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Summary: Higurashi Kagome was scared of one thing and one thing only. Her father. But maybe, just maybe he could help with her fear. If she would disregard the fact that he had the same eyes as her father...because they were of the same race. Dark Stalkers.

The Sacred Kiss of the Rose Princess


Anis blanched as she leaned in and whispered in the raven haired girl's ear. "Tenjou-senpai is really disgusting, Kagome-chan."

Kaede felt sweat rolling down his cheek as he, too, leaned into Kagome. "This is your type?"

"No!" Kagome hissed quietly.

Tenjou lifted a white rose that no one knew where he gotten it from to his nose, inhaling the fragrance of the flower as he held out his other hand towards Kagome. "Come, my Lady! Won't you allow me the pleasure of soothing your troubles with my overwhelming radiance? Just say the word!"

The dark-haired girl gave the white-haired teen an uneasy smile. "No thanks." her eyes widened when that familiar dark melody began to play from inside her bag and she rushed over to it. She pulled out her silver cellphone, flipped it open and saw that she had a new message. For her papa! Quickly she read the message and nearly screamed out in frustration and relief.

"What is it, Kagome-chan?" Anis took the phone from her friend when she practically shoved it in her hands and walked away.

"Sorry, got cut off. Meant to say I'm sending some things some tomorrow. Please take care of them for me. From: Papa with love.

P.S. My dear Kagome, I hope you're still wearing your choker. I wouldn't want to punish you."

Kagome felt her ire rise with every poke and prod of erasers in her back as her female classmates questioned her over and over. Even with Anis shouting at them to leave her alone, the Rose Princess could not stand all the attention she was getting. She was so used to being left alone with just her and Anis - and maybe Usagi. She thought back a few days when all this chaos began; the day she lost her choker.

A shiver traveled down her spine as she remembered the near panic attack she had last week when she gotten that message from her papa. Kagome blinked back a few tears that stung at her eyes when she thought about the many painful ways her father could punish her. She did not believe for a second that being the Rose Princess was going to be the punishment. But then again...

"Lady Kagome!"

Kagome cringed and sank lower into her desk. 'Tenjou-senpai is punishment enough!'

Tenjou placed his hand over his heart and swooned as if Kagome's mere presence was too much for him to handle. "My lady, these bells shan't hold power over me! For in this dirty, wicked heart of mine, only the Rose of your Command is law!"

Anis quickly grabbed Kagome's hand before the girls of the classroom could jab at her even more fiercely and all, but shoved Tenjou out of the door. "Tenjou! Stop with the order and command stuff in front of people! You're embarrassing Kagome-chan!"

The fair-haired man placed his hand over his face as he swooned at the glower Kagome was bestowing him. Totally ignoring Anis, Tenjou grasped the Rose Princess's hands in his, "My dear, sweet Lady Kagome. Your eyes are much too beautiful for them to be narrowed like that. I apologise for causing you flustration. I was so overcome with the thought that you've already used me that I simply could not restrain myself."

"We wanna do that kinda stuff with Tenjou-kaichou too~!" the girls in the classroom erupted.

Kagome felt a drop of sweat roll down her cheek from her hairline as her right brow began to twitch. 'If only they knew how gross he is.' "Anis-chan, close the door." When the pink haired girl did as she asked, she turned her attention back to the white-haired third year, a frown settled on her lips with a disapproving look in her eyes. "Tenjou-senpai, you cannot come all the way over to the first year classroom like you just did. You're just going to cause a big scene."

Tenjou smiled sheepishly as he ran his hand through his bangs. "Forgive me, my lady. I only wanted to show you something I felt that you must see as soon as possible." he reached inside his pristine bag, pulling out a large stack of papers and handing them to the dark-haired girl. "For you."

The Rose Princess rose a dark brow as she flipped through the stack of paper. Printed on each sheet was a different rose choker, all looking fancier and fancier as the shifted through them.

"Do any of them resemble the choker you seek, Lady Kagome."

"Hold on. You found a lot of them." Kagome grumbled as she tossed out another one that looked like something a queen would wear and was not the simple jewel encrusted rose.

