Chapter One: Introduction to a Pack of Lies

August, 1995. Grimmauld Place, London.

Almost fifteen years ago Albus Dumbledore named Douglas Potter as The Boy Who Lived. Almost fifteen years ago James and Lily Potter nearly died at the hands of Lord Voldemort. Just over six years ago Douglas' twin brother, Harry, ran away from home and disappeared.

At the end of Douglas' first year of Hogwarts he saved the Philosopher's Stone. This is a lie, and he knows it. Douglas Potter fears this lie will be discovered. Douglas Potter fears many things. Lord Voldemort, people finding out the truth about his lie, but more than anything else, he fears that one day, his twin brother will return.

After the downfall of Voldemort, Dumbledore had named Douglas Potter as the Boy Who Lived and the world rejoiced and toasted him. His parents treated him like a prince when he was old enough to appreciate it and he did, but this came at a cost. His parents doted on him so much that they forgot about Harry. Harry was left to his own devices and Douglas would rub his nose in the fact that their parents loved him more. Then, not long after their ninth birthday, Harry left of his own accord. Douglas was glad to see him go because then he had his parents all to himself.

Harry's disappearance caused the single biggest manhunt in history but yielded no results. Harry was gone. Once the search was called off, James and Lily Potter continued to raise Douglas in the way he had become accustomed.

When Douglas began Hogwarts he made two really good friends, Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott. They had been sorted into Gryffindor together and became very close friends. In fourth year, Neville and Hannah began dating. Douglas' own dating habits were somewhat questionable. He changed his snogging partner as often as he changed his socks. Douglas had dated girls from all the other houses, but because he was the Boy Who Lived, the girls simply came back for more.

Everybody loved him.

However, all that had changed. Two months ago, Lord Voldemort had returned, but the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, refused to believe him. Voldemort had used his blood to rise again. After Voldemort had challenged him to a duel, Douglas ran. He just about had enough wits to summon the Tri-Wizard cup to Portkey back to Hogwarts and tell Dumbledore what had happened, taking the dead body of Viktor Krum with him.

He and Viktor Krum had taken the cup simultaneously before being Portkeyed to the graveyard in Little Hangleton. Viktor was murdered by Peter Pettigrew almost immediately.

Now, Douglas was in an old house that belonged to his honorary uncle, Sirius Black, and he hated it there. He also did not like Sirius very much either, this was because he was Harry's godfather. Harry had been born first and so Sirius was named as his godfather. His godfather was Remus Lupin; his father's other best friend. Another reason he disliked Sirius was because he doted on Harry and not him. Sirius bought Harry all kinds of things, and of course he wanted them too so when his parents weren't around he stole them from his twin to take them for his own. Eventually Harry got the point and no longer asked Sirius for toys and instead he asked for books. Douglas had no interest in books and so he did not care what his twin was reading about while he had fun.

In short, Douglas was spoiled, rich, arrogant and, frankly, a bit of an arse.