One on his forehead, the shape of a lightning bolt, the one everyone knows. One on his chest, an oval, seared in. One on his forearm, two punctures, deep. One on the back of his hand, almost unreadable now.

One on his bum, embarrassing, faded, sat on a teacup as a kid. Overlapping bands on his arms, bands of energy and thought. Easy in those to miss his wrists and ankles, ringed tight, sliced to shreds until he had bled too weak to fight further. A scoop out of his right shoulder, sealed over but still gone inside.

One on her arm from a silver knife. Bracelets of degradation on wrist and ankles, not so deep and all the more chilling; that's when she became too drugged to care.

Little ones all over, nicks of sharp bits. A deeper one on his palm, one on his forehead the curls almost cover. Is it still considered just scars if there are things missing entirely? His legs then, all along and ending.

Missing four molars and all his toenails. Little round wand burns in a dozen places. He calls them his traitor's reminders. He never talked.

A missing eye, often unnoticed behind glass. Little ones on her hands, the backs of her knuckles, her forearms that she doesn't even remember getting. One on her shoulder where her sister bit her when she was six and had a sister.

Having your face smashed into a pint glass, the other injuries didn't scar, saying it was from a riot and lying. In the meat of his thigh was a knife in a riot. The ones on the back of his head where he went through a window on a shockwave and was lucky to have lived.

His palms, like stigmata. His face, half an inch from a Glasgow smile. His forearm, thin and faded. His back, an anachronistic horror slowly tightening to cripple him young. The sole of his foot where he stepped on his daughter's toy.

The scars aren't where the surgeons took her eyes. They're on her hands, her knees, her chest, her shins from trying to make it to safety blind.

Almost vanished with the best that money can buy, but in a certain light or when he flushes they appear like a pink web of unforgivable across his cheek, his brow, up into his hair. He laughs and shows the semi-circle of a horse's hoof on his instep. Bad luck with animals.

The best of the best of the best. Incorruptible, untouchable, unstoppable, unbeatable. Chosen, driven, trained, refined, hardened, under oath. Marked for duty.