"Miracles to the Rescue!"

Hi there, my name is Dai Motomiya and I'm the leader of the Digidestinds, also known as the child of Courage, Friendship and Miracles.

It's been a month after we all defeated this baddie called MaloMyotismon and things have been pretty peaceful.

Yolei and Ken have started dating, which I find a bit of a surprise.

Everyone else found it as more of a surprise that Ken and I weren't the ones who were together because we're DNA partners.

Kari and TK are also together to my disappointment, but I'll learn to live with it.

Anyway, V-Mon and I are just hanging out right now in the park, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight and the peace that we have now that there's no evil trying to take over the world.

I looked over to my little dragon to see that she was resting peacefully as we lay under a tree.

Just then, the peace was ruined by my D-terminal beeping, so I took it out of my jeans' pocket and checked to see that there was a new message on it from an unknown number.

"Huh, well that's weird." I said as I looked at it.

Do you want to start?

Yes or No

I shrugged and clicked the 'yes' button and then a strange mark appeared on the screen.

"Daisuke Motomiya, child of Miracles and leader of the Digidestinds. I am in dire need of your help." A strange woman's voice said.

"OK, that's weird. Who is this?" I asked.

"Please, the Digital World needs your help. There are a new group of Digidestinds that are being called to the Digital World to save it as we speak. You are needed to help them. Teach them all about the dangers and how to rely on each other." The woman said.

Dai frowned in thought.

The woman sounded sincere and she sounded pained and like she truly did need help, so why not?

"All right, I'll do it. V-Mon and I will be there soon." Dai said.

"I'm afraid your partner will not be needed this time, child of Miracles." The woman said.

"What do you mean V-Mon isn't needed? She's my partner. I need her!" Dai said feeling annoyed.

"No, you do not. You are merely required to help, not to fight. The new Digidestinds will have a new leader and there will be new digivolutions. You are needed to help teach them about the Digital World and inspire courage, faith and friendship." The woman said.

"So I'm basically a cheerleader?" Dai asked.

"Much more than that. Please, you must hurry!" the woman said.

I sighed and picked V-Mon up, then ran off to Taichi-sempai's house and asked him to watch my digimon for a while, not telling him what I was doing because I only had 10 minutes to get to the train station.

I boarded it in record time, being thankful of my years of soccer and waited until I was given another message.

I was nearing Shibuya when the train stopped to allow some other people on and a boy with long navy hair tied back with a bandana that was blue with yellow stripes, sapphire eyes, a yellow shirt with a blue jacket with yellow stripes, black pants, white socks and white shoes with blue on them caught my attention.

The way he walked and held himself reminded me of Yamato-sempai, even the hard look in his blue eyes that could freeze a person.

I then looked over to the side when I heard a thud and saw another boy that reminded me of Taichi-sempai was sitting on the ground of the train panting as he held his cell phone.

He had messy brown hair, coffee colored eyes, tanned skin and was dressed in a backwards green hat with a pair of square goggles on his head, a yellow shirt with a strange symbol with a red opened t-shirt over it, green cargo pants with orange and red shoes.

Just then, all of the phones of the passengers on the train started going off, only blue boy and goggle boy being the ones who got the same message as me, which confirmed my suspicions of them being the new Digidestinds and if the goggles were any indication, the brunette is going to be the leader that woman was telling me about.

"Transfer to the 6:00 pm west bound train from Shibuya station." The message said.

"AHHH! COME ON!" goggle boy cried out standing up with his hands on his head, everyone giving him curious looks.

"GIVE ME A BREAK! I'M DOIN' THE BEST I CAN!" he cried making me sigh in sympathy.

"Stupid woman." I muttered.

"I heard that, Miss Motomiya!" the woman's voice scolded making me jump with a sheepish look on my face as blue boy and goggle boy looked over at me because they had also gotten that message.

I just ignored them until the train finally stopped at the station and I got off, noticing blue boy was following me, but was being discrete about it.

"Maybe…she knows!" I heard goggle boy say and he started following me too, so to shake them up a bit, I made a mad dash for the elevators, the two boys running after me, blue boy being faster though.