Tenjou bowed slightly. "For you, My Lady, I would spare no expense." he flashed her a radiant smile as he leaned in closer to her, lowering his voice to a soft whisper. He raised his hand and twirled a lock of her hair around his finger. Once he captured the dark strands, Tenjou tugged on them playfully. "Well, Mistress? Doesn't this charitable spirit set my radiance at its blinding peak."

Kagome slapped his hand away from her hair and flashed Anis a look, smiling slightly when the shorter girl nodded in agreement. There was one thing for certain, Tenjou Mitsuru was totally gross in Kagome's book.

The white-haired kaichou felt the presence of a fellow Rose Knight other than Anis and turned around. "Ahh, Mutsuki. Excellent timing."

Mutsuki's blood-red eyes sliced over at Tenjou and the narrowed into a glare. A mocking smirk found its way to his lips when his eyes slid over and locked with the icy blues of the Rose Princess, watching her freeze up with fear. Though it thrilled him that she knew to be frightened of him, he often found himself wondering why she was afraid of him. Mutsuki has admitted it to himself that Higurashi Kagome has intrigued him and he wanted to know more.

Remembering that Tenjou has called out to him, the Black Rose Knight pulled his lips down in a frown and averted his eyes. "How unusual for you to speak to me on school grounds..."

Tenjou let out a low chuckle. "I'm sorry, you weren't getting lonely, were you?"

"Tsk. Don't waste your breath." Mutsuki murmured, shooting a glare at the two women whispering about him. He felt the corners of his mouth rise slightly when he saw them cringe up from his icy stare but quickly schooled it back into a neutral expression.

The fair haired president shifted his gaze back to his dominion. "Lady Kagome? Are they?"

Kagome sighed and handed the photos back to Tenjou and gave Anis a desperate look. Bowing her head when the pink haired girl simply shrugged her shoulders, Kagome replied. "No. None of them were mine."

"That truly is a shame." Tenjou sighed, lifting his fingers to his chin in thought. "Hmm...in that case, Black Rose Mutsuki-kun, perhaps you could be of assistance? Lady Kagome is searching for a certain choker." he explained. "If you would hear her out-"

Mutsuki cut the White Rose Knight off with a harsh glare. "Don't be absurd." he hissed, locking eyes with Kagome. "I have no intentions of accepting that little wench as my master." the Black Rose Knight regarded the dark-haired girl with cool eyes before turning on his heels and casually walking away.

Anis placed her hand on her friend's trembling shoulders, whispering that she will beat Mutsuki up later for insulting her. Kagome shook her head and leaned against the pink-haired girl for support since she felt like her legs would collapse from under her. The Pink Rose Maiden looked down at her dominion with sad eyes and opened her mouth to say more, but the thunderous noise of shoes cut her off.

"Tenjou-kaichou!" dozens of feminine voice echoed and all too soon girls from different years were presenting rose chokers before the fair-haired Rose Knight. "We found the rose chokers just like you asked us to, Kaichou!"

Kagome cracked open a single ice blue eye and groaned mentally. 'I'm going to kill that disgusting kaichou!'

Kaede leaned over Anis's shoulder and whistled, "Damn...that's a lot of chokers." he picked one that had a grey cat in the center of the giant pink rose and held it up against the pink-haired girl's neck, snickering. "Hey, Anis, how about you try this one on. It's totally you."

Anis felt her face heat up, before her anger got the best of her. She moved Kagome over to the wall for her to rest against before punching the smirking Red Rose Knight in the arm. "Kaede, you jerk! We're supposed to look for Kagome-chan's choker!"

Usagi popped her blonde little head out of the door and squealed, "No way! You got a present from Tenjou-kaichou! You lucky dog!"

Kagome rolled her eyes and moved closer to her best friend and grabbed her arm. "I don't like all this attention, Anis-chan."

Anis nodded. "I know, Kagome-chan. Let's try to slip out of here."

They barely got three steps away from the crown when the soft voice of the Blue Rose Knight flowed out into the hallway. "It sure sounds like everyone's having alot of fun in here." he smiled lightly at Kagome, making his honey colored eyes twinkle.

