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A New Will For Life.

By:Valid Consideration & Theater Is Love31

Chapter 1: Dedicated to the one and only LoveHeatPassion, thank's for your much enthusiasm!

(Theater Is Love31)Karen's POV:

I was finally able to get the one thing I needed without being seen that would solve the recent feelings I have. For the past few weeks I have been tired, nauseous and just sick but still fulfilling every performance of "Bombshell" and having him support me.

It's been two years since I fell in love with Derek and one year since I married him and I feel as if the ceremony was just yesterday...filled with love and lust. The one possibility that could happen to me with me being sick is something we never discussed. I cave in and open the box and follow the instructions on how to get the exact results. Every second seems an hour, every minute seems a day its funny really...how something you can buy at a drugstore can change your life forever. I wanted this to happen but now I'm worried I may lose someone I love. The seconds are counted down then its done. I look over and gasp as I begin to feel tears stream at the symbol meaning two very strong words:

"I'm pregnant"

Derek's POV:

I can't believe it's been a year since I married Karen. I finally realize now I don't need anything else but her. She's changed me for the better and I feel alive when I am with her and alone when I am not. Karen is everything to me and with what she is going through now with being sick I now wish I can take all the pain she has and get put in me.

In order to make her feel better I chopped up my romantic skills I supposedly have and I bought her flowers with the worry for her kicking in so much I left a rehearsal for a new play starring Ms. Ivy Lynn. God how she gives me a headache. The cab pulls into our home and I run up the stairs to our apartment. I feel as if the walk is longer than I remember...probably because Eileen just called about me. Leave me to my marriage woman! I eventually make it to our door, grab my key and open the door to an empty apartment.

"Karen are you okay?"

(Valid Consideration)Karen's POV:

I could feel the hot wash of tears treading down my face..I must have looked like a hot mess.
Briefly nodding my thanks for the flowers, I recollect myself and answer "Derek do you love me?" I feel a twinge of regret and pain having to ask that question;I would never doubt the love Derek has for me it is unconditional and something we'd know neither of us had experienced before meeting each other.
"Of course I do..NEVER doubt that love" I could hear the disbelief and hurt in Derek's voice, but I didn't mean to hurt him..I would never do that.
"Derek I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way..I just" I swallowed hard trying to keep my composure, but I wasn't sure how long I could make it through this.

Seeing me distressed, made Derek even more concerned than he already was. His usual hawkish grin that he only reserved for me was now replaced by a helplessness that was strangely beautiful, I admired how deeply he truly cared for me.

(Theater Is Love31)Derek's POV:

"I know we all do or say the craziest things when we are sick." I say hoping to wash some tears away from her eyes.

She never asked questions liked that besides a few times when we were dating but who wouldn't considering my reputation before. I will never let her slip through my fingers and I know we have put spells on each other me earning a heart I never knew I had. But the bloody stress I feel from her is killing me and it does not help when I look over my shoulder and see something on the ledge of the sink and my heart is caught in my chest. I see her look over to look at where my eyes are and she looks back at me trying to collect words.

"Derek I'm-your-we are-"
"Love just spit it out!" I say as thumbs stroke her cheeks and I wait for a response.
"I'm pregnant."
It's all a blur and I think this is as if it were a dream. "What?"
She takes my hands down from her face and holds them while looking down at them. I can read that she is scared but I need to know what this means. I lift her chin up so we are at eye level.
"You're going to be a dad."

(Valid Consideration)Karen's POV:

I could see his eyes narrow and his jaw clench slightly; I don't know what to make of it..what to do..or what to think. "Derek?" I could feel my lips quiver and my hand shaking in his.

Suddenly his strong arms at my waist and my feet being lifted of the ground
"Love that is the best news you have ever told me..I'm going to be a father...I'm going to be a father.." it made me excited and relieved at the fact he is happy, but then I could feel myself falling slightly.."Derek?" I could see he tries his best to regain his composure, but as he sets me down slowly I could see his knees giving way.."Derek..babe..Derek!" One minute we are over the rainbow and now I am knelt down besides a passed out Derek trying to wake him up with the only thing I knew always worked...a kiss

(Theater Is Love31)Karen's POV:

The kiss was sweet and tender and I could see his eyes flicker a bit then as I see the reflection of green and hazel I smile knowing my prince has woken up.

"Don't scare me like that again!" I say as he gets up and all in a blur he gets me in his arms bridal style and walks to the kitchen.
"I can't guarantee that love I still can't get over the fact that I'm going to be a father!"

I smile as he puts me down and he kisses me again, this will be good for us I can just feel it.

Derek's POV:

I-I-I-I'm going to be a father. Oh sods it's actually happening to me! And I couldn't have asked for anything better! This will show Karen how much I love her and will make us stronger. What she doesn't know is that I am bloody terrified. Karen seems excited but raising a child is never easy and I fret losing her because of this.

