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Disclaimer: I don't claim anything but the plot and my original characters. Kagome and any other Inuyasha characters that may appear belong to Takahashi Rumiko-sensei and Barajou no Kiss belongs to Shoten Aya-sensei

Summary: Higurashi Kagome was scared of one thing and one thing only. Her father. But maybe, just maybe he could help her with her fear. If only she would disregard the fact that he had the same eyes as her father...because they were of the same race. Dark Stalkers.

The Sacred Kiss of the Rose Princess

Inside of a dark room, on the bed, wrapped up in pink sheets lay a girl with long flowing raven hair. She tossed and turned in the bed, making the sheets twist and turn around her legs. Sweat beaded at her forehead as her eyes scrunched and whimper left the confines of her lips. "Papa..." her eyes suddenly opened, revealing a startling ice blue color with an underling hint of silver, and she jolted up straight, her slender arms flailing about as she screamed, "No!"

Soon, the girl calmed down, realizing that it was merely a nightmare. Her delicate hand rose form the sheets to her throat and her fingers caressed the pink jewel encrusted on the silver rose attached a black silk cloth. A relieved sigh was heard as the young girl wiped at the moisture that damped her face with the back of her hand. "It's still there. " she turned her head and gazed at a photograph that was framed on her night stand. It was of a man with dark hair and cool piercing red eyes, visible even in the shadows of the room. "Papa would be upset if I had taken it off."

After a few more minutes the girl laid back down in her bed, closing her eyes and waited for the soothing embrace of slumber to encompass her. Her wish was granted as darkness seeped into her consciousness and she was fast asleep.

"Higurashi Kagome, you better stop right there!" a woman with short black hair and glasses demanded, her grey business suit and white armband signalling that she was a part of the disciplinary force.

Kagome turned her head and blew a raspberry at the teacher. "I will not stop!" her eyes zeroed in on the object the woman was waving around. "Especially with you waving around that sickle like a mad woman!"

The teacher growled as she picked up speed, the sickle she carried glinted in the sunlight. "Higurashi, you stop this instant! Today's the day that choker comes off! It's a direct violation on the school dress code and you know it!"

The blue eyed girl frowned at the teacher as a shiver traveled down her spine at the thought of the necklace being removed. Her dainty fingers found there way to the pretty rose choker. "I've told millions of times now, Sensei, I can't take it off!"

"Which is why I fully intend to take it off for you! BY FORCE!" the curved blade grew dangerously close to Kagome's neck and the younger girl's ice blue eyes widened.

"Get that thing away from me!" she shouted as she pumped her legs harder, gaining more speed as she fled from the disciplinary teacher. Her mind was thrown into chaos as it brought up an old memory. One she has desperately tried to forget. 'This choker...I would have removed it a long time ago, but my papa ordered me not to...'

"Kagome..." a dark silk like voice whispered as his pale white fingers caressed the soft skin of a young child's cheek. The hand traveled down to the black band that held a silver rose that had a pink jewel encrusted into it. "This is the one thing you must never lose nor take it off."

The child looked at the man with confusion in her ice blue eyes, her long raven hair fluttered softly when his hands moved up to encompass her face once more. "Why Papa?" her voice was soft and slightly squeaky as she tilted her hand into her Father's large warm hand and peered into his deep red eyes.

A cool smile spread over the man's lips, showing off sharp glinting canines. "Because, my sweet child, it is something very valuable that will always serve to keep you safe from harm: it's a special charm made just for you." his eyes flashed ominously and his hand moved her cheek to her small neck so quickly the child let out a surprised gasp. He tightened his grip on her slender throat and lifted the child into the air. "Should you ever lose it," he drawled, ignored the bite of her tiny nails digging into his skin "a terrible, fearsome punishment will befall you."

Tears began leaking from the corner of the child's eyes as she clawed at her father's wrist. "Papa! You're hurting me! Why are you doing this!"

"I merely want to protect my precious Kagome..."

