"Glean Eggs and Scram part 1"

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"Whoo whoo! Whoo, uh, whatever." The Trailmon we were in said.

Everyone was just sitting around relaxing, Zoe playing with Patamon's wings as he napped on her lap while V-Mon was sleeping on my lap as I leaned up against Koji's shoulder while Koichi was on my other side.

It became pretty common for the twins to always be at my side since day one, but they have been doing it far often than usual lately.

Anyway, as for the others they were either sitting around quietly or looking out the window.

"I hope they all got home safely." Tommy said about his friends.

"I'm sure they're fine." Zoe smiled at him.

"Don't worry Tommy; I'm sure Worm won't let anything happen to them." Takuya assured.

"It's pretty empty out there. There's almost nothing left to save." Koichi said looking outside.

There were craters all around and some tracks were destroyed too.

"We've got ourselves a royal problem." Koji quipped.

"What are we gonna do about those guys? We can't beat 'em." JP said.

"I know." Zoe spoke softly.

"Hey, how can you even say that? We have to find a way to beat them. No matter what." Takuya stood with his fist clenched in determination.

Across from him was Bokomon and Neemon was hanging from the compartment above the chicken.

"In case you're interested, the Village of Beginnings should be just up ahead." Bokomon spoke up.

"It seems interesting." Takuya said.

Neemon lost his grip and fell down on top of Bokomon.

"It's the place where all digimon are born." Neemon chirped.

"Huh? I thought that was Primary Village." I said confused.

"Primary Village has changed and become the Village of Beginnings." Bokomon groaned from under Neemon.

"Really?" Tommy asked.

"Can a purified digi egg go there to start over?" Zoe asked.

"Very good question, Zoe, but with all the scanning going on lately, I hope the village is still there." Bokomon said.

V-Mon then woke up on my lap and sat up.

"Actually, a digimon should be reborn in the village. In Primary Village, when Wormmon was deleted, he was reborn there. Then again, no digimon is gone forever. As long as there's a Primary Village or Village of Beginnings, then their digi egg will reform and can be born again." She explained.

"Whoo, that's a lot steeper than I remember. I think I can, I think I can blah blah blah." The Trailmon said.

Up ahead, we all looked outside to see a beautiful large tree with rainbow colored lights flashing around along with some bushes under the tree.

"Well, here we are folks. Get out and get lost." The Trailmon said as he stopped and let us all out.

We then waved and called out to him as he left to get back to work or whatever it is that the Trailmon do when we aren't riding them.

Honestly, I don't care what they do with their lives as long as they do their jobs and not being a chicken somewhere.

"Wow, what a beautiful place to be born." Takuya smiled.

"No wonder they re-decorated." I chuckled softly.

Although, I did miss the digimon that were gone like those Punimon that V-Mon and I taught to play soccer while we were babysitting them.

I wonder where they and Electmon are right now.

"Indeed, it's the only place for digimon. The safety of this village and everything in it is critical to our very existence." Bokomon explained.

The bushes had colorful digi eggs growing from them which was interesting.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty egg-cited to be here. Egg-cited. Egg salad." Neemon laughed.

Bokomon and V-Mon gave him exasperated looks.

Everyone then ran off to check out the digi eggs, looking at them in wonder.

"Cool!" they all cheered.

"Wow, I can't believe it." Tommy exclaimed.

"They're even prettier up close." Zoe gushed.

"The village is full of them." Bokomon grinned with Patamon on his head.

"Egg-traordinary and egg-ucational." Neemon chuckled.

"Oh, stop that." Bokomon groaned.

JP was about to touch one of the eggs in wonder, but a feather shot over making him jump back before his finger was cut by it and he cried out in shock making us all look in worry.

"Hey, who's there?" Takuya called out.

Down from the tree flew a large swan digimon and she landed in the center of the village making us all look at her.

"Step away from the egg right now intruder." She demanded.

"It's Swanmon. If Gatomon used the digi egg of Love, she could armour digivolve into Swanmon. She's a very overprotective and motherly type digimon." V-Mon explained.

We all ran in front of JP protectively so Swanmon didn't attack him.

