surprise me. How could I not make sure this was going to be perfect when I heard on the news that it was going to rain today?"

"Yeah well now we have this obnoxious blazing heat."

"Nothing we can't take care of."

They separated in time to dodge another electric attack headed their way. Teaming up, they approached Vortex and took him down without much struggle. They weakened him enough so Danny could suck him into the thermos. Once the ghost was in, the blazing heat cooled to a tolerable temperature and the clouds cleared. It was now bright, sunny, and warm. Danny looked to Plasmius.

"Guess you got your request after all."

Plasmius smirked triumphantly.

It's been months since they got back together. It was now summer and Danny was more than happy to enjoy his vacation with Vlad. In fact, he moved into the mansion to remain there until his term for school started again. To say Vlad had been happy when Danny asked if he could stay for his break would be an understatement. The man had even suggested making the move permanent, but Danny had responded 'someday', which was good enough for now.

The game wouldn't be for several hours so they flew around Amity Park, making sure there were no other ghosts that would distract Danny from giving Plasmius the attention he wanted. Since Danny had final exams for the past two weeks, he had been so wrapped up in his schoolwork he barely had time to pay much attention to his older lover. Which was just unacceptable to Vlad, but he understood. They flew towards Fenton works to use their portal so they could travel to Wisconsin faster. Danny was surprised his parents weren't home. He realized he had to make plans with them soon to talk about a certain serious boyfriend he was seeing…

It was pretty amazing to Danny how they were able to finally get past their differences as Masters and Fenton, just like Phantom and Plasmius had. Now that Danny accepted Vlad completely, he was more than happy with his relationship. Vlad felt the same way. Danny's quirks were now something he accepted and cherished; knowing the teen put up with Vlad's own flaws. They had never felt so complete and almost perfect. That wasn't to say they didn't argue; oh no, they argued quite a bit, but it was just like any other normal couple. Well, as normal as they could be.

Once they passed Vlad's portal, they switched back. Danny stretched his arms above his head, his shirt lifting slightly to reveal barely tanned skin. Vlad eyed it hungrily and mourned when the sight was removed from him. The teen pulled out the thermos and put the ghost back into the ghost zone, all the while giving his lover a disapprovingly glare.

"You know, this is the third time this week I've had to stop a ghost and it was your fault."

Vlad shrugged. "It's what you do. No one tells you to be a hero. In fact, I still suggest you give up that nonsense and join me instead. We could rule together, you know. We have the power to."

Danny rolled his eyes in response, putting the thermos away and walking out of the lab, Vlad following behind. "I thought you gave up that dream when we started dating?" He groused.

"Yes, but it's fun to rile you up, little badger." The glare Danny sent Vlad showed the smirking man that his lover was not amused. Chuckling, Vlad fondly ruffled his lover's hair. "Don't get so pouty my dear, I am only joking."

"I'm not pouty," Danny protested moodily. His moodiness melted away when Vlad gave him a long kiss on his cheek. Smiling, they walked into the kitchen where Danny had a basket full of food prepared. Vlad looked at it in surprise.

"A picnic?"


"What's the occasion?"

Embarrassed, Danny looked away from the man's questioning gaze. "Today makes a year that we've been together."

"Does it?" He wracked his brain to think of what Danny considered the first time. He gave the teen a wicked grin and pulled him close, kissing his lips. "Are you counting our first time in the alleyway or that date in the theatre?" Flushing, Danny buried his face between the man's neck and shoulder and mumbled. "What was that Daniel? I couldn't hear you." Oh yes, he was having fun at the teen's expense.

"Our first time in the alleyway…" Danny mumbled a little louder.

Vlad chuckled in response. "That's a little on the unromantic side. It was in a dirty, dark, dingy alleyway."

"You weren't complaining then."

"I would never complain where we have sex."

"Oh really?" Danny grinned suggestively and looked up at the man. "How about in your office? I can play the naughty secretary…" he nipped Vlad's ear and began to loosen the man's tie.

Vlad wrinkled his nose. "I work there."

"Duh." Danny laughed at Vlad's expression. "You were fine doing it in a 'dirty, dark, dingy alleyway', which, mind you, smelled like trash, but you have a problem doing it on your desk?"

"…" Vlad realized he had no response to that. "Only if you wear a skirt."

Pulling away from the man, Danny made a face that clearly showed how he felt about the idea. "No way."

"Aw but Daniel, you'd look positively sexy and adorable."


They walked out of the mansion together, Vlad taking a hold of Danny's hand. "You were enthusiastic about the suggestion before…"

"Yeah, until you got a skirt involved."