Kagome shivered as she tried to suppress that single awful memory of her father. She does not have many too many memories of her father because she never had the chance, but that one frightful memory has always haunted her. She sighed as she touched the rose choker once more. Kagome knew that if she attempted to take off the necklace, she would have vicious nightmares of various punishments that her father would bestow upon her. 'Papa said that it would protect me...'

She reminisced on all the things that has happened to her ever since that fateful day. The teachers of the disciplinary force have always had it out for her, no matter what school she's attended. She has even gotten into to trouble with gang members because of it. The closeness of the teacher's voice snapped Kagome out of her thoughts and she looked back to see that the short haired woman had gotten much closer to her.

"C'mon, Kagome, you can do it!"

The dark haired girl looked up to see a group of girls from her class cheering her on just as the school bell began to ring.

"Class is going to start without you! Hurry up! First one to the school wins!"

She frowned, because most of all the choker attracts a lot of unwanted attention!

Kagome leaned against the door frame of her classroom, her hands pressed to her knee as she panted for breath. 'Another morning, another close call.' she looked up when someone tapped her on the shoulder and saw that it was one of her classmate and close friend, Yamamoto Anis.

"That was close, wasn't it Kagome-chan." the pink haired girl smiled as she patted Kagome on the back.

The dark haired girl gave a small smile. "Yeah it was. This was the first time I had to use all my strength into running."

Anis opened her mouth to remark, but was violently shoved into her friend. Her dark red-pink eyes narrowed as she turned around to snap at the person who pushed her. "Hey! Excuse you!"

"It's your own damn fault for standing in the doorway when I'm tryin' to get through!"

"What's your problem, Kaede?" she snapped.

Kaede glanced at Kagome briefly before sliding his deep violet eyes at the the smaller girl in front of him and glared at her. "My problem is you, Yamamoto Anis. You're makin' a lot of noise for it being so early in the morning." he then shouldered his bag and turned away from the pink haired girl.

Anis was still huffing over what Kaede said even as Kagome tried to comfort her. Saying the he was still holding a grudge against her because she beat him during the sports festival. The shorter girl countered, saying that the only reason why she participated in the boy's race is because Kagome made her do it.

"Plus I won because you used my fear of thunder against me!"

Kagome snickered behind her hand as she recalled that day. It was the day of the the boy's 50 km race and she had 'persuaded' Anis to participate in the run. She then had some of the other girls set up a boom-box with a prerecorded tape of a thunderstorm and pressed play the second the race began. She never seen Anis run faster than on that day.

Anis narrowed her eyes at her friend. "That was not funny, Kagome-chan!" she made a swipe at the slightly taller girl.

"Ah! Gomenasi Anis-chan!" Kagome chortled as she moved out the reach of her friend's grasping fingers.

Soon a pale brown haired man walked into the classroom, a kind smile on his lips as he set down the stack of papers he was carrying. "Alright guys," he began, opening his clear yellow eyes, "settle down! It's time for homeroom!"

As Kagome sat down in her desk, waiting for homeroom to end, she tried recalling her father's face. But it was no use. All she could remember was his cool red eyes, predatory smile, and deep voice. And also that painful memory. Those were the only thing she had to remember her father by...and the choker.

She scoffed softly. "It's more of a collar to me."

"Kagome-chan, hurry up! Homeroom's already ended!" Anis's voice broke through to the young girl.

The dark haired girl rose out of her seat and walked over to her friend, turning to go in the direction of where her next class was to be. A blonde haired girl, who was called Usagi, clamped onto Kagome's arm and pulled her in the opposite direction. Kagome complained, knowing where they were going and quickly grabbed Anis's arm before the pink haired girl could escape.

"If I have to go, then so do you."

Anis complained. "Kagome-chan, but..."

"No, 'buts'." a sneaky gleamed enter her ice blue eyes. "We may even get to see Tenjou-senpai."

That perked the shorter girl. "True enough."

Usagi squealed all of a sudden. "Lucky~!" she sighed dreamily. "Tenjou-kaichou has arrived!"