"He didn't mean anything by it, honest." Takuya held his arms out.

"Yeah, I'm sorry." JP bowed apologetically.

"Then in that case, I bid you loving welcome." Swanmon trilled switching to a kind persona which made the others fall over in disbelief while I just laughed with V-Mon.

"I am Swanmon, the caretaker and protector of the Village of Beginnings." She smiled.

"Wow." The others exclaimed as they stood up.

Swanmon then led us over to the bushes that had the digi eggs growing and started to water them to help them grow which is confusing to me since I never saw Electmon do this before.

They just appeared in the cribs and he would make sure they were bundled up to protect from the cold and would soon hatch when either rubbed or some other time when the baby was old enough.

"I make sure they receive water and nutrients every day. They must be carefully nurtured. These are the precious treasures of the Digital World." Swanmon said as she walked off leading us around.

"But there are so many. How can you take care of them all?" Zoe asked as we started walking.

"It is a very difficult job and getting much more so every day." Swanmon said.

"This one's hatching." Patamon exclaimed.

We all then rushed back and looked at the white egg with silver spots on it as it began to crack.

"What?" we asked.

The egg then opened up and the green jellyfish who was a Fresh level cried 'Pabu!' as he jumped into Swanmon's hands.

"Oh, wow, we have a baby!" JP cheered.

"It's a Pabumon." I smiled at the adorable baby.

Pabumon is the baby form of Tentomon and I wondered if this little guy would become a know-it-all like the one I know.

"Pabu." The baby chirped as everyone cooed over it.

"Pabu to you." Patamon said.

"Hey, I wanna see." Neemon whined as he looked at Swanmon's wings that blocked the baby from view.

"It always seems to move me when I see new life beginning. It makes me reminds about Patamon. I'll never forget the first time he called me his Papamon." Bokomon began to tear up.

"I love you, Papamon!" Patamon cried.

"I love you too, my baby!" Bokomon cried as he hugged Patamon, both having tears pouring from their eyes.

Koji and Takuya's D-Tectors then started beeping making everyone look at them curiously.

"What's going on?" JP asked.

"It's the four evil Warriors." Takuya said.

"Their data seems to be reacting for some reason." Koji said.

"It must be because their digi eggs are here. All digimon become reborn at some point in time. Ranamon, Grumblemon, Arbormon and Mercurymon were originally good before they were turned evil. When we defeated them, their digi eggs floated off and they must have come here to be reborn." I theorized.

"Exactly. They're here to start over the process of life." Bokomon agreed.

"But will they be evil?" Zoe asked.

"They shouldn't be." V-Mon said.

"Yeah, when we defeated them, we purified them." Takuya added on.

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but it's time to feed this little one and get him to bed and I'm sure the others are quite hungry by now." Swanmon said as she cradled Pabumon in her wing.

"The others? How many others are there? Would you like some help?" Zoe asked.

Swanmon then walked off to the large tree that was carved out and appeared to have baskets hanging on the walls and ceiling.

"Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that. But you're welcome to come in and see them if you like." Swanmon said as we followed her inside.

Once we were inside, we paused at the door and our jaws dropped as we looked around to see the room was filled with baby digimon from Fresh level to In-Training.

"You've got to watch all these babies by yourself?!" we all asked in shock.

"Yes, normally it's only for a day or so, then the Trailmon take them to their families, but the Trailmon seemed to have stopped coming lately." Swanmon said as she placed Pabumon in one of the basket/beds.

"Why would they stop?" Tommy asked.

"I heard the Beanstalk Village disappeared recently. The whole Digital World seems to be under attack and the Trailmon are frightened and decided to hide in their tunnels." Swanmon said.

"Trailmon act more like babies than babies." Takuya scowled.

"You can say that again." I crossed her my arms.

"Anyway, whatever the reason is, I'm here by myself and you guys need some help, don't you?" Swanmon cooed to the babies.

"Swanmon, let me help." Zoe smiled.

"I love babies." JP said.

"Yeah, I can feed them." Tommy said.

"I've babysat baby digimon before." I smiled.

"I've got plenty of experience." Bokomon was excited.

"Very well, but it's not going to be easy." Swanmon chirped.

