( Rameses was asleep he was smiling in his sleep, Dream: Moses: Rameses Wake up. Rameses: Moses my love. Moses: Rameses please I need you now, Rameses: Anything for you my darling. As they kiss Rameses moved his hand and he woke up, He looked at the other side of the bed were Moses would be) Rameses: Moses. ( He sit's up and Walks to Moses's Grave, He starts crying) Rameses: Am sorry, Am sorry this happen to you I haved you now I lost you forever and I can't get you back, I wish it was a dream that I could wake up form this nightmare we call life. Is it still a dream? Well it feels that way that day you lefted this world it feels like a nightmare I can't escape from it hurts not to hear your voice, I want to wake up and let it be all a nightmare but I know it's real but it still hurts, I wish that you could return to my arms, you were my world, I want to call your name so you can answer, My world is crashing down and I know why because your gone why did you leave me? Iam in a dark and cruel world, I need you, I want to see your face, To hear you voice, only you can fix my broken heart, I find myself crying and screaming for you but you never answer and you never will, My world is full of anger, sadness and sorrow your world was my world full of hope, Laughter, and love. You promised me you would never leave me, But where are you when I need you the most, You promised me you never leave me but where are you now? You always cared for me, I miss you deeply and I will always love you my guardian angel, My world, My life, My best friend, My husband. Tell me this words are a lie it can't be true that I lost you. The Sun can not fall from the sky can you hear heaven cry the tears of an Angel. I love you Moses. Tutu Rameses the 2nd:Dad? Sapphire Elizabeth the 1st: You ok daddy? Ramses: Yeah Sweetheart am ok. Sapphire: No your not you miss mama. Ramses: Indeed I do I miss you mama so much. ( Sapphire and Tutu hug there father) Nephthys: Dawddy? ( Rameses looked to see a 3 year old with Moses brown hair but short curly and with a bow in her hair, His brown skin, his Brown eyes she was rubbing her eye in tiredness) Rameses: What. Nephthys: Who is that in there? Tutu: It's our mother Nephthys. ( Tutu glared at her, Then Starfire walked in holding a blanket) Sapphire: Aunt Star! ( She run and hugged her) Starfire: Hey Baby, Hey Rameses, Hey kiddo, Well hello there little one, Sapphire hold her please. ( Star handed the baby to Sapphire.) Sapphire: Is this our Cousin Aunt Star? Starfire: Yes baby. ( She picked up Nephthys) Starfire: You look just like Moses you know, My friend Hades is going to gave your father something today do you know what it is? ( Nephthys shook her head no and Starfire chuckled) Starfire: Hades has decide to being Moses back from the dead, Do you have any idea what it took for him to agree. Rameses: Do you really mean it Star I can have my baby back? Starfire: Yep. ( Hades arrived) Hades: Let's get this show on the road. Starfire: Very funny. ( Hades raised his hand to the grave, maded the dirt go away, He lifted the Coffin that Had Moses in there, with Hades Powers he put the Coffin Gently on the ground nexted to Starfire) Hades: Help me open this. ( They open both sides, Starfire Laid out a blue blanket, Hades used his Powers to lift Moses out of the Coffin and on to the Blanket) Ramses: He looks like the way he died. ( Moses's hair was still there, His eyes were shut, He mouth was in a frown, Starfire gently Put Nephthys down, She went over to Ramses and Hugged him) Hades: Lets get Started shall we. ( He used his power to return Moses soul, Then he asked Starfire to use one of Zeus's Lighting thing's, She did, Then Hades put his ear to Moses Chest, His heart was beating, Hades smiled and moved, Ramses went in font of Moses, Moses open his eyes and coughed) Rameses: Moses Baby? Moses: Ram, Rameses. ( Tears were coming from both of them they hugged and kissed) Rameses: Oh my baby, My Moses, My heart, My life, Thank you Hades thank you. Hades: Don't thank me thank Star she's the one who convinced me. Rameses: Thank you. Starfire: Your welcome, Oh Ruby honey. ( She get's the baby from Sapphire) Starfire: Hush now Mommy's here, Daddy will be seeing you yes he will. ( Moses smiles)