Kagome watched in awe as the tall regal form of the school president lazily made his way down the hall, his cool light blue eyes never deterring from his destination. He was exceedingly handsome with his glittering snow white hair, narrow pale blue eyes, and chiseled jaw structure. It was no wonder every girl in Shoubi Academy was gaga over him. A faint blush spread over her pale cheeks because that included her. She did have a small crush on the president.

Anis elbowed Kagome, a small red color on her own cheeks. "It kinda sucks that we can't break through the throngs of third year chicks surrounding him to get any closer than this." she clasped her hands together in mock adoration. "But he's so cool!"

Usagi turned around and smiled goofily. ""Cool" doesn't even begin to describe him! He's not like any other hottie out there!"

Kagome could not agree more. Tenjou is not only cool, but he make great grades, athletic, and he nice to just about anyone. 'But he's super hard to get close to.'she let out a defeated sigh, but turned her head when Usagi tightened her grip on her arm and pointed.

"Kagome, look! Older guys are great and all, but right now, I'm all about him!"

The dark haired girl raised her blue eyes, following the direction of where her friend was pointing. "Oh that's Asagi Seiran-kun of class C!" 'He's adorable!' Kagome blushed as she took in the boy's bishounen looks. His short blue hair, though abnormal, framed his cute, girl-like face that housed his large honey colored eyes. 'He's cuter than a girl!' She took and step back, bumping into someone. She quickly bowed and apologized. "Gomen ne. I wasn't watching where I was going."

She raised out of her bow and gasped. The tall male in front of her looked way too much like her father with his piercing red eyes and dark hair. She stood frozen to the spot as his red, red, eyes scanned over her, cold and analyzing, until he smoothly turned around and walked away. A shudder went down her spine as bits and pieces of that god awful memory eased its way inside her head before she banished it from the confines of her mind.

Anis placed her hand on Kagome's shoulder, frowning when she felt the girl trembling. "Kagome-chan...are you remembering what happened with your dad?" she whispered softly in her friend's ear so that the other girls could not hear what was being said. But they were too busy talking about the boy who just left.

Kagome nodded slowly, not trusting her voice.

The pink haired girl hugged her. "It's going to be okay Kagome-chan. He can't hurt you anymore."

"I know, Anis-chan." Kagome said softly.

The dark haired girl pushed the broom in the direction of the pile of dust between her and Anis. She gazed over at her friend and saw that she was posted up on the yellow handle of the broomstick, gazing off as if she was in a daze. She lifted her hand to hide a giggle when Higa Kaede suddenly appeared behind her, scaring the living daylights out of the pink haired girl.

"Kaede!" she huffed as she placed her hand over her racing heart. "Don't pop up behind me like that!"

The rose haired boy scoffed, his deep violet eyes narrowed into a glare. "Then stop slacking off Anis." he turned to the other girl. "Is she always this annoying Kagome?"

Anis slid into a protective stand in front of Kagome, her teeth grinding together as a blush spread over her cheeks. "Who gave you the right to start calling me Anis and her Kagome?" she demanded.

Kaede groaned and cover his face with his hand. "Dummy. I only calling you Anis because we have another Yamamoto in our class." his eyes moved over to gaze at the dark haired girl, catching her ice blue eyes with his briefly before looking away. "And I have my reasons for calling Kagome by her given name."

The pink haired girl turned a dark shade of red when Kaede suggested that he start calling her the Weird Yamamoto. "Don't call me weird, you jerk!"

Kagome sighed as she turned her gaze away from the bantering duo to the clear blue sky. She narrowed her eyes when a red glint flew through the air. And right towards Anis! "Look out!" the dark haired girl rushed over to her friend and pushed her out of the way and something smacked into the back of her neck and would have fallen to the ground if strong arms had not wrapped around her. She opened her eyes and was greeted with the sight of Higa Kaede holding her close to him. So close that she could she that his hair was not black like she had initially thought it to be, but a deep blood red color and that his violet eyes had a small hint of blue to them.