(A few minutes later…)

All of us had gotten bottles filled with milk and were taking care of the babies, feeding them as best we could while others cried for food.

"Now don't let them drink too fast. They'll get very cranky if they get bubbles in their tummies." Swanmon chided as she fed a Jyarimon.

"I've had to face many challenges in the Digital World, but I never imagined myself doing…" Takuya trailed off as he fed a Chibomon and then a Conomon started to cry.

"Hang on little fella, I'll be right there." Takuya said.

"I got him." V-Mon said as she picked the Conomon up and started to feed him and she smiled as he cooed happily.

"Come on baby, it's good stuff, just take the bottle." JP tried to feed a Pagumon who stubbornly kept his mouth closed.

"May I?" Zoe took the bottle from JP and held it out to Pagumon.

The baby quickly started drinking while JP blushed as he stared at Zoe happily.

"Wow, doesn't it feel like we're a mom and dad feeding a baby together?" JP cooed.

She smiled at him and he had a look of hope on his face.

"No." Zoe turned away from him and walked off making him deflate.

"Guess she's just not comfortable with her love for me yet. You love me, huh?" JP asked as he held up Pagumon.

Pagumon frowned at him and then jumped out of his hands making the boy pout.

"That's comforting." JP sighed.

Koji was struggling as he fed a Tsunomon, trying to not let the baby drink too fast.

"Man, they're amazing, aren't they? I wonder if this is how we were fed when we were little babies." Koichi smiled as he held two babies in his arms.

I smiled at him as I fed a Viximon who was cradled in my left arm, the fox cooing happily as she drank from her bottle.

Koji looked over at his brother and then smiled at the two YukimiBotamon.

"Hey yeah, I keep forgetting that the two of us were together when we were born." Koji said.

"I bet you two looked just as cute too." I giggled making the twins blush, but Koichi laughed too.

"Here you go." Tommy held a bottle out to a Poyomon, but then a Tsunomon, Koromon and Motimon quickly got in the making Poyomon scared.

"Calm down, I promise there's enough for everyone. That is if you can behave yourselves." Tommy chuckled.

Bokomon was feeding a Jyarimon while Neemon had a Chibomon, Leafmon, Botamon, Poyomon, Pururumon and Tsubumon crawling all over him.

"You're so good at making babies happy." Patamon flew down to Bokomon with a Conomon on his head.

"Thank you, but I did learn a lot about babies from you." Bokomon blushed.

I placed Viximon down in bed and watched her sleeping while Koji walked over with Tsunomon and placed him in the next bed.

"I can't believe there are so many of them. You all right?" Koji asked me.

"Yeah, it's just…so many of these babies remind me of my friends. V-Mon is feeling the same homesickness as me. I can tell." I said looking at my dragon as I saw her smiling sadly down at a Leafmon.

She must be thinking about Wormmon right now.

Koji wrapped his arms around me and kissed my temple making me smile and blush.

"Don't worry. You'll see them again after we defeat the Royal Knights." Koji said as I held onto the arms around my waist.

"Sadly, I think we'll have to face Lucemon." I whispered as I stared down at the babies.

"What? Why would you say that? We'll be able to stop the Royal Knights in time." Koji assured making me look at him.

"I just have a bad feeling. I mean, my group thought that Oikawa and BlackWarGreymon were the biggest evils we had to face, but then it turned out that the mastermind behind it all was MaloMyotismon. It just seems likely that we'd face to face Lucemon. For some reason, I had a feeling that ever since we first heard about him, we would have to face him one day." I confessed.

Koji's arms tightened around my waist as I felt him rest his head on my shoulder and he kissed my neck making me mewl and blush at the contact.

"Well, if we do have to fight him, then we'll beat him. I just made some friends, I got my brother back and I have you. I'm not losing you guys so soon." Koji whispered into my ear.

Turning in my boyfriend's arms, I placed my hands on his cheeks as kissed him on the lips, happy at the peace we had for now as he held me.

"Hey, quit making-out and start helping us!" Takuya called making us pull apart.

"Way to ruin a moment, Takuya." Zoe drawled as she fed a Yokomon.

To be continued…