"Derek whats wrong?" She asks.

She now like myself can read people like I do and I now know how she hated it because now I just hate it. I never care what people think about me I only care about her and now our child...my child.

"Karen what if I'm not a good father?"

(Valid Consideration)Karen's POV:

Upon asking the question, I look into Derek's eyes and see fear and worry..let me put him out of his misery
"Derek..our daughter.." it now hits me hard..we are going to have a CHILD!..I swallowed hard as I bit my lip and met his gaze again. "Our daughter or son..will be the luckiest child ever to have such a caring ...loving..handsome father like you" I cant seem to contain myself as I notice his light Grey shirt clinging to his muscular and sculpted abdomen and chest...that salt and pepper hair tussled by non-other than the gods themselves highlighted his devilishly dangerous good looks. I now notice Derek's smirk of amusement and satisfaction that he still had that effect on me..heck he had always had that effect on me!

"Are you alright love?"

"Yes..just perfect" at those words his lips are pressed hard against mine as this moment feels like no other; I was shocked by the emotion that radiated from him by just one kiss..making my heart ping hard in my chest, just like it did the first time he kissed me.
We slowly part as I feel a big smile on my face and see Derek wearing one too. "So now that we are bringing a child into this world..I am forever your slave until he or she is born...so what do you want?"Derek speaks with such sarcasm that I think ill take him seriously. "I am hungry..I want a snack..maybe cookies?"

(Theater Is Love31)Derek's POV:

The memory of the last time we baked cookies plays back and it was more so flirtatious feelings then bloody baking itself. But then again I am now her slave and I don't mind in the slightest.

"Well then let's get started" I say and before I can get anything out she is already cracking eggs. Gods how I love this woman so much! Within minutes we are almost done batter when I hear the sweetest voice sing softly

"Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world
Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before
Let your soul take you where you long to be"

I smile as I see her glow as she always has but ever so special now and I creep up behind her as if the phantom would do in this song
and encircle her into my grasp and kiss her softly on the neck before softly singing to her:

"Only than can you belong to me."

I see her give into my kiss and she turns around so the kiss is fully captured and I feel something moist on my cheek and her break from the kiss.

"Derek you brought that onto yourself again!" she smiles as she takes some of the cookie dough off of my cheek and tastes it and I follow.

"I know love but I just love to see you smile." I smirk at her which I can tell sense a feeling of effect on her.

Karen's POV:

Is it just me or do I find cookie dough on Derek attractive? The effect of lust has taken over me and in a few months it will show...literally. I watch him put the cookies in the oven and I go over to the couch and he follows me.

"I never knew you can sing and now I'm not the only one who knows." I say with a smile as I look down on my stomach which is still flat but the test read I am 3 months along so that means six months of waiting...and one month left of Bombshell before I-I-I. I break down into tears and Derek comes over and reassures me by stroking my back.

"Love are the hormones acting up?"

"No this means I have to leave Bombshell and I'll have no job which means no money which means no support for our child which means you may leave which means I'll be a si-" I'm cut off when a kiss is pressed against my mouth and I release and I feel his thumb wipe away tears.

"Karen this kind of stuff happens and I'm not going anywhere." he says as I feel his hand on my stomach gently and I return the kiss.

"Promise me I'll be the only woman you love."

"I can't"


"She will look like you and call you mommy." he smiles and finally this point of life is hitting.

"I love you." we say in unison and we both look down on the one thing we can't wait to see.

(Valid Consideration)Derek's POV:

I still can't believe that in a few months ill have a child in my arms...a child.
"Derek do you think I am going to be a good mother?" I can't imagine myself as a mother. Our child...a little Derek running around..what a sight that would be.
" love we have only been pregnant for about an hour and I think we covered all the things a couple would do over months..don't speak gibberish you will be the most beautiful kind heavyhearted and ruthless mother ever" at that Derek places a soft kiss on my forehead.


"Derek what do you mean by ruthless?" I ask settling comfortly in his arms. "Well of course you will be fearless when protecting your young..or don't you remember how you got last time?" Derek's wolfish grin makes a deep shade of red flush my entire body...I remember...

It was our first Christmas together and I had everything done but I forgot to pick up the most essential item..mistletoe of course!..and so Derek and I in the spirit of Christmas..or maybe the death glare I gave him got him up and about. We where walking throughout the New york snow, which is never much but always piled up in the street corner..nothing could burst our bubble. As we where crossing the street a car slightly grazed Derek's leg and the taxi driver had the audacity to yell at him..at MY husband on Christmas day..back in Iowa I would have just smiled and walked away, but maybe it was the fact that I was tired and Derek was my relief..but I snapped. Every curse word and insult I could think of was thrown at this disgusting man, and trust me I know several different languages. Before I went any further Derek pulled me away from the car, stopping my rant of injustices and righteousness and hauling me across the street..I was soo riled up and yelled back at the cab driver one last time "and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO JERK!"

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