"Ano..." a bright red blush spread over her cheeks, darkening every second she was in Kaede's arms. "Could you let me go, Kaede-kun?"

Kaede nodded as he slowly opened his arms for the small girl so that she could step away and a strange loss made him want to gather her back into his arms. He almost did if it was not for Anis whacking him on the head with her broom.

"Get away from, Kagome-chan." she huffed as she raised the broom again to strike him if he decided to try and hold Kagome in his arms again. She was not going to let anyone harm her dear friend. "Where does someone like you get off pulling a cocky stunt like that?"

Kagome ignored the duo as her ice blue eyes scanned the area and a red rectangle caught her attention. She walked around the arguing teens and knelt to pick up the object. "A card..."

"What did you say, Kagome-chan?" Anis stopped fighting with Kaede as walked over to her friend. Her red-pink eyes widened when the girl turned to show her the thing in her hand and she saw the bare flesh of Kagome's throat. "Ah! Your choker!" she pointed out.

The blue eyed girl gasped as her finger came up to touched the pink jewel encrusted silver rose, only to touch skin she had forgotten she had. 'My choker!' "Shimatta!" Kagome cursed as she frantically began to search for her missing piece of jewelry. 'Where? Where? Where!?'she shuffled through the bushes and a small black head popped out of the leafy plants. "Eh? You're the black thing that smacked into me?"

The black creature shivered with fear and made a dash for the school house.

"Ah! Matte!" Kagome called out as she ran after the little creature. She followed its shadow as it raced inside the building, slipping around corners at high speeds that she nearly lost it a few times. Her father's voice echoed in her head, reminding her of the terrible punishment that was to befall on her now that her choker had been removed. Kagome felt a shudder run up and down her spine at the thought of being at the mercy of whatever her father planed to punish her with. 'I have to find that black creature and ask it to return my choker.'


The dark haired girl turned at the sound of her name being called and she turned to see her pink haired friend not too far behind her. "Anis-chan! I have to find my choker!"

Anis reached her shaking and frightened friend and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "We will find it Kagome-chan." she looked up and her red-pink eyes scanned the hallways, searching for that black creature that may have ran off with Kagome's choker. Anis turned her head to the right and caught sight of a furry tail slipping under the curtain. "There it is!"

She then took hold of Kagome's hand and pulled her into the library. "Give it up you, choker thief!" Anis yanked the curtain to the side and almost fell down the gaping black hole, but Kagome was not so lucky. The dark haired girl stumbled, tripping over the pink haired girl's shoe, and tumbled down the pit.


The raven haired girl lifted her hand and rubber the top of her head. 'Itai...' she bemoaned and blinked once, twice, before her eyes widened to the point where the almost bulged from their sockets. Standing before her was a huge black dragon with blazing white eyes. It opened its large muzzled and roared, echoing throughout the small room. 'It this my punishment?'

"You're...Higurashi Kagome-kun from class C, aren't you?" a pained voice asked from behind the girl.

She turned around to find her homeroom teacher sprawled out on the ground, various bruises, scratches, and cuts decorating his pale skin. "Itsushi-sensei? What are you doing here?"

Itsushi cut his yellow eyes to the snarling black dragon and back to the young girl. "Tell me Kagome-kun, can you see that dragon over there?"

Kagome raised a confused eye brow at the brown haired teacher. "Oh course I can see it! And by the lacerations on you, I'd say it attacked you, Sensei." she waved her hands through the air in her exaggerated explanation.

The yellow eyed teacher lifted his head to smile at the dark haired girl, but his topaz orbs widened when they spotted the red rectangle in her hands. "That card in your hand?"

"Oh, this thing? I picked it up after a black creature smacked me in the back, causing me to lose my choker and I guess I held on to it in my panic." she rambled as she gazed at the red card held between her delicate fingers.

Itsushi raised himself up on his elbows, gazing at the young girl, a gentle smile etched its way across his lips. "Kagome-kun...if possible, could I ask you for a kiss?"

