Maxs POV

I groaned and forced my eyes to open As soon as I did I regretted it and shut them.

"Max, you awake?" I heard Iggy say.

"Yea. Report." I said.

"I'm ok, just a little sore. What about you?" Iggy asked.

"I'm fine." I said. In case you're wondering where we are we're:

A) In a museum

B) In a library

C) at the...dun dun

If you guessed A...go to a doctor.

If you guessed B...go to a doctor.

If you guessed C...go to a doctor. You might have MROD.(MaximumRideObsessionDisorder )

I sat up and looked around. Me and Iggy were in a cage together.

"Were gonna bust out of here as soon as possiple." I said.

"If you can get a watch and some wire i can make a very small bomb with a big explosion." Iggy said.

"We have to get all the experiments out though." I said.

"You can do that while i set up the bomb." Iggy said.

"Ok now we just need to find escape rou-" i was cut off by a whitecoat comeing in the room. E came up to the cage and lookedat Iggy.

"Come with me experiment 4265811." The whitecoat said as he unlocked the cage and grabbed Iggy.

"No. IGGY!" i said as i grabbed his hand.

"I'll be back in a bit Max. I promise...i just have to do a stupid test." Iggy said.

Iggy's POV

Ok. i was NOT in the mood to get tested on. I felt the whitecoat grab me and start to pull me out of the cage.

"No. IGGY!" i heard Max say as she grabbed my hand.

"I'll be bck in a bit Max. I promise...i just have to do a stupid test."I said. Max came out of the cage with me and attacked the whitecoat. Because me and Max are so lucky *note sarcasm* erasers came in the room and they shot Max with a tranquilizer dart. She passed out a minute later and the erasers put her in the cage and dragged me to a room.

"Experiment 4265811 we are going to do some surgery on you." I felt the whitecoat lead me to a table and strapped me down.

"What kind of surgery?" I demanded. The whitecoat gave me a shot and i was unconscious second laters.


I gave the experiment a shot to make him unconscious and the surgery began. Hours later we were done and do to the computer monitoring the experiment, we hve knowledge of the experiment having new powers which it shall be tested on later.

Iggys POV

I woke up in the cage. Big whoop. *note sarcasm* I looked over to my right and saw a girl with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I gasped at the girl, it was Max.

"Whats wrong?" Max asked.