Me: Hey! So this is my OOCX Thief King Bakura story, just because I thought that it would be fun to try. ^-^ I'm doing Romeo and Juliet in English and it seems like everyone is love sick and it's confusing me! Anyways, I don't own Bakura, Atem or Marik, or the other characters. Just Tenionia. Enjoy!

Night had fallen over Egypt, and a thief was running though the deserted halls of the Pharaoh's palace. Bakura smirked as he ducked into the shadows as the guards passed.

'The security of the palace is pathetic.' Bakura thought as he took off again. Bakura walked though the halls of the royal house, dodging guards and heading straight for his goal. To find the Pharaoh and kill him. Bakura stopped when he heard someone and turned to see a girl about sixteen, walking slowly though the courtyard. Bakura leaned out to get a better look. She was wearing a dress of pure white linen that dragged on the marble, gold jewelry beckoned her arms and neck, as well as her long fingers. A belt of gold was around her waist and a crown of golden lotus flowers were embedded in her raven black hair. Bakura couldn't help but feel drawn to the girl. The girl turned and Bakura saw her face for the first time. Her face was like one of an angel, of innocence with soft features and ruby lips, though her eyes, two dark purple eyes that would belong to a goddess, rather then a girl of sixteen. The girl continued to walk deeper into the courtyard, when she finally vanished from his view completely.

'Who was that girl?' Bakura momentarily wondered before furiously shaking his head.

'Remember what you came to do, Bakura.' He broke away from the window and continued down the hall. The image of the girl didn't leave his mind though. Bakura walked down the halls slowly, still wondering who she was. He had never seen her before that night. Bakura cursed as he ducked behind a column as guards dashed passed.

"Find Lady Tenionia! There is a thief in the palace, she must be found." The captain of the guard called and Bakura smirked.

'Lady Tenionia, huh? A priestess, no doubt.' He thought as he began to run down the halls again.

Tenionia had been walking around the courtyard, enjoying the soft breeze of the night from the dessert and the silver light of the pale moon above. She turned when she heard a sound, but when she didn't see anything, she continued to walk. The sound of the guard alerted her something was amiss.

"Lady Tenionia, we're glad that we found you before the thief did." The guard told her and Tenionia frowned.


"There is a thief in the palace, our search party was sent to find you and make sure you were brought to safety." Tenionia sighed. If there was one thing she hated about being in power was you were always put before others.

'I wonder where the thief is now.' She silently thought as she followed the small search party back to her room.

Bakura got sidetracked by sounds coming from one of the cells under ground. Bakura poked his head inside and found a boy with blonde hair was sitting the cage, watching a brunette pace around in his cage.

"Stupid Pharaoh thinks that he can lock me up like an animal." Bakura smirked as the blonde sighed.

"Valon, sitting and cursing isn't going to help you."

"You're not doing anything, blonde boy." Bakura stepped into the light and chuckled, drawing attention to himself.

"Now, now, you two shouldn't fight, and besides, I'm the only one that can get away with calling Marik names." The blonde huffed.

"So glad to see you too, Bakura." He said as he stood to his feet. Bakura's eyes flicked over the other.

"So you managed to get yourself caught, well done." Marik scowled.

"The only reason I got caught was because of Mr. I-don't-need-a-plan over there." He nodded in Valon's direction and the brunette growled.

"Bite me blondy!" Marik shot a look at Valon and Bakura chuckled.

"I take it you want out of here?"

"Ra yes." Bakura gave the other boy a toothy grin and pulled out his trusty dagger and began to pick the lock. When the lock clicked open, Marik swung open the door and stepped out from the cage. Bakura didn't say anything after the boy was free. He just nodded in the direction of the door and the two started towards the door. Valon called to them.

"What about me?" Bakura and Marik looked at each other.

"I may come back for you." Bakura said and he walked out. Marik shot a grin in Valon's direction and followed Thief King.

"You're not going to come back for him, are you?" Marik asked and Bakura shot him a smirk.

"You know me well, Marik."

"That's what I get for being friends with you."

"Whatever, it's almost dawn, we'd better go." Bakura said and Marik nodded. Stealing to horses from the royal stables, the two rode off into the desert.