Kagome blanched before turning about three different shades of red as she sputtered out a response. Sure, the sensei was handsome and the raven haired girl may have had an old crush on him before she saw Tenjou, but this was not the time to be asking for smooches!

The brunette saw the panic in Kagome's eyes and sighed, "Not me..." he stretched out a hand and pointed, "that. "That" is something precious that will always keep you safe."

"A charm of protection?" Kagome whispered. "Right, Sensei?"

Itsushi nodded. "Right. I suppose it is a "charm of protection"

Kagome was still uneasy about what the teacher was telling, but raised the red rectangle to her lips, "Okay! I don't know about this, but I trust you, Sensei." the moment those words left her mouth, the dark haired girl pressed her lips to the card. The red card seemed to glow faintly and turned white as red rose petals fluttered out of it. Wispy white fog wafted out of the rectangle, slowly taking form of a body.

"As ordained by our ancient contract, I present myself to you, as your Rose Knight." a head a dark blood red hair emerged from the mist, a large pale hand covering whomever's face. "Coming all the way out here can only mean one thing..." A red, red rose burst open and the handsome form of Higa Kaede knelled before the raven haired girl. "Milady, I await your orders."

The dark haired girl felt a blush speed into her cheeks. "Kaede-kun..."

Kaede opened his eyes and deep violet met ice blue. "Kagome?" he smiled before he took hold of her right hand in his left and pressed a gentle kiss to it. "My dominion, use me at your will."

"Wha-what?" Kagome snatched her hand back as if his kiss burned. She opened her mouth to say more, but the dragon let out a blast of energy that caused the young girl to fly back into a nearby wall or so she would have if Kaede had not swept her in his arms and jumped out of the way of the attack.

"Are you hurt, Dominion?"

Kagome snapped. "My name is Kagome! Stop calling me 'Dominion!" her eyes widened when a long, black, and thorny whip like vine curled around her pinkie finger and encircled Kaede's throat.

The rose haired boy smiled. "You're the real deal." he tugged at the black vine at his neck. "Gomen ne, Kagome, I had to make sure." he turned his purple eyes over to the giant black dragon but not before he gave the dark haired girl a tight lipped smile. "Please, don't laugh." He closed his eyes and began to chant, "Heed me rose, O my Rosario! As we have been ordered."

As the words flowed from the rose haired boy, Kagome suddenly felt weakened, like something was sapping the energy from her body. The dark haired girl wrapped one arm around her waist while the other, which still had the long black vine on it, was placed against her forehead. 'I feel so weak...What's happening to me?'

Kaede thrust his right hand out, his violet eyes snapping open. "Rend Asunder!"A gleaming silver blade with a ruby red hilt burst out of the red roses that were flowing from Kaede's hand and he charged, but the second he reached the mighty black dragon, it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Dun hurt Ninufa!" the black creature that rammed into Kagome earlier shouted as it flew behind Itsushi and covered its head. It turned its pupil-less white eyes up at the teacher, pleading and smiled when Itsushi gathered it in his arms. "Those meanies. 'Dey made boo-boos."

Itsushi reached in his pocket and placed a bandage on the creature's head before giving the young teenagers an apologetic smile. "Gomenasai. You see, I was down here eatingmy lunch, when this little guy worked himself into a frenzy trying to get back, he got himself tangled up in that prickly ash tree." he bowed, being mindful of the bat-like animal in his arms.

The creature pulled himself out of the teacher's arms and made a face. "Ninufa hates da taste of nasty grown-up."

Kagome reached her hand out and grasped one of Ninufa's cat-like ears, rubbing it between her fingers. "Kawaii!" she flung her arms out and hugged the black bat-like creature to her chest, pressing her face to its cheek. Turning her frosty azure eyes to the teacher, Kagome asked, "Sensei, what's going on here?"