I got into the elevator and blue boy ran in right after me and goggle boy was about to jump in when I turned around and quickly sprinted out, shocking the two boys and then ran into another person.

"Ow!" we said as we fell down.

"OK, this day is beginning to suck." I groaned as I pushed myself off of the boy that I ran into.

He was wearing a blue cap that covered his face with a white mark on it, a maroon long sleeved shirt with a green over shirt on, white pants and had on green and yellow shoes.

What is with the yellow with these guys today?

"Sorry about that. I was trying to shake these guys that were following me." I said as I held out a hand to him.

He looked at my hand, then took it and I pulled him up.

"It's fine. To be honest, I was sort of following someone too." He said.

When I finally saw his face, I was reminded of Ken for some reason, even though this guy clearly looked like blue boy with the same hair and eyes, only his was shorter.

"You mean you're clone?" I asked surprising him.

"You saw Koji?" he asked hopefully and the look in his eyes still reminded me of Ken.

"I was just calling him 'blue boy', but it's nice to have a name to the face. I'm Daisuke Motomiya. You?" I asked with a smile.

He looked a little wary, like he wasn't used to this type of behaviour from anyone, but he soon took my hand and a small, shy smile formed on his lips.

"It's nice to meet you. My name's Koichi Kimura." He said.

"So, you were headed with him?" I asked.

"Well, I was trying to catch him." He said.

"Well, I happen to know where he's going. Just come with me." I said confident that Koichi was also a Digidestind, I could just tell.

"All right, thank you. But why would you help me? I'm a stranger to you." He said.

"It's in my nature to help people. Ask anyone I know and they'll tell you the same. Come on!" I said taking his hand and pulling him to the stairs as we went down, being careful to not trip and then ran off to where the underground train station was that the elevator was going to bring me down to.

It was filled with a bunch of kids from varying ages like from Cody's age to Yolei's age.

"OK, this is weird. Do you see Koji?" I asked Koichi as he looked around.

"No, I don't." he said sadly.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm sure he's around here somewhere. Let's just check the trains and see if he's on one of them yet." I said with a smile.

He looked at me and then returned it and we split up to go look for blue boy and goggle boy while I was at it.

I stopped near a train when I heard crying and saw these two older boys picking on a younger boy, trying to shove him into a wine colored train, the boy trying to get away without any success.

I glared at that and went over to where they were and grabbed the two boys behind the collars of their shirts and pulled them away forcefully, the two gasping in shock.


"Let go, you freak!"

I let go and they both fell to the floor, then they both looked at me, glaring, but I just crossed my arms, unimpressed and used one of the coldest looks that I learned from Yamato-sempai.

"Why don't you two beat it?" I said.

"And why should we?" the little punk with glasses asked with a raised fist.

"Because I said so, plus I'm not afraid to get violent. Get it? Now leave my little pal here alone before I call security to come over and take you two away and call your parents." I said as I placed a hand on the little boy that was being picked on head that had a huge orange hat on.

"We wouldn't want your parents to know that you were being mean to a little boy, do you?" I asked.

The two boys glared at me and then at the little boy, but I just stood in front of him for protection.

The two boys then left, my eyes not leaving them until they were out of my sight, lost in the crowd of kids.

I then dropped the cold look and turned to the little boy, seeing that he had these big green eyes that were filled with tears, brown hair, a white shirt, yellow pants and white shoes.

"You OK there, buddy?" I asked with a smile.

He nodded and whipped away his tears.

"Y-Yes. Than-Thank you for helping me." He said.

"Hey, if need be, I would've beat those two losers. I hate bullies. You gonna be OK now?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He nodded with a small smile.

"My name's Daisuke Motomiya. What's yours, kid?" I asked.

"It's Tommy Himi. Why are you down here?" he asked me.

"Same as everyone else, I guess. The message. But also to help my friend find his brother." I said.

He nodded at that, but then looked at the train behind him.

"I guess I should get on, huh?" he said to himself.

"If that's what you want." I said.

