Johnny knew it wasn't safe going on a plane with a group of humans filled with blood. Luckily Mavis called Dracula to his surprise her Dad had more connections than he thought. Before he knew it a man with a pumpkin for head knocked on their door. Johnny thought that the pumpkin guy was driving them the whole trip to the hotel. Instead the pumpkin guy drove them, somewhere unexpected.

"A train?" Johnny panicked,

Mavis smiled not seeing the panic in his, "Yeah isn't it cool?"

"Yeah but…won't I go all animal crazy if I'm on a train with a bunch humans!"

"Humans?" She laughed, "Oh no Johnny this isn't a human plane. This is a zombie train."

The next he knew he was sitting first class with a zombie Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. He tried being nice once the zombie Elvis tried to sing "A Little Less Conversation", ended up losing his head while singing. He tried to act entertain when the zombie Marilyn started singing "Diamonds Are a Girl Best Friend", once she lifted her skirt to do the famous pose, her legs broke apart. They were terrible performances though the other zombies applauded and groaned anyway.

He wasn't feeling comfortable, or enjoyed instead he felt thirsty. The thirst was so unbearable that he ran to his room, scoffing down the bloody packages. Once he was done he felt disgusted knowing he was going to act unbelievably thirsty, especially around Mavis. He was always afraid of knowing while he was in the influence of blood if she was in the room he would lose control an end up sucking her blood. Of course Mavis was smart, and she was a lot stronger than him. Still it made him worried, which was why he had to keep her outside or somewhere far away while he was feeding.

Suddenly there was a light knock on his door to drag him out his thoughts, "Johnny?" The door opened to reveal Mavis peeking into the room with a small smile on her face. "Hi," she spoke softly.

"Hi," he answered with a smile.

"What you doing?"


"Oh am I bothering you?"

"No I'm done." He smiled now drawing his hand towards her. "Come here,"

She giggled at his expression as she walked towards his lap, he lean back with her crossing his arms to around her. She leaned back on him letting out a relieving sigh. "The zombies are playing Just Dance want to come?"

"Oh goth no! They're going to break something!"

She laughed, "I know right! Come on it'll be funny!"

"Naw thanks anyway babe. I'm kind of beat for the day."

"Oh alright are you going to bed?"

"Actually I…I want to ask you something."

Mavis frowned, "Oh what?"

"I'm just curious…did you tell your Dad a-about me being..y-you know"…

Mavis laughed relieved at his reply, "Yeah I did."

Crap! What if he's mad? Well why would he be mad, he did say he would be a good vampire? But other words he's Dracula he could get mad at about everything! No he likes him he would totally be okay with it!


He sighed covering his face over his hands as he argued with himself. Mavis softly laughed, pulling his hands away from his face. "It's okay he's perfectly okay with it."

"He is?" He was surprised by that.

"Yeah though he kind of wished we got married first." She said shyly,

"Oh I was supposed to"-

"No! But its more awareness," She tried to explain, "See if we got married it would have let everyone know that we were ready for you to become a vampire."

Johnny froze at this new information he didn't know he was supposed to do that! That would have been a lot easier! "Wait so you knew this but you didn't tell me?"

Mavis froze sensing the tension from him she didn't plan on making him angry especially with his new strength it wouldn't be safe. "Yes but Johnny it didn't matter if we got married you said you were ready."

"Yeah but if that meant more people would help me with this thirst yeah sure"-

That remark she moved away from his lap to face him. "So you're just saying you would have married me just because you could have more help with being a vampire?"

He didn't say anything, he mean it to come out as it should. He was just confused, and still new at this vampire experience. He stared at her, seeing how angry she was her nose flared her eyes turned into a darker blue. She did look kind of cute when she was angry, but commenting on that would probably in flare her even more.

He was going to say something till she interrupted him. "Johnny you're going to get help now! It wouldn't have matter if we got married we still have friends that would have support us no matter what! Besides are you even ready to get married! I know I'm not! I mean I know I love you no matter what and I always would want you! But I-I"…

"Mavis stop, stop." She was now bubbling, her words now, which she did when she gets angry, just shout till she couldn't say anything else. Gently he reached out to her trying to hold her, but she pushed his hands away. He sigh "Mavis you know I didn't mean it like that."

"Then how did you mean it!" She shouted,

"I"- Crap he hated when they fought he was never good at makeup words. "I'm just…frustrated and new at this."

"You told me you weren't scared."

"I"- He didn't know how to answer to that, instead he ignored it, "Yeah but this is a new experience for me. And I'm slowly trying to figure this out. And I don't want you to spend all your time with me, knowing that I could drink"- He didn't finish his words knowing that she already knew what he was going to say.

She calmed down, taking in his words slowly. "Johnny," She spoke slowly "I'm here because I love you. I would always be here no matter what you do with your thirst. And I will give me blood. Not because I want too but because you need it." She sounded determine and loving that it gave him that spark she always gave him.

"You'll stay with me?" He said,

"Of course I will." She answered back she crawled back into his lap, making him smile. "You just want my sexy body."

She laughed, playfully hitting him.

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