"Jeeze..." Kaede huffed. "You're in the class next door an' you can hear all that?" he ran his fingers through his thick dark red hair.

Usagi blushed. "Eh? Even Asagi-kun's here!"

Kagome felt her own face heat up with the upcoming blush of having everyone's eyes on her and Anis. Quickly she grabbed the pink-haired girl's hand and rushed out of the classroom door and down the hall to the girl's bathroom. 'Shimatta, I knew this would make me stand out even more!'

The Rose Princess shifted through the bushes where she last had her choker on, wishing that it would simply appear back on her neck as if it had never been lost in the first place. "Tenjou-senpai, I've told you dozens of times to not look for my necklace during the day! It causes me and Anis-chan more problems."

Anis grunted out her agreement as she opened the branches of the bush she was searching and stuck her head inside. When she came back out, her pink hair was littered with leaves. Kagome sighed and motioned her friend over and began to pluck the green foliage from the shorter girl's hair.

Tenjou smiled charmingly at the Rose Princess, "Milady, you needn't be so distant with me. Please call me Mitsuru, without an honorific."

"I refuse!" Kagome crossed her arm in an "X" motion, shaking her head vigorously.

Anis sent a small glare at the White Rose Knight. "Are you trying to make things worse for Kagome-chan?" she flinched when her friend had to yank out a twig from her long pink tresses.

Tenjou brushed aside the girls' comment as he took on a serious stature, curling his index finger under his chin in thought. He looked down at Kagome with cool eyes and smile as he said, "Concerning Mutsuki, by the way..." he paused when he noticed the slight flinch his dominion gave, "If interested, the Black Rose's forte lies in the field of investigation."

The pink-haired girl placed her left fist in the palm of her right hand. "That's right! Mutsuki abilities are search and seizure!" she turned and clasped Kagome's hand in his. "He could find your choker, Kag-chan!"

Kagome smiled uneasily at the nickname Anis used to call her back when they were sixth years in middle school. She lowered her voice to a whisper as the Rose Princess drowned at the tutorial voice of Tenjou as he explained his abilities and leaned in towards the Pink Rose, "But, Anis-chan...Kurama-senpai scares me."

"Lady Kagome, why don't you try summoning him once to see what he's like?" the white-haired kaichou suggested, looking at her in the eyes. A blush spread over his cheeks as his breath grew heavy as he started panting. "But the mere thought of someone other than myself being graced by your kiss sends flames of jealousy through my body." he walked over as took hold of her hand, bringing it to his lips. "Don't you agree, my dominion?"

Before the Rose Princess could answer, Tenjou's cellphone went off. The soft melody traveling through the air and all around them until the fair-haired boy pulled it out his pocket and flipped it open. "Your pardon, Dominion." his eyes scanned over the text message and he pressed the button in the center of his cellular device. "It would that the Antique Shop over in the sixth ward has placed a rose choker up for sale." he then turned the phone around. "Here is a photo of the item in question. While the quality is somewhat sub-par..."

Kagome gasped. 'It looks just like mine!'

"So, someone picked it up off the ground and sold it to the shop?" Anis theorised.

Tenjou let out a soft sound as he ran his fingers through his long white bangs. He looked at the pink-haired girl out of the corner of his eye. "That is a possibility." Out of his other eye, the kaichou saw a black blur zip passed him and down the road. "Ah! Lady Kagome! Wait, allow me to give you a ride!"

The Rose Princess paused only long enough to see a long white suede limousine pull up beside the White Rose Knight and she shook her head. "No way I'm getting in that thing!" She pressed her legs to move faster as she made her way to the sixth ward. Along the way she allowed her mind to replay everything that transpired over the past three day - and it only strengthened her resolve to find her necklace so that she could finally be a normal teenager in high school. "Tenjou-senpai, isn't the type of person I thought him to be anyway." Also, so that she would not have to fear the punishment her father promised.

Soon the large antique shop came into Kagome's line of view and she slowed her pace. When she climbed up the few steps to the door, she bent over and placed her hands on her knees, panting to catch her breath. "Finally." she looked up at the sign. "This must be the place." Wrapping her hand around the brass door knob, Kagome pushed open the door. The Rose Prince entered the building, looking around curiously.

