The witches heir

chapter 1

Death city, the city which has also been known as the 'oasis of the desert'. And the city that was founded by death himself. A city that has also been known to have the death weapon meister academy. Where young children can go to learn if they are a meister, or a weapon.

You see, when a weapon and a meister are partnered up, it is there duty to collect ninety-nine evil human souls, and one witch soul.

Evil human souls become apparent when a soul has been corrupted by evil and it begins to feed on innocent souls.

Witches are powerful beings and the natural enemies of shibusen. They are also known to adopt certain traits of different specific animals.

When a weapon has consumed all those souls in a row, they will become a death scythe, a powerful form of weapon who will have the honor of becoming lord death's personal weapon. In the event that they can't get enough souls, then they must start all over.

In a nurse's office, is where we find one of death cities most dangerous witches. She was a woman of average build and size. She had yellow eyes with black irises, and had blonde hair arranged in a spike style, with two long strands extending downwards framing either side of her face, that entwine each other like a caduceus snake to rest upon her chest. She was wearing a regular white nurses coat with a long black suit underneath.

She was currently wearing a bright smile as she looked down at a small bundle currently in her arms. In the bundle showed a small baby girl that had pink hair and was fast asleep.

The woman holding the child was none other than Medusa, one of death city's most dangerous witches. The child in her arms was actually her own. The child's name was Crona, and she would have had a horrible childhood had Medusa not changed her ways.

Before Crona was born, Medusa had been planning to create her for the only purpose of creating a kishin, but for some reason, she changed.

After Crona had been born, she just couldn't bring herself to use such an innocent thing. It then hit her as what could have happened if she had been her old cold self. Something she had planned to keep from happening.

Medusa had already changed Crona's blood to something much stronger, black blood. An artificial blood cell that had been created by her. She also had melted down a demon weapon into Crona which had already begun to grow intelligent.

After Crona grew of age, she would take it upon herself to make sure her young girl could protect herself from anything.

Medusa began to open up her suit from the front so she could breast feed Crona, when she suddenly heard a strange noise.

She listened closely and could hear distant...crying? Curious, she closed up her suit and opened the door, but looked both ways so no one would see her with Crona. The last thing she needed was meisters and their partners ambushing her with her child.

She began walking down the hall while keeping Crona close to her. She kept walking until she saw a small bundle that seemed to be placed in the middle of the hall. She looked down at the bundle and was surprised to be looking at another baby!

He appeared to have spiky blonde hair brighter than her own, with sky blue eyes. He also seemed to have three whisker marks on each of his cheeks making him all the more cuter. He also seemed to have a note attached to the blanket he was wrapped in. she reached down and pulled the note to her eye level and began reading.

To the person who finds this child, I humbly and ask you to help raise this child with love and compassion. His name is Naruto and he is also the hero of my village. You see, the village from where we're from is known as konoha, or also known as the village hidden in the leaves. I am the third hokage, and the reason the boy is here is because on the day he was born, a great tragedy occurred. The legendary kyuubi attacked our village and caused massive destruction. Our great leader, the fourth hokage had no other choice but to seal the beast within this child, who is also his son. As the hokage he couldn't ask another family to give up their child, which is why he had no other choice. This boy is sent here because even though the fourth wanted his son to be seen as a hero, I know the villagers will take their anger out on the boy and make his life a living hell. So I please ask you who ever you are, to raise this child with love and care. But you will be able to tell him who he really is when he comes of age.

Signed, Sarutobi hiruzen aka the third hokage.

Medusa was just shocked at that! Here was a child probably not a week old and he was a hero of an entire village? Well, if she was her old self, then she probably would have planned to use the boy and her own child for her own ways. But after Crona being born, and now hearing this boy needed a home, gave Medusa a smile as she used her available arm and picked up the baby Naruto who smiled at the blonde haired woman.

She walked back to her office and sat both Naruto and Crona on one of the beds for a moment. She opened her suit to reveal her black laced bra and removed that before revealing her impressive breasts. She picked up Naruto and Crona and let them begin to suckle on them as she sat on her chair while looking at them. "don't worry you two, I'll always protect you." replied Medusa with a genuine smile.

After a few more minutes of the two feeding from her, she zipper her suit back up and placed the two in a small crib she had built for Crona. She just smiled at the two before turning the light off and returning to her own room for some well spent rest.

(next day)

Medusa was awoken from her slumber from her small alarm clock ringing. She carefully shut it off so as not to disturb her children. After taking a quick shower, she headed into the room for Crona and Naruto and saw the both of them were still sound asleep. She just smiled at them and carefully took one in each arm. It revealed that her new clothing was her regular black bodysuit that had a hood equipped with it. Her arms also showed two black dotted snake tattoos going down each of her arms.

One of the tattoos on her arm slipped off it like a real snake and headed over to the closet. It opened the door and pulled out her broom, her mode of transportation.