"Allow me to introduce the lil fella in your arms," Itsushi smiled when the dark haired girl scratched Ninufa's ear and the black creature began purring. "His name is Nunfa, the guardian. He's been charged with the safekeeping of the cards ever since the contract was first formed long ago."

Kagome looked at the red card still clutched between her fingers before shifting her gaze to Kaede. "You called yourself my Rose Knight. Why?"

Kaede balled his hand into a fist and placed it over his heart and bowed his head. "I am the Red Rose Knight to the Rose Princess, my dominion."

The raven haired girl turned an bright shade of crimson. "I'm just Kagome, Kaede-kun, please don't bow before me."

Ninufa wiggled out of the girl's arms and floated in front of her face. "Dere's more! You like?" he opened his mouth and spat out four more cards. "You like?"

Kagome bent down and picked up the four cards Ninufa released from his body. 'Pink, white, blue, and black...All colors of roses...'

"Why don't you try kissing a different knight to try them out?" Itsushi smiled down at the girl.

"Itsushi-sensei! It's paper!" Kagome squeaked. "I'm kissing a card!"

Ninufa got impatient and shoved the four cards against Kagome's face, forcing her to kiss each of the rectangular pieces of paper. The cards began to glow faintly before turning white and rose petals began fluttering out. Kagome watched in awe as white petals swirled around in an unblowing wind, blue petals dancing playfully, pink rose petals falling down gracefully, and lastly deep black rose petals seemed to fly out towards her and flew past her, twisting and turning as the body inside began to manifest itself.

"The seal has been broken."a deep masculine voice whispered in her ear.

"I have eagerly awaited your arrival, my dominion." another slightly higher, but still masculine voice said, with a smile. It was the tenor vocals of Tenjou Mitsuru. The white haired president, closed his fist over his heart as he held out his other hand. "Come my lady, what are your orders?"

Kagome felt her pulse speed up when the very handsome and very smooth president reached out and grasped her hand in his. and said "Use me at your will my dominion." She turned her ice blue eye over to the cute, blue haired boy - Asagi Seiran, blushing when he smiled, making his honey eyes twinkle and spoke in a soft clear voice, "I will obey your every command, Dominia."

She returned Seiran's smile with one of her own and removed her hand from Tenjou's grip as he looked at the other male, who was standing off in the shadows, "Ano..."

The young man stepped out of the corner and the girl blanched. It was the dark haired guy Kagome bumped into in the hall. Her body froze when his deep red eyes travelled over her, starting from her feet up to her face. He parted his thin lips in a smirk, revealing one gleaming sharpened canine. Kagome held her breath when he stepped closer to her and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Stop shaking. I am not going to harm you." his rough, yet enticingly seductive voice echoed. "You are my dominia, though I don't accept the fact, but thus I am unable to."

Someone pushed at the boy's chest, shoving him away from Kagome. "Get away from Kagome-chan Kurama Mutsuki! You're scaring her!" a head of bright pink hair obscured Kagome sight of the dark haired, red eyed male.

"Anis-chan!" the raven haired girl questioned, once she managed to get over the hysteria that tried to creep up on her. "You're a Rose Knight?"

The pink haired girl smiled apologetically as a blush spread over the bridge of her nose. "Yes and no..." she shifted he dark red-pink eyes to the librarian, who in turned nodded. "While I am the Pink Rose Knight, my sole duty to to protect you and make sure that these knuckleheads don't hurt our dominion." she took hold of Kagome's hands. "I am your Pink Rose Maiden and these are your Rose Knights."

The four young men fisted their hands over their hearts and bowed before the raven haired girl. "These cards of the contracts have been waiting for you all this time. For our Destines Rose Princess."

Kagome blinked owlishly at the boys kneeling before her and glanced at her best friend, turned Rose Maiden before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she passed out on the floor.

"Kagome-chan!" Anis shouted at she caught the unconscious girl's head and placed it on her lap. "Tenjou-senpai! Heal the dominion quickly!"

'Ne Papa...When you said I'd be punished; is this what you meant? Because It's not as bad as the nightmares make it out to be...'

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