A silver glint from the top two caught her eye and Kagome spotted a black ribbon. 'There it is!' Then her attention was drawn to the white tag that had 'SOLD' in big red letters. "No!" she ran over to the shelf and secretly cursed her short height as she had to stretch and jump to reach the little pillow the choker was resting on. "Calm down, Kagome. You're not absolutely sure that it's the one." she stood on her tiptoes, her fingertips brushing against the velvety material of the cushion. "Just need to get a better look at it."

"Who's there!?" a loud voice boomed from around the corner. A grey-haired man with piercing brown eyes and a bushy white mustache held up a paper whip and slapped Kagome's hands with it. "Just what do you think you're doing?! That item has already been purchased!" he turned the girl around and shoved her towards the door and kicked her out. "You'd better not show your face around here ever again!" he threatened, snapped the whip against his hand.

Kagome turned around just in time for the owner to slam the door in her face. "Oh no..." she bemoaned. "What am I going to do? If that's my choker, I'm in serious trouble."

"Dat's where Ninufa come is!"

The Rose Princess only had a brief second to compose herself before the black bat-like creature slammed into her, hugging her closely. She smiled and smoothed the soft fur between his ears down with her hand. Pressing a small kiss to his pointed ear, Kagome said, "You'll go in and see if that's my choker for me, Ninufa?"

Ninufa lifted his head from the Princess's bossom and grinned sheepishly. "Did I say Ninufa? I meant da cards." he blinked his pupil-less white eyes innocently at the deadpanned look the girl gave him. The black creature nuzzled his cheek to her hers and purred softly, earning a sigh and a scratch on the ear for his cuteness.

"Lucky you're so cute, Ninufa." Kagome cooed as she moved into the empty alleyway. She dug inside her bag to the Rosette cards, pulling the rectangular slips of paper out, and sighed. "I wouldn't have to hide if those roses didn't fly out everywhere. Such a flashy entrance." The Rose Princess shuffled through the cards until she spotted the one she wanted. "Anis-chan can help me."

Kagome placed the other cards back into her bag before raising the remaining card to her lips and pressed a light kiss upon it. She closed her eyes when the wind shifted at that moment, blowing the rose petals in her face. One of the soft flowers landed in her hand and Kagome opened her eyes to examine it. Her heart went cold when she saw what color it was. Black. No! I got the colors mixed up in the dark! She spun around to see the signature giant rose burst opened.

Mutsuki slowly stood to his feet, his eyelids veiling away his eyes. At the sound of someone taking in a sharp breath, he slowly opened his eyes, revealing carmine orbs. A smirk slithered on his lips as he took in the shaking form of the girl before him. The Black Rose stalked up to the Princess and leaned in to whisper, "Finally called me out, Wench." his smirk widened until a single sharpened canine poked through his mouth. He placed his hand on her shoulder and looked Kagome directly in the eyes. "Well, wench? Did you call me? Or didn't you?"

The dark-haired girl struggled to find her voice, but no matter what she did she could not force herself to answer his questions. He frightened her that much. The look in his deep blood-red eyes reminded her so much of her father. Kagome felt her hands trembling when his fingers slid down her arm to her wrist in a slow movement.

"Why are you trembling. I've told you when we first met that I cannot harm you." He moved in closer again, putting his lips near her ear. 'You are my dominia, but..." he chuckled softly at her gasp. "Don't you dare presume that I intend to be subservient to one as lowly as you. You'd do well to know your place, Human."

Kagome whimpered as she looked at the tall boy with wide frosty azure eyes. She flinched when his fingers encompassed the back of her hand and she quickly jerked away from his grasp.

Mutsuki frowned when she moved away from his touch. The wind picked up and blew his long black bangs into his face, shielding his eyes from the Rose Princess. "Quit wasting my time. Tell what is it you desire - Now!"

The rose Prince jumped, but when his piercing eyes hidden by his hair, she managed to tell him what she wanted him to do. "Kurama-senpai...would you please go into the store and see if that choker in there is mine."