She sat on the broom as it headed out the window and soared over death city.

(baba yaga's castle)

baba yaga's castle, the central base of the organization, arachnophobia. The main base for the organization's leader, arachne.

The castle itself resembles a spider with a castle built on it's back. Each one of its eight legs were actually a tower.

Medusa slowly lowered herself from an opening above the castle onto the ground. As she stepped off the broom, she saw thousands of black spiders make their way in front of her.

They began to scamper all over each other in front of Medusa and slowly began to take a humanoid form.

After all the spiders had formed, it revealed a figure who appeared to be female.

The female had a pale and flawless complexion, looking almost entirely out of porcelain. She had dark black hair, worn in an upwards manner with two long strands that frame either side of her face, and eyes that have both completely Grey irises and pupils, each containing a black spider web pattern.

Her clothing consisted of a long black dress; however; it was long enough to completely conceal her feet, while ending in eight small trailing pieces of fabric. A narrow black band encircles her neck featuring a small spider emblem, that lies at its front, and eight extensions that protrude outwards upon the back, with four emerging from either side. Spider web netting branches the gap between the band and the dress, extending downwards from aforementioned spider emblem. Two large "sleeves" also displayed four protrusions, appearing at the ends of the significant mount of overhanging fabric. She also wore a pair of spider earrings hanging from her ears.

She also was holding a fan that was garnished with a spider web pattern.

The woman looked at Medusa, and you could clearly see hatred within her eyes. "Medusa" spat the woman in a cold voice.

Medusa herself just kept an impassive face in front of her sister, arachne.

"arachne, I've come here, to apologize." replied Medusa bowing her head a little.

Arachne just stood there a little shocked. Originally, she was asleep and had split herself into spiders, but for some reason she was awoken by some weird energy, and now her sister was here and apologizing? Strange.

"I know that I betrayed you a long time ago, but I truly wish to make amends sister." replied Medusa.

"alright, who are you and what have you done with Medusa?" questioned arachne who was still shocked that Medusa of all people would be apologizing.

Medusa gained a small tic mark above her eyes. "just because we have trust issues, doesn't mean you have to expect me to be a complete bitch." seethed Medusa who had covered Crona and Naruto's ears. After all, it wouldn't be a good mother's work to corrupt her children.

Arachne just let out a small smile at hearing her sister. That was definitely her.

"true, we have trust issues, so why have you taken it upon yourself to appear here at my castle?" questioned arachne.

"simple, like I said, I came to apologize. I know it will take time, but during that I want you to get to know your niece and nephew." replied Medusa with a smile looking down at the two sleeping bundles.

"niece and nephew? Whose the luck or should I say unlucky man?" came arachne's amused chuckle.

Medusa just gave her a cold glare. "first off, Crona was born because I wanted to place my black blood into her, but for some reason I decided to raise her as a true daughter. And Naruto here, well take a look." replied Medusa showing the note to arachne.

After a few minutes of reading it, arachne was shocked. This small child had the power of a creature that had nearly destroyed his village. She was definitely curious to see how he would be once he gains control over it.

"but arachne, I want you to say hello to them, as a true aunt." replied Medusa who walked to arachne and let her hold the bundles and looked at the two.

Arachne herself did find both of them adorable, including little naruto's whisker marks. She saw naruto's little eyes open and looked into his cerulean eyes. They were absolutely adorable.

Little Naruto himself was intrigued by the dark haired woman holding him. For some reason, he could feel that this woman didn't mean him harm, plus she kinda had the same feeling as his blonde mother.

Medusa had a smile on her face seeing her son giggle at arachne. He was waving his little arms at her trying to hold her finger. Which was just too cute.

Arachne smiled at the happy Naruto and turned her attention to Crona, who seemed to have also awoken, but she seemed to have a shy look in her eyes. Probably because she didn't know her own aunt yet.

Arachne gently handed Naruto and Crona to Medusa, while letting a true smile on her face. "it may take time, but I think I'll warm up to your apology, for the moment." replied a grinning arachne.

Medusa just smiled at her sister basically saying she forgave her. A sudden thought came to her.

"arachne, your good at creating demon weapons, so I'm curious if you could help me train Naruto and Crona when they get older."

arachne was surprised, Medusa was truly devoted to raising them. Being there to give them pointers wouldn't be so bad. "alright Medusa, I'll help train them." replied arachne.

Medusa just smiled. She looked down to see Naruto and Crona fussing, seems they were hungry. She began opening her suit when she noticed her sister hiding behind her fan.

"can't you do that somewhere else." replied arachne with a sweat drop.

Medusa just smiled. "nope" replied Medusa who let Crona and Naruto begin to suckle from her.

Arachne just shook her head with a sweat drop. 'somebody put me to sleep'.


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