It would help Neji a whole lot if he were knocked down a peg or two. The holier-than-thou attitude of his really pissed her off. Everyone else was useless except him. The natural. She growled just thinking about it. Sakura wouldn't even be looking for the self-absorbed ninja had it not been for Lady Tsunade.

"Sakura, I need you to find Neji and have him report immediately for a mission."

"But Lady Tsunade what about the Anbu? I'm sure they could find him much faster than I could."

At that the older woman raised an eyebrow, "I'm sure they would but at this moment they are attending to other issues. Do you not think you can handle this? I'm sure that my other student, Ino, would be more than capable of handling this task in your place."

"No," she piped up, "I will deliver the Hyuuga myself."

"Very well, then I shall leave it in your hands."

" his hair if I have to..." she grumbled.

"What was that?" Tsunade asked as she looked up from another report.

"As quick as I can," she said and made her escape from the curious eyes of her mentor.

Sakura had been all over town trying to find him. She couldn't even count the amount of times she had asked, 'Have you seen Neji Hyuuga?'

Finally, out of all the people she had come across she had happened upon Hinata who had been the one to point her in this direction. Sakura wondered what on earth he could be doing so far outside of town but then decided she just wasn't that interested. As she broke through a set of trees to an open field she spotted him. He looked as if he had been training.

'...I didn't think his majesty had to train like the rest of us peasants...' she sneered.

Neji had noticed her a while ago, barreling through the trees like a bull in a china shop. She really wasn't very graceful. He could remember their younger years when she hadn't been that useful either. How she had ever become a kunoichi was beyond him. Why was she glaring?

"What do you want?"

There was that tone, the infuriating tone, that he used, she was sure, just to get under her skin. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Sakura, closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

"I came here..."

"Can't you see I'm busy? Spit it out already."

Oh, how this idiotic ninja could get on her last nerve. 'You know what,' she thought, 'I'll take the damn mission myself. Dealing with his majesty just isn't worth it.'

She stared at him a moment and turned slightly to indicate she was leaving, but not before she happened to mention, "I guess I'll deliver the message another time..." then whispered, "My King."

Sakura headed back into the woods in a foul mood. 'He just grates on every nerve. I swear, if I didn't know he was too much into himself I would say he did it on purpose. Baka!'

She was in mid-air when suddenly a hand closed over her wrist and yanked her backwards. She kicked out and the two landed on the ground. She instantly was in a battle stance as he stood there staring at her. Neji looked at her and felt a moment of pride in his comrade for not panicking when it had been so obvious that he had surprised her. Though had it been a real fight perhaps she would have gotten herself captured then he would have had to waste his time to get her back. He lifted a hand to his head and shook his head in disapproval.

"You came to deliver a..." he jumped to the side as the ground in front of him split, "What do you think you're doing?"

Furious, Sakura charged forward, chakra charged fists reared back to land a full blown punch and she was aiming right at him.

"I'll deliver something alright..." she promised, "Direct from me to you."

He managed to barely dodge as she slammed down with all her might. The ground and surrounding area exploded into pieces.

"Have you lost all your senses, Sakura?" he demanded.

On one knee, fist to the ground, pieces of bark and dirt raining down around her she looked up at him, "Stop jumping around, Hyuuga. This is called a fight."

She jumped towards him as his eyes narrowed, fists raised she dropped to the ground as he swung out at her, sweeping his right leg out from under him. Neji flipped backwards to catch his balance and dodged another blow aiming for his midsection.

"You are being childish, Sakura. Just deliver the message so we can both be on our way," he mocked as he landed on a tree branch above her. He knew it was the wrong thing to say, had said it intentionally, but he had not been expected to be caught either.

Sakura was very nearly radiating chakra as she grabbed his foot, pulling him down to the ground. Neji landed with a thump and she cracked her knuckles moving closer to him menacingly.

'Enough is enough,' Neji thought as he gritted his own teeth, that had actually hurt. As she swung at him he brushed her arm away and tapped her shoulder before jumping back. Sakura's arm went numb.

