A brunette ran up the stairs of her house, darting into her room and slamming the door shut. Her eyes were wide, her fingers trembling, her heart pounding. She slid down her door, landing on the floor with a small thump.

"What the heck just happened?" Echo whispered to herself.

What had just happened?

She'd been trying to get the sword out of the stone after it'd mysteriously been chucked out the window by something, during her homework session with Kyle (God, she detested that name now). Both Slab and Derby—Slab, for heavens' sake!—had been unable to pull it out. And then Adam had arrived, and, upon being told about the sword, and had pulled it out so easily, like it was waiting for him. He'd then offered it to her with a small, innocent smile on his face.

They'd all been shocked, especially Echo herself. She launched herself into his arms, hugged him tightly. And then she leaned back to look him in the face, and time stopped. They stared at each other. Adam looked shocked. She was sure she'd been, too.

They'd leaned in ever so slightly, but Slab just HAD to come along and ruin the moment. After he did, they could barely look at each other, cheeks flushed.

Echo closed her eyes, her mind still envisioning the chocolate pools of Adam's eyes. They were mesmerizing. She'd never realized that before. But then again, she'd never realized how smart he was, and how warm, and how she fit in his arms perfectly, and how his white smile made her knees go slightly weak…

Oh God. I…I… Echo's eyes shot open. No. I can't…he's my teacher...I can't like him.

She took a deep breath. Took another one. And another.

I don't like him, she reasoned with herself. We were both just caught up in the moment. I mean, he's never showed interest in me. She ignored the twinge of sadness in her gut, choosing to think that she was just…hungry. Yeah, that was it.

Echo walked over to her desk and looked at the report she was writing. Lancelot and Guinevere had been her favourite couple. But now, she realized, Arthur and Guinevere were much better together.

She was sure that a certain brunet boy pulling a sword out of a stone hadn't influenced that.


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