Crimson eyes narrowed from behind his bangs. "You...want me to enter this store to see whether or not a "choke-her" inside is one of your belongings?"

Kagome nodded slowly, keeping her head down so that she would not look into his eyes. "Eto...but it's already so dark and I can't see a thing. " she rambled. "So maybe we should check back in the morning, or...something. I also think the store is closed..."

Mutsuki looked down at the girl, wondering why she was so afraid of him. It was almost like she had seen a monster - and he did not like that. Though he was unlikely to admit it to her, Kagome was his dominia and he wanted her to at least not be so scared of him. Slowly to not startle her, the Black Rose Knight stepped forward, "It is of no consequence to me. 'The night is my domain, and the darkness be my slave.'" pale grey strings curled around his slender finger and began to move towards the door of the shop.

Kagome suddenly felt fatigued, like the energy from her body was being sapped out and she knew that Mutsuki was using his search and seizure ability to locate her lost choker. Her head began to swim and she cradle it in her hands.

The Black Rose Knight crossed his arms over his chest as his strings came in contact with the item they were sent to find. "As you claim, there appears to be an ornament of some sort which bears a rose crest beyond the doors of that establishment..."

The Rose Princess groaned softly as she swayed on her feet. "That's it. That's my choker..."

"I can't say for certain whether or not the item in question is indeed your own, however." he smirked lightly down at her. "After all, I've never seen it." he sighed when his dominia turned away from him with fear still visible in her icy blue eyes. "The truth is not always evident in what one is able to see with one's own eyes..." he willed the strings of his left hand away as he reached out for Kagome. Mutsuki pulled the Rose Princess close to him as he moved his face to the crook of her neck and shoulder, inhaling her intoxicating scent of jasmine with an underlying hint of honey. He hummed out a sound of pleasure and took another deep breath before murmuring, "I see. No, the piece of jewelry in there doesn't bear your scent."

Kagome shivered at the low seductive sound of his voice and a bright red blush crept up to her cheeks. She pressed her hands against his chest and tried to push him away. "It's considered rude to talk about how a lady smells. I...I mean there's no way you can tell something from that!"

Mutsuki grabbed both of her small wrists with one of his hands and held them above her head as he continued to take in her heavenly scent. "I didn't believe such a lower life form such as yourself to comprehend the things I am able to understand."

The Rose Prince struggled against the black-haired boy's tight grip on her tiny wrists. "What are you talking about? Let me go!"

Having taken his fill of her sweet smell, he released his hold on her arms. "Very well, then, have it your way." He pulled his right hand out to the side, forcing the strings to moved out of the door. "Judge by your own eyes and hands whether or not I speak the truth."

The door swung open and a black ribbon floated into Kagome's hands. 'The choker.' The Rose Princess examined the necklace closely, it did bear a striking resemblance to her original one, but something was missing. "There's no pink jewels encrusted into the rose..." she sighed dejectedly. "It's not mine. It looks just like it though..." Kagome turned an apologetic smile to the dark-haired boy. "Sorry I snapped at you, Kurama-senpai."

"Who's there?!" the loud voice of the owner boomed as a beam of pale yellow light shined from around the corner.

Kagome's eyes widened. "Oh no!" she lifted her hands to her lips as the rose choker fell to the ground. Her silver-blue eyes slid over to Mutsuki and she swallowed dryly. She knew that with his scary red eyes, long coat, and the general creepy vibes he gives off the shopkeeper will surely think that they're criminals. Strengthening her confidence, the dark-haired girl pushed Mutsuki behind her and said, "You're here only because I summoned you here. So, I'll try to come up with something to get myself out of this mess." she turned her head and for the first time ever looked him in the eyes without fear, "Get out of here while I'm distracting him!"

Mutsuki felt his eyes widened just a fraction of an inch as he stared into those large dark crystal blue eyes of his dominia. It shocked him to not hear even a sliver of fear in her voice or even see traces of it in her eyes. When she turned back around, the Black Rose reached out for her and wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her onto his shoulder. Once he had her perched comfortably, he floated up into the air.