"But…" he said looking back up to me with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Hey, no worries. I have a feeling we'll meet again soon. Just wait and see." I said with a wink.

He smiled and then took a deep breath, gathering up his courage and then got on the train, so I then went back to trying to find, Koji, Koichi and goggles.

Sadly, all the train doors started closing and were about to leave, so I just got on the back car of the train, holding onto the rails as it started to move, trying to see if I could spot any of the boys, heck, Koichi mostly because I had a weird feeling that I shouldn't leave him alone.

Maybe it was because he reminded me so much of Ken, but who knows.

"Hey, wait!" I heard a familiar voice yell.

I saw goggle boy was running after my train, trying to get on, his hand out stretched, so I leaned forward and stuck my hand out.

He saw this and placed his gloved hand in mine and I pulled him up, ignoring the spark that I felt at the simple touch.

I heaved him up onto the train with me and he grabbed onto the rail, panting.

"You doing OK there?" I asked as he panted.

"Yeah…thanks." He panted.

He then looked over in the direction behind me and was glaring, so I turned and saw Koji was on a train that was leaving beside us.

I looked over to the other side I was looking in before and saw that Koichi was on a purple train and that nagging feeling of staying with him came back to me, so I pushed away from goggles, the boy giving me a curious look.

"Hey, what are ya-"he trailed off when I then jumped over to the other train that was a few feet away from me.

I landed on the car with ease, then turned back to the other two boys with a smile, both giving me shocked looks, goggle boy's was way more funny though since his eyes looked all buggy and his mouth was practically on the floor.

"See ya in the Digital World, boys!" I said before I walked into the train.

I really hope Ken never hears about the stunt that I just pulled or else he would freak out about it.

I waked into the car and found Koichi was sitting in one of the seats with a sad look on his face and looked close to shedding tears of frustration, but it stopped when he heard me open the door and looked up, surprise clearly written on his face when he saw me.

"Daisuke, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I thought I should give you a little heads up on where we're going. It's a place I've been to plenty of times and met my best friend, Ken Ichijouji." I said as I walked over and sat down next to him.

"You might want to listen closely because what I'm about to tell you is important, OK?" I asked with no trace of humor, completely serious.

He saw this and nodded, ready to listen to whatever it is that I had to say.

I then delved into the story of the Digital World, Digidestinds, the digimon Emperor, the digi eggs, the Crests, DNA digivolution, everything that I went through and he listened intently, taking in every word I had to say.

When I finished, the train got dark and the rails got rougher, forcing us out of our seats and I started cursing evil trains.

I looked up over to Koichi and saw that some demonic digimon figure passed over him and he started shaking in fear.

"Koichi?" I asked.

I crawled over to him as he held his head and started muttering things.

"Hate him? I hate him? I…No! Why doesn't anyone notice me?!" he cried tears falling from his eyes that were clenched shut.

"I notice you." I said wrapping my arms around him, feeling like this was why he reminded me of Ken.

"Look, some evil digimon is trying to take over you and use you for his own personal gain. But that's not gonna happen, OK You know why? Because you are way stronger than he is." I said as he looked up me and I ran my fingers through his hair, knocking his hat off his head.

"My brother…Koji…he…doesn't know me. I-I don't exist to him. Our parents, they…separated when we were b-babies a-and they didn't tell us about ea-each other. My gra-ndma told me when she was in the hospital." He whimpered through sobs.

Geez, that sounded like a soap opera that Kari and Yolei would be glued to and crying their hearts out at.

And why is it an issue with a brother that always turns someone evil?

"And that's why you were following him. To tell him." I said and he nodded, tears still falling.

"Look, I said that I would help you and I will. But you need to help yourself right now. Tell whoever it is that's trying to take over your mind to leave you alone. You don't need his help. You can do it. You're strong, Koichi. I know you are." I said and felt the digi eggs of Courage and Friendship react to my words and shone their light over us.

The demonic digimon faded away and turned into a more peaceful looking digimon with lion shaped black and gold armour and kind garnet red eyes.