"Listen here," Neji started as she put her other hand to her shoulder.

"No, you listen, I am sick and tired of that domineering attitude you always seem to have. No matter what your family may have told you... you're just not that special," she growled and rolled the shoulder.

"If I walk around with that attitude it's because I have earned it. At least my team actually needs me..." he raised his voice slightly. Sakura looked for a moment like she had just been slapped and Neji immediately regretted saying it but the damage was done. Sakura took her arm and flung it out in front of her, ignoring the pain as chakra flooded back through it. She had been just trying to buy the time to heal it and open the chakra point but his comment had pushed the wrong button.

"Look, Sakura, that was..."

"Enough," she spit out and charged him again. Neji began his hakkeshou kaiten, or better known as his ultimate defense and Sakura was pushed backwards. Her feet pushing into the ground as she landed. She watched as he continued to spin so she wouldn't be able to get close to him. Irritated, Sakura dropped to one knee as she punched the ground and watched him fly up into the air. He lost his spin as he became airborne and Sakura appeared above him. She grabbed the front of his shirt and pushed her feet down into his midsection as they hit the ground. Neji was replaced by a log on impact.

"Substitution..." she swore and looked around.

Neji hit a point on her back and as she spun, he ducked and putting his shoulder against her midsection lifted her, carrying her backward right into a tree. She hit with a thud and slid down to her feet as Neji grabbed both of her hands in his to prevent her from striking him. She was breathing heavy as was he from the effort to defeat the other.

"Enough, Sakura... You're going to get hurt," he warned, his own anger at its limit now.

Sakura glared at him and tried to bring a knee up. Neji blocked it with his own leg and moved into her, removing the space between them.

"I said," he growled when she managed to get one hand free, "Enou-"

Sakura grabbed the back of his head, clutching his hair, and crushed her lips to his. Neji let go of her other hand in surprise and Sakura slammed him back into a tree as she continued her assault on his lips. Neji kissed her back for all he was worth, grabbing her hips, sliding his hand beneath her shirt around the back crushing her to him. Whatever madness this was had taken them both. Neji growled as he lifted and Sakura wrapped her legs around him all in one motion. Neji, normally calm and collected, bit and clawed, marking the pink haired beauty who cried out.

They fell back onto the ground with Neji on top. His weight landing into her causing her to groan. Neji pushed the wildcats shirt up high and he feasted on her pale flesh causing Sakura to squirm as she clawed into his shoulders reflexively. She didn't want to think, all she wanted was to feel. She wanted to be conquered and devoured as she bowed up into him.

Then, reality came crashing down on her as she realized what she was doing... what he was doing to her. Oh Kage! What had she done?!

Sakura wrestled her way to the top and took in his disheveled appearance. His hungry eyes, his breathing ragged. Her own eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head as he cupped a breast and bucked into her all at once. It would be so easy just to feel...everything he was offering in this mad moment of insanity... Sakura looked down at him.

"I can't do this..." she whispered desperately and jumped up, running away from him as fast as her feet would carry her. She dared not look back for fear he would be right there and it would be so easy at this moment to convince her that this was right.

Neji watched her go in a state of shock. His mind still reeling from what they had been about to do, of how easy it had been for her to overcome his senses. No, if there was one person he had to be honest with... it was himself. He had wanted her with such a fierceness that made him ache painfully. He had been unaware of his own feelings towards her, and apparently the same was true for her. He smirked as he stood and brushed himself off... Oh, how fun the chase was going to be.

Author's Note: Oh dear, Sakura does seem to be in a bind again doesn't she. Poor, over emotional, Sakura. *malicious grin* I do believe Neji might be a distant relative. With that grin so much like my own... devious, good looking, not to mention heart-stopping. Yes, Neji must be a relative. Then, again... If he was a relative that would mean I couldn't keep looking in on the sexy Hyuuga who plans to hunt down our cherry blossom princess. Er ... So that means we are in NO WAY related. I must continue my research... for research purposes. For the good of research!

Picture courtesy of Beatrice Gonzalez.