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Edward made his way into his shift that night just as Paul was leaving and the Rookie Tyler was coming on duty. "Edward I've processed everything and Charlie will be held at the port Angles prison for more security and the safety of Bella. They are waiting to set the court date until they can see when she can get out of the hospital. "

"Thank you Paul. Has anything else happened today?"

"No it's been really quite." Edward nodded as Paul left and he sat down at his desk.

"Tyler I need you to go out and patrol, can you handle that on your own?"

Tyler looked up at the older man. "I think so."

"Ok if you run into any trouble call into the station." Edward dismissed the young rookie and turned back to some paperwork he hadn't finished earlier. The station was quite and it took everything in Edward not to go and Yell at Charles Swan down in the jail cells. But he couldn't let his mind go there no he wouldn't allow it to go there.

Back at the hospital Bella sat staring at the ceiling, she thought back to the first time he'd slapped her. She'd been six and had dropped one of the coffee mugs trying to put the dried dishes back into the cupboard. He'd been drunk so drunk, That was a dirty little secret of the Swan Family. Charlie Swan was a ragging drunk. Oh to the outside world he was the model citizen a good father who raised his daughter all on his own after his wife abandoned them, but the truth was that the daughter he raised he also blamed for his wives desertion. Believing that if Bella had never been born then Renee would have stayed with him, so every few weeks he'd get drunk to forget about what he claimed he lost and slap his daughter around.

People may ask why she never said anything but she knew if she had no one would believe her or if they did her dad would make their life a living hell. Charlie Swan had too much power in that little town he could even wield more the Carlisle Cullen if he wanted and in the many years she'd known people outside the house she'd never been able to get to the phone to actually garner proof that he was doing what he was. For usually he'd unplug the phone before he started to beat her but this time he slipped up and she'd taken full advantage of it just in the nick of time.

She thought about her cell phone that lay in her room the one thing Charlie let her have but only because she hid it so well he couldn't find it and she never let him see her with it knowing that even though he gave it to her, he'd take the first opportunity to smash it.

She really needed it right now. She felt so cut off. Alice had came earlier in the day and it had taken awhile for her to calm down her best friend. Once Alice realized she was safe and not going to die Bella finally got her to talk about school. She chuckled thinking back on it.

Oh my god Bella the most gorgeous man on the planet transferred in today and I mean he's panty melting sexy." Alice fanned herself as Bella tried not to blush at Alice's word choice.

"And does this man have a name?"

"Oh yeah its Jasper Hale."

"Hale as in Rosalie?"

"Hmm you know what now that you say it they do have the same last name or at least Rose's maiden name was Hale before she married Emmett I wonder if they are any connection." Alice pondered this new information as she went back to daydreaming about the new man in class.

"But why would anyone transfer in their last year of school." Bella quired."

"No idea but I'm not going to complain." Her eyes looked slightly glazed. Bella laughed.

"Hmm I wonder what has her so far away." A voice pulled Bella away from her memory to see Emmett Cullen standing in the door way. His wife behind him and a man she'd never seen before beside her.

"Oh I was just thinking about a conversation I had with Alice earlier today, but it seems you've brought a friend with you." Bella waved at the stranger.

"Oh Bella," Rose stepped forward. "I'd like you to meet my little brother Jasper Hale." Jasper stepped forward and held out his hand. Bella smirked taking it.

"Well Mr. Hale it's nice to meet you, I'm Bella Swan." With that Bella burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Emmett pouted hating to be left out of a joke."

"Oh why couldn't Alice be here right now?" Bella chuckled shaking her head. "Rose why didn't you tell anyone your brother was coming to Forks to stay."

"I didn't even know myself. I haven't seen him since he was ten he'd been living with my mom and stepdad his biological dad and I'd stayed with my dad. My mom called me and begged me to let him stay Friday and I spent all weekend getting stuff around for his school." Rose answered. Jasper just stood to the side not seeming to be fazed by the fact that his sister was talking about him.

"Well Jasper it's good to have you in our little town." Bella smiled this could get interesting. "Now Emmet it seems your brother forgot about me and I'm starving is there any possibility I can con you into sneaking me a burger, please?" She batted her eyelashes at him.

He chuckled and frowned at her. "Oh fine you brat." He teased. "I'll be back soon. Jasper you want to come with me. I'm sure these two girls will have something to talk about.

Jasper nodded and followed Emmett out of the room. As soon as they were gone Rose turned back to Bella. "So what made you laugh so hard?"

"Alice in her own words met a panty melting sexy man today." Bella smirked waiting for Rose to put the pieces together.

"Oh my god you don't mean Jasper do you?" Rose scrunched up her nose at the thought.

"Oh but I do."

"TMI." Rose scretched.

"Oh you know it's better it's me telling the story if it was Alice it would be worse.

"You're right." Rose shook her head. "Alice does have a way of over sharing."

"That she does." Bella laughed. With those words the boys walked back into the room.

"Mary rushed your order." Emmett smirked handing her the bag. Bella was quick to open the bag and devour the burger that resided inside.

"Thank you so much." Emmett,Rose and Jasper stayed for twenty more minutes before leaving and that was ok with Bella because she fell asleep as soon as they left.

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