Another light appeared and it transformed into what looked like Ken's D-3 only it was longer and had no antenna on it.

"Koichi Kimura, congratulations. You have purified the Spirits of Darkness. Use them well and be safe on your journey. Never fear the Darkness, for it will lead you to the Light." Came that woman's voice again.

"I don't feel afraid anymore." Koichi said as the image of the lion digimon disappeared and the boy looked at me with a bright smile that I returned.

"Child of Miracles, you are doing so well already on this journey. Take care and help guide the others, please." The woman said again.

"Hey, you know me. I'm a sucker for helping out my friends." I said.

"Good luck both of you. Find the Spirits and the other children."

Koichi and I both stood up as the light returned and we walked out of the car to stand on the plat form and held onto the rails to see that we were in the Digital World all right and it had changed a lot from what I remembered.

The wind whipped our hair around our faces as we looked around and watched as the track we were on became a beam that was over the ocean and brought us over to a large metal train station that cut off into a forest.

"So, you ready to start your journey as a Digidestind?" I asked my new friend.

He looked over at me and smiled, looking more confident and happy.

"Yeah. I'm kind of scared, but I know I can do this. As long as I try." He said.

"All right, there ya go!" I said with a smile and pumped a fist making him chuckle at my antics.

The train finally came to a stop so we both got off, ready to start looking for the other kids.

"How do we find the others?" Koichi asked as he looked around as we walked over to the front of the train and I noticed that it had a face and its eyes were following us.

"Are you a digimon?" I asked it curious.

"Yep, as a matter of fact, I am. I'm Plum the Trailmon." The train said in a female voice.

"Huh, what do ya know? Learn something new every day." I said.

"Daisuke?" Koichi asked and I turned to look back at him, remembering what he had asked me before.

"Oh, yeah, well you see, in my group our digivices were able to lead us to each other, so maybe it's the same with that thing." I said pointing to the new digivice that Koichi was holding and then I noticed that I was still wearing my teal tank top, brown shorts and black shoes.

Weird, normally my clothes would change, but I guess it didn't since we didn't go through the digi port this time to get here.

"Hey, I think I got it." he said making me look over to see that a weird 3-D map thing with a green arrow had appeared and was now pointing us off in the direction of where the forest was.

"Sweet, so let's get going." I said and he nodded.

We both walked into the forest until we were led to this cave that had plenty of holes in the walls and we looked around in fascination, wondering where everyone else was.

We heard yelling and ducked down behind some large boulders, watching as Tommy and some older guy dressed in a blue jumpsuit that had yellow on it, spikey red brown hair and brown eyes were being attacked by some Pagumon.

All of a sudden, Koji swung down from one of the holes and attacked them all with a broken pole just as goggles, two digimon and a blonde girl dressed in a lavender kitty hat, vest, and skirt with a white shirt that had blue stripes, white shoes and violet socks all came into the room, watching as one Pagumon digivolved into Raremon.

"Koji." Koichi said worried, but I grabbed his hand as he went to go help, holding him back.

"Daisuke?" he asked confused.

"Just wait for a bit. I wanna see how this plays out." I said.

He looked like he wanted to protest, but shook it off and stayed hidden.

Koji picked up Tommy and ran around the room with hi, evading Raremon's nasty, yet deadly acid sludge attack.

He had them cornered at a large hole in the floor and I wanted to dive in and help, but was holding back because I could just feel that deep down something was going to happen if we just watched a little longer.

"SPIRIT!" goggles yelled as he was covered in data and we saw him become a digimon.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution! AGUNIMON!"

He tackled Raremon over into the wall far away from Koji and Tommy as the little boy got down out of his arms, and then Agunimon jumped back over to the two boys, telling them to run, but he was covered in data again and turned back into a human, puzzled by what had happened.

"Why did he turn back?" Koichi asked me.

"Maybe he already used his Spirit thing today and is still tired from it." I said.

Raremon spat his sludge at them, but goggles pushed Tommy down to the ground and accidentally knocked Koji down into the hole making me and Koichi gasp in shock.

"Oh no!" Koichi said.

