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"Bella, will you please calm down?" Alice begged as I paced back and forth.

"How can I calm down?" I demanded. "He's late," I moaned as I paused to stare out of the window.

"Bella," Rosalie snapped. "Do not make me slap you. He told you noon and it's only just gone five past."

I growled as I paced.

It was okay for them, they saw their husbands every day. I hadn't seen mine in months since he got called back. Edward's missions were something I didn't know much about since they were top secret. Edward took his job seriously, I had found out with dismay. I had figured I would get all the details when we were married.

I sighed as I remembered our wedding.

It hadn't been a big affair, just a small ceremony beside the lake where Edward and I had shared so many memories since we were children.

With Macie as a flower girl, Riley stumbling beside her eating flowers as he went, Alice and Rosalie as bridesmaids and Emmett as best man and Jasper as an usher, all my friends had been involved in our special day. It had been short and simple and at twilight with candles surrounding us. It had been perfect.

In the months after my attack both Mike and Jessica had been sentenced and were now paying for their crimes in prison. Even though I knew one day they would be free, they would never be welcome in Beaufort again.

Alice and Jasper had moved into town with Macie and settled in quickly. It was like they were born and raised in the town, everyone loved them.

Rosalie and Alice had become fast friends and the three of us were inseparable. The same thing had happened with Jasper, Emmett and Edward. They all got on like a house on fire, though they teased that it wasn't like they had much of a choice since the three of us girls were always together. We had rolled our eyes and pointed out that they were the ones who texted each other all the time.

My parents had loved the fact that Emmett and I were only minutes away and seemed to be making up for lost time with all the photographs that they had taken in the last four years.

I had loved being Edward's wife. He made me feel beautiful and loved and made me thank god every day that I had him in my life. That he had found me. When I had eventually met Eric Yorkie, I had almost crushed the tall man in the bear hug I gave him. If it wasn't for him, who knew if Edward and I would have been reunited.

I looked once again outside the living room window before glancing around at the wonderful home that Edward and I had built since we had moved into our home soon after we had been married.

We had 'christened' every single room in the house.

I glanced outside once again and screamed. "He's here! He's home!"


I had just gotten out of the car, sore and tired and eager to be home. This was my last tour of duty. I was officially a civilian. Well, not a civilian, I was joining the local fire department.

I would miss my job and the perks that came with it, but nothing came close to how much I missed home while I was away on duty. Now I would never leave again.

I dropped my bag to the floor as the door came crashing open and the woman I loved came bombing down the path and threw herself into my arms.

She greeted me like this every time I returned.

I knew how she worried while I was away and how she hated it when I left. I hated it. I hated seeing the worry in her eyes, the dark circles that were there when I returned. I hated that I was the reason for her worry, but that was in the past. I was home and I was never leaving again.

"I missed you," She squealed as she crushed the life out of me.

"I missed you, too, baby," I whispered as I crushed my mouth against hers. God, how I wanted her.

You'd think that the passion I felt for this woman would have dimmed over time, but it had grown. I had never wanted her more.

"I love you," She said as he placed kisses over my face, anywhere she could reach.

"I love you," I responded with a smile.

"You need a shower and a shave," She commented as she ran her fingers across my stubble. I chuckled and nuzzled her neck. Reveling in the feel of her, the smell, and the taste.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

We both turned to see the beautiful little girl with bronze curls and Bella's big brown eyes come running down the path.

Bella giggled as she pulled out of my arms so I could scoop her up in my arms and hold her close.

"Renesmee," I whispered as I kissed her forehead.

"She's been waiting for you all day," Bella laughed as she ran her fingers through our daughter's curls.

Almost four years ago, Bella had come to me and told me that I had to return safely to her because we were having a baby.

I hated missing so much of my daughter's life and it was one of the reasons why I left the Special Forces.

Renesmee as smart and sweet and beautiful.

I looked from my daughter to my beautiful wife and realised that Bella had been right all those years ago as she stood on this very step. She would watch out children grow in this house. We would raise them together and grow old together. And I would love her every day of my life and wherever we went after that.

People often asked Bella about her memories and while she had gotten many back over the years, some of them would always remain unknown to her.

Bella had told me that regaining all of her memories wasn't important, that she remembered all she needed to. She remembered her family and her friends and she remembered me.

She had taken me into her arms and told me that while her head may have forgotten who I was, her heart hadn't. That something's were unforgettable and our love was one of them.

As I took her into my arms and was surrounded by my wife and my daughter, my world, I knew that she was right.

Ours was an unforgettable love.

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