They found a nice spot next to a big tree that provided shade. Danny set up the picnic and Vlad sat down on the blanket, watching the teen prepare their sandwiches. Stopping him, Vlad grabbed Danny's wrists and crawled over him, pinning him softly to the ground. They gazed into each other's eyes, Vlad's heart melting at the sight of happiness, fondness, and unhidden affection reflecting in those blue orbs. Blue or green, they were both beautiful to Vlad. He leaned in for a slow, soft, sensual kiss. Danny moaned and responded, feeling just as happy. His hand slipped into Vlad's silver hair, used to feeling the ponytail just as much as he was used to feeling the jet black hair.

As Vlad nuzzled the side of Danny's neck, the young hybrid had a few seconds to reflect on their relationship. Sometimes it just seemed like it was too good to be true.

"By the way, I thought it's about time I tell mom and dad about us," Danny said suddenly.

Vlad paused briefly in surprise before giving another nuzzle and pulling up to look down at the teen. "By the sound of your voice, I can tell it's more than just telling them you and I are in a relationship."

"Yeah, I think they should know about our ghost halves, too."

"And why is that?" Vlad asked curiously. It wasn't that he minded Danny wanting to tell them, but he found it odd that he would also have to confess about his own half. They weren't his parents. Friends, sure, which makes their whole relationship odd, but still. He had no obligation to them.

Danny rolled his eyes, although not at Vlad. "Because they're after Plasmius and Danny Phantom, who are notorious for being the most wanted ghosts in Wisconsin and Amity Park…not to mention it's a well-known fact that they're together. It would be a little weird to explain to them that I'm Phantom and in a relationship with you and Plasmius."

"It would be quite amusing to see their reaction. I say you simply tell them that and leave it up to their own imagination."

Danny gave his lover a look. "No."

"Better yet, I can duplicate myself so that 'Plasmius' shows up when you're telling them. 'He' and I must then fight valiantly for your undying love, being as only one of us can have you."

"I'll kill you myself if you try that," Danny replied with a groan.

Vlad playfully gasped. "So you have chosen." He placed his hand over his chest where his heart is. "Oh, my aching heart! Chosen over a dead half, no less!"

Danny responded with a laugh, "Cut it out! Although, now that you mention it, I do like seeing your red eyes when you're in your ghost form."

Vlad made his eyes flash red and leaned in to kiss his lover, who moaned as their tongues met and fought for dominance. "You only need to ask, my dear. I can do it anytime you'd like." He stopped flashing his eyes. Danny stared into his cobalt blue orbs instead.

"What about you? Which do you prefer? My ghost form or me like this?"

Humming thoughtfully, Vlad petted the soft raven hair. "Truthfully, little badger, I'm equally fond of you either way."



Danny grinned sheepishly. "Way to make me look like a jerk."

Still, he couldn't deny he was content with Vlad's response, and the man knew Danny had only been joking. They kissed before sitting up and grabbing their lunch. The sun was shining brightly; not a cloud in the skies. The pleasant summer weather allowed them to enjoy their small picnic as they talked about anything and everything. It was mostly Danny voicing out his plans to see his friends and family, with more than enough time with Vlad. After their picnic, they had enough time to get ready for the game.

The teen wasn't one for football, he barely attended the games in his High School, but it cheered him up to see Vlad excited for it. Because it was Vlad Masters, they were given their own private booth to enjoy. Personally, Danny preferred being in the crowd, but this was just as fun. Vlad would keep an arm wrapped around his lover as the game went on. Seeing his older lover get so into the game made Danny just as equally enthusiastic; both cheering when there was a score from the Packers, much to Vlad's delight.

Unfortunately, about midway in the game, Danny's ghost sense went off. Vlad's own did as well because he immediately looked to his younger lover, who only rubbed the back of his neck in a sheepish manner. Smiling, Vlad sighed and switched to his ghost form, Danny doing the same.

"Might as well get this over with," Vlad voiced exasperatedly. "Unless you can hold off being a hero for a few hours?"

Danny gave him a look. "I promise it will be quick, Plasmius."

"It would be quicker if we don't pay mind to it." He then pulled the young halfa into a hug. "Then again, your stubborn nature wouldn't allow you to simply ignore it." He chuckled at his lover's expression before giving him a loving kiss. "Come now, if I miss a touch down, you owe me."

"Now I know you're going to delay me on purpose," Danny accused while nuzzling their foreheads together.

Plasmius smirked. "You know me so well, Phantom."