"That moron!" I said as we saw he looked down into the hole at the other boy.

Oh, I'm gonna kill him if he ever does something stupid like that ever again.

There were then these lights that all shone down into the hole and then another digimon that looked like he was a humanoid version of Garurumon came out, looking all noble and gallant as the light hit off his silver and blue armour, shining all around the room as everyone look at him in awe.

The new digimon then attacked Raremon with these things that looked like light sabers and then made Raremon show his data and he pulled out a device that looked like Koichi's, only blue and white and he then scanned Raremon's…fractal code I think he called it.

Once that was done, Raremon turned into a digi egg and then floated off somewhere.

The digimon then turned back into Koji making Koichi sigh in relief.

I got up from the hiding spot and clapped, making the people in the room all turn around to see me and Koichi as we both walked out from the boulders.

"Wow, so this is what the new Digidestinds are capable of." I said with a smile.

"Hey, you're that girl from the train." Goggles said pointing at me, Koji giving me a curious look as Tommy smiled and ran over to me.

"Daisuke!" he cried as he threw his arms around my waist, making me laugh at him.

"Whoa, easy there, kid!" I said as I placed a hand on his head and he looked up at me.

"Told ya we'd see each other again soon." I said with a wink.

"Right." He giggled with a nod of his head.

"How do you two know each other?" the blonde girl asked as she, the heavy set boy and the two digimon that looked like a white chicken and a yellow bunny came over.

"Daisuke saved me from these bullies in the train station before I got on the train." Tommy said turning back around to face the others.

"Hey. I'm Daisuke Motomiya." I said and the white chicken yelled loudly in shock freaking us all out.

"Yow! What was that about, Bokomon?" the heavy set boy asked.

"You…You're the leader of the Digidestinds? The Chosen Child of Miracles, successor of Courage and Friendship? That Daisuke Motomiya?" the white chicken, now identified as Bokomon asked.

"Yeah, pretty much." I said with a shrug as everyone looked at me in curiosity except for Koichi since I already told him about my past.

"Oh, it is a pleasure to meet you, my dear. I am Bokomon, the Keeper of the book at your service." The chicken said.

"And I'm Neemon, keeper of my pants." The bunny said making Bokomon frown at him and snap his red pants.

"Please ignore him." He said as the bunny yelled in pain.

I chuckled at that as the girl of the group came over to me.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Zoe Orimoto." She said and I couldn't help but be reminded of Yolei and Kari when I looked at her.

"Nice to meet you. What about you guys?" I asked looking at the other three boys.

"I'm JP Shibiyama." The heavy set guy said.

"And I'm Takuya Kanbara. By the way, what were ya thinking pulling a stunt like that before?" he asked looking annoyed at me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Jumping from my train onto the other one while it was still moving. Are you crazy?" he said his voice rising as everyone gasped in shock at that.

"WHAA! Are you insane?" JP asked with his mouth hanging open and eyes bugged out.

"You really could have gotten yourself killed!" Zoe yelled looking very much like Kari would if she were scolding me with her hands balled up in fists in front of her chest with a concerned look on her face.

"Why would you do something like that? It's really dangerous and who knows what could have happened." Koichi said making me think of Ken because I knew that he would be reacting the same way as him, only worse.

"Well, it was a good thing I did. Because that train was yours and you were almost taken over by an evil digimon and I wasn't gonna stand by and let that happen ever again." I said making him sigh and back down slightly.

I shook my head and then looked over to where Koji was and saw that he was starting to leave and frowned at that.

"Hey!" I called running over to him, the others watching me as the lone wolf stopped.

"What do you want?" he asked coldly.

"Where do you think you're going? You can't just walk around in the Digital World alone. If you think Raremon was bad, let me tell you that there are worse, stronger and uglier guys than him that could kill you instantly. And I'm speaking from experience." I said as I stopped beside him.

He looked back at me, his face set in a permanent scowl.

"Oh really?" he asked.

"She is a Digidestind. She's saved the world already from many foes, such as the Digimon Emperor, BlackWarGreymon and Malomyotismon. She knows best right now." Bokomon said and I couldn't help but think that he was sucking up to me.

