Velo eyeballed the team, who had just earned 3 more trophies.

"You now have 6 trophies. With this, you will earn the right to race Nash: Barin's champion!" he told them.

"Let's hope it's not another loon," Scarlett mumbled.

Velo rolled his eyes, and said, "Nash was engineered to always move. He never stops; or even sleeps!"

"Yup, it's a loon," Scarlett said, sighing.

Velo growled at her, then another bright flash of light appeared. When the light vanished once again, there stood some sort of cybernetic shark wearing a lot of armor, and a helmet with a laser cannon on top of it.

Nash was spinning around on the podium that he was standing on, and pretending to box with himself. "Put em up, put em up!" he said, and he started spinning around again.

Everyone just stared at him like he was crazy.

Nash finally stopped spinning and looked at the team. "Is that...enough?" he asked, turning to Velo.

Velo groaned and rolled his eyes.

"I need to get moving!" Nash yelled at him.

"Soon, Nash...soon," Velo told him.

"Not soon...NOW!" Nash screamed.

Velo growled at him, giving him a death glare.

Nash backed away nervously, then waved goodbye to him.

"Excellent," Velo said.

Everyone just stared at each other, not having a clue what just happened.

With that, the team successfully defeated Nash, earning the second key.

"Woo! We're on a roll today!" Pinstripe yelled, high-fiving Joe.

Nash suddenly walked up to everyone. " you think I can have my key back?" he asked.

Pinstripe and Joe stared at him, then at each other.

"COME ON!" Nash screamed.

"Hey, we won that key fair and square, so there's NO way you're gonna have it back!" Scarlett yelled at him.

"WHY YOU—" Nash began, holding his fist up to her.

Scarlett punched him straight in the face, knocking him out cold.

Joe and Pinstripe stared at her, then at Nash.

"Well well, looks like she put the shark to its first slumber," Joe said.

Velo stared at Nash, also. "That's a first..." he mumbled to himself. He looked around for a moment, then said, "Get him out of here!"

A bright light surrounded Nash, and he vanished.

"Well, you're halfway there. Here's where things started to get a little tricky. Onto Fenomena!" Velo said.