Life worked in unmysterious ways.

You're born, you grow up, you grow old, than you die.

Jonathan knew that, he understood that-he respective that. That's why he lived life to the fullest, for filling dreams that people could only image possible. He hated the thought of growing old and dying.

He just never expected through his wildest journeys, he would find the very place where no one grows old where no one ever dies!

He didn't expect to find her.

He sighed, crossing his arms behind his head. Feeling the, sun's heat against his skin. Sometimes she would come up on the roof hiding in the nearest shadows so she could watch the sun with him. Sometimes he would sit beside her in the shadows so she didn't have to feel alone. That caused another sigh to slip out, he didn't want to ruin the moment by thinking about the negatives right now. He decided to close his eyes feeling the last warmth of the sun. He felt the heat slowly moving down his body till it reached the verdict of his toes slowly disappearing. He felt the darkness around him with a slight breeze through him as soon as the sun left. With his eyes still closed, he smiled relaxing at the familiar presence. "Hey babe."

He heard a giggle then felt the familiar lips pressed against his chin, teasing him by the lips. "Hi Johnny."

He opened his eyes to stare at his beautiful vampire girlfriend for three years. She smiled back at him gleaming, her white fangs out in the dark. "Did you get me something?" She asked,

He nodded reaching in his pocket he handed it to her she squealed in delight as soon the item reached into her hands. "The new Vampire Weekend CD! I knew it would be sold out as soon as mornings hits! Thanks!"

"Anything for you baby." He said, his voice didn't sound like his usual outrageous self, she lean closer to stare into his eyes more. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"

She could tell when he was lying.

"Johnny", she said skeptically,

He sighed sitting up he wasn't sure how he was going to tell her, it wasn't the kind of thing to blurt out. He pushed his red wild hair back nervously, "Um…I…uh…there's something I want to ask you."

She sat patiently which didn't help calm his nerves down he took a shivery breath before he continued. "I uh…um…uh"…


"I uh…um…I"- he didn't know how to explain to her in a way she would understand, how were you supposed to tell your never been outside vampire girlfriend this stuff. So he had to options, he could explain it calmly and go through the horrifying reactions, or he could skip all that and blurt it out.

He went with the second option.

"I think we need to take our relationship to the next level." He mentally wanted to slap himself on how pathetic he just sounded. Though her expression didn't change much, she looked understanding not taken back by his voice. Though her little black eyebrows, pulled back into slight frown that she had when she was over thinking. "To the next level?" She asked confused,

Now he's wishing he went with the first option.

"Like as in level four right? Cause I think we're on level three? Or…wait how many levels are there? Are there twelve levels? If there are, that's a lot of levels for a relationship. I don't think my Dad ever had that many levels with my Mom. I mean"-

"It's a figure of speech Mavis."

She smiled playfully, "then what do you mean Johnny?"

Ugh! This is the part he was dreading.

"I mean", he took a moment before he continue carefully choosing his words with care." I mean I want you to change me into a vampire."

She didn't say anything.

He was holding his breath hard, that he was probably turning purple afraid of what her expression would be like. Finally he decided to peek…he gasped for air once he saw her face.

She wasn't angry or in tears like he thought, she was nodding her head thoughtfully with a small smile on her beautiful pale face. The only thing that came out of her mouth was, "why?"

He was not expecting this at all. He was prepared for the outburst of angry or tears, but her thoughtfulness? She always seemed to surprise him.


He shuddered pushing his hair back again not prepared how to answer this. "Well for one thing, I uh can't keep staying up all night with you babe, I mean I don't think I have that much energy as I used to honey."

She didn't take offense to it she just sat there giggling at his way of explaining.

That gave him some encouragement, "and when we go visit you know Dracula I can't keep hiding when Quasimodo try's to make human food take out, out of me."

She laughed.

He laughed too, only to have it die down when he knew the serious part was coming up. "And when I get to my 50's with a pot belly you'll still be young and beautiful Mavis for forever."

Her smile fell she knew where he was getting at.

"And when I'm 80 I'll be all wrinkling while you'll still be 18 year's old Mavis."

She didn't smile.