"It's safer to stay together. Besides, all of us are Digidestinds and you're a part of this team whether you like it or not. You don't have to like it, but you do have to deal with it because it's your destiny. Believe me, I didn't like the people I was put on a team with either, but I learned to cope and now we're all great friends. I mean, Yolei and I still try to kill each other at times, but we get over it later on." I said with a smile.

He kept quiet as he stared me down, hoping that he could get me to back off and leave him alone if he continued, but that won't work on me since I was very much accustomed to the Ishida Death Glare that could freeze even molten lava and had even learned to copy it.

"Look, either you come along with us or I follow you. Without your permission. Take your pick." I said with a challenging look as I crossed my arms.

He growled in annoyance as his scowl turned darker and then he turned in head away from me in a huff as he began walking away again.

I rolled my eyes at that and then looked over to where the others were, my eyes landing on Koichi.

"Let's go, Koichi." I said and he nodded as I took off after Koji, my new friend close behind me, leaving the others behind, not even noticing the look of longing or jealousy as I went.

Koichi and I found the exit and walked out into a forest and found Koji lying down on the ground under a tree, looking like he was relaxing until he saw us and glared.

"I thought you were joking." He said.

"I never joke about this sort of thing. You really need to learn about the Digital World and the dangers here. So do Takuya and his group, but they have Bokomon and I'm sure he can manage that just fine until we meet up again and I can smooth out the details even more." I said, unaware that the chicken was puffing up in pride at the moment, sensing that I was saying this about him and he soon deflates as the others doubt him.

Koji just groaned and stood back up; eyeing both me and Koichi, looking shocked when he sees him clearly.

"Hey, wait! How do you…Why do you look like me?" Koji asked the boy looking freaked out.

A tense moment passed between them and I saw some Poyomon close by and decided to go over there and play with them while these two work it out.

"You know what? If anyone needs me, I'll be over there." I said pointing to where the baby digimon were and then shot off like a rocket to where the babies were.

(An hour later…)

Right now I'm in the middle of a small soccer game with the Poyomon, each cooing happily as we all played with a make shift ball that was out of leaves and vines that we have made and was able to see the two brothers talking to each other under a tree.

I wonder how everything is going with them, but decided to leave things alone.

This was a matter between brothers and I did not need to meddle and make things worse by accident.

"All right, great work!" I said as these two Poyomon worked together to kick the ball over to the two stones that were used to mark the goal and they both cooed with smiles at the praise.

"Daisuke!" I heard my name being called and turned to see Koichi waving me over.

"Coming!" I said to him.

"Sorry guys, but I gotta get going." I said making them all making sad noises.

"Keep practicing, you guys are really getting the hang of it. See ya!" I said waving to them as I ran over to the twins, the Poyomon all bouncing around saying goodbye in their own way as I went before they went back to playing.

I ran over to the twins and stood in front of them, seeing a smile on Koichi's face as Koji had a small, hardly noticeable grin curving his lips.

"Wow, you sure are popular." The long haired twin said.

"Jealous?" I asked poking the tip of my tongue out playfully making him roll his eyes as Koichi chuckled.

"So, you guys OK?" I asked referring to whatever they had talked about.

It would really be better and safer if I didn't know what had gone on.

"Yeah. We're great. So where do we go from here?" Koichi asked.

I looked around and saw that the sky was changing colors as the sun began to set.

"I guess we should find a Trailmon to hitch a ride on and see where we go from there." I said.

"Works for me." Koji said as he turned and started walking away.

Koichi and I shared a look, his being amused and a bit apologetic while mine was annoyance and amusement.

I'm either gonna be great friends with this guy or strangle him.

We'll just have to see as this crazy new adventure goes on.

Still, I wish I was able to bring V-Mon with me, she would have loved to help and go on an adventure, she lives for this stuff.

Hope she'll forgive me when this is done.

Koichi and I both followed after Koji to go look for a Trailmon to rest on, the sun slowing setting behind us as we went.

To be continued…