"Kyah!" Kagome shrieked as her hands flew behind her skirt to keep it from flying up, her eyes closed tightly when she saw how high up they were. "Too high!" She covered her face with her hands. "Stop flying, Kurama-senpai! You're going to suck my blood dry!"

"Dominia, do you not trust me?" The Rose Knight questioned. At her slow timid nodd, Mutsuki continued. "Even if I was unable to draw upon the power that flows in your blood, or anyone else's for that matter." he murmured the last part, since one of the Pink Rose Knights abilities is to sacrifice her blood for the dominion. 'I am a "Dark Stalker," denizen of the night. I possess abilities far beyond the reach of ordinary humans."

Kagome opened her eyes and gazed down at the boy holding her as she remembered the Tenjou' words. 'Dark Stalker...? Where have I heard that?' "So, you really aren't human..."

Mutsuki allowed a small smile to grace his lips, pointed canines glinting in the moonlight. "No, I am not." his voice was no longer that low seductive tone, but a more normal one - A.K.A. one that did not make Kagome want to blush. "We - Dark Stalkers - possess the unique ability to commune with all in nature and live far longer than you humans. In all ways, we are vastly superior race than your own." his voice took on a low growl. "Man, however seems determined to fabricate and pass down ridiculous tale of yore, regarding our kid as immortal being, or worse, vampires." he snorted. "I...had spent months, year in solitary slumber, waiting for the day when my dominion would finally appear..."

The Rose Princess felt a blush creep into her cheeks. "And you got stuck with me."


"On the other hand," Kagome began, ""Isn't being stuck with me better than waiting all by yourself for Kami-know how long." she offered him a kind smile, her eyes not holding an ounce of fear that had previously clouded them over. Kagome believed that with enough time, she could disregard the fact that him and the man she was terrified of had the same color of eyes. 'I shouldn't be afraid of Kurama-senpai only because he and Papa have the same eyes...'

Mutsuki hummed as another one of his rare smiles spreaded over his lips. "I..." he did not get to finish his sentence for the wind picked up and flipped the Rose Princess's skirt up.

A dark red blush spread over the dark-haired girl's face like a wild fire and she struggled in the dark stalker's arms until he was forced to let her down. Kagome turned her back on him as he smoothed down the back of her red skirt, her body quivering with anger. "You saw them, didn't you." she spoke in a low deathly tone.

The Black Rose Knight rose a singer dark brow. "Your undergarments. And if I did? What if it!"

Kagome glared at Mutsuki as she whirled around, her hand poised to strike him across the face, "You stupid jerk!" she cut off her rant as the black, thorny whip curled around her pinky and lashed out at the dark stalker. The vine whipped him on his left cheek, forcing his head to the side for the impact. One of the sharp thorns sliced through the flesh and blood slid down his face. Kagome stared wide-eyed at the vine before it receded back into her finger. Oh no! He's going to be mad..."

Mutsuki brought his hand to his bleeding wound, wiping the crimson fluid off his pale skin. A low sound came from the back of his throat at the pain that filled his body and Kagome felt sweat bead at her brow.

'Don't tell me that he's...' "Gomen...Kurama-senpai..."

The dark stalker said nothing as he covered his face with his hand in embarrassment.

Kagome tapped her foot in agitation when Tenjou knelled before her and presented her with the rose choker from the store.

"Come, milady! Please accept this as a small token as my loyal love for you!" Tenjou said passionately.

Anis drove her fist into the crown of the white-haired kaichou's head. "It was you who bought the necklace!"

The Rose Princess sighed as she glanced over her shoulder at Mutsuki, who stood behind her. She smiled at him and waved, "Konichiwa, Mutsuki-kun!" she grinned at the small blush that lit up his face. She knew that he would pay her back for that, but right now she did not care. Kagome had found something that would keep him from looking so much like her papa. He was alone and had such sadness in his deep red eyes. She sighed and took the choker off the pillow and clasped it around her throat and touched the small rose. 'On the bright side, Mutsuki-kun no longer frightens me...as much...and as long as I wear this fake choker for a while, maybe Papa won't find out that I lost it.'

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