"And when I die…you'll still be young, beautiful outrageous 18 year old forever Mavis."

They didn't say anything for a while staring each other down. They both knew he was right. Mavis gave out in first with a huge sigh, "my Dad warned me about this."

"He didn't warn me." He muttered,

She gave him a sad smile, "Johnny there are some things that are better off done while human. Like the sun." She smiled just thinking about it, "I bet it's great feeling the sun warm against your skin without having to worry about whether it will destroy you or not. And garlic! I've always wondered how it tastes like or mirrors! I don't even know what I look like! Till this day!"

"You're very beautiful." He said honestly,

She flushed a little at his comment still not that easily to be swayed though, "wouldn't you miss that?"

"Honestly", he said "I could live without the sun I practical crawl in the dark with you anyway, and the garlic thing yeah it's good and all but not something to die for. And really have you seen me, I mean I know I'm the hottest thing around." He teased, "So hot that I even can't stand to look at me most of the time. So I don't have to worry about some dull old mirrors."

"Blood", was all she said,

Yes that one word blood did make a difference. He couldn't image himself drinking blood. Mavis and Dracula drank it all the time. They didn't drink it directly from a human they usually got it from some donor or pig's blood. Ugh! Was he willing to go that far?

He stared at her studying her features, her short smooth silky black hair that always shine, her glowing perfect white skin, her breath taking blue eyes. They only turned red when she was hungry, and yes he still thought she was beautiful with those eyes too. So was he willing to go that far for her?

Yes, yes he was.

He shook his heading pushing the thoughts aside, "come on Mavis you're making this sound like another Twilight movie, come on babe let's do something unexpected." He said to lighten the mood.

It worked she laughed, "Unexpected?"

"Yeah let's skip the half-naked wolf guys, the demon baby, and the vampire royalty crap. Let's skip it all and go straight into being vampires forever."

He was caught in her gaze as she stare longingly at him, for her whole life she's always been alone, just her and her Dad no one else. But she experienced so much more with him, he taught her things she never even heard of. He was the first to show her the beauty of the world, and when he's gone. Who else was going to be there?

"You really want to be with me forever?"

"Of course", he couldn't believe this was working he thought this would lead into an argument but no she was taking this rather well. It wasn't what he planned it was suddenly nerve racking to realize you're winning.

She closed her eyes taking a deep breath before she continued, slowly she open them leaning closer to him. "Don't be scared." She whispered,

"I'm not scared", though his actions betrayed him as his palms grew sweaty and his body started to shake.

"Are you sure? You could always stop."

"Positive", he murmured, then she lean closer to his neck, he could feel her hot breath blow against him making his body shake more-then she bit into his neck.

For a second he felt a pinch of pain, but Mavis bit harder and harder. His human instincts were telling him to fight, and scream in pain. Slowly the pain was molding into his chest, making a burning sensation that was way ten times stronger than a heart burn. He fell back paralyzed not sure if his voice was able to speak. The burning sensation was still there burning his chest into flames, his vision started to blur as the sensation grew stronger, his ears started to have an annoying ringing sound in his ear. He tried to hear Mavis say reassuring words as the pain grew stronger and faster, but he could barely hear her or see her. Then he felt something wet against his mouth. The liquid tasted salty and sour, but surprisingly it made the burning in his chest go down. He tasted the liquid more feeling something different for the first time, his vision started to clear up, while the ringing sound was dying down. And the liquid tasted sweeter, better, better than anything he ever tasted in his life. Though it brought back the burning, but the burning was inside his throat.

He looked at Mavis seeing his vision was clear he saw her worried expression as her hands pawed all over him making sure he was okay. He gazed at her more clearly than before, he noticed things he didn't see before, and she was more beautiful than no one he ever met. He looked down to gaze at her body, to see her wrist being sliced open to reveal drops of blood.

His throat ached for a taste.

Silently she spoke slowly and clearly, "Are you scared?"

The last thing his human words said were, "yes".

Then is eyes turned red.

I had this idea in my head ever sense I saw the movie. I don't think I plan to make this more then just a one shot, but I might add more if I feel more inspiration or something. Other wise I hope you all enjoyed it!

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