I know you were all probably eager to see an update for this story, but this is not the good kind of update. This was published in this story as I felt that a lot more people would see it than one of my others. I could have put it in each, but that would have annoyed a lot more people. Anyways, the point I posted this is to tell you all that I have decided to take a page from a good author, Vanex, and put a poll up on my profile. This poll will be where you the viewers vote for my stories, and the top three stories with the most votes will be the three I focus on updating. That way I have something to focus on, and people show how much they want to see their stories updated. So, please go to the poll and vote for which stories you want to see me focus on. If it is one of the stories that I labeled to be rewritten, then I will work on the rewritten version, and once I've reached a certain point with the new versions, I will probably take down the first ones, but only if the new ones seem to be more popular. Now, remember to vote and we'll see which ones I focus on. Good luck