Yes, this is a stupid author's note. It is also an apology for not updating. And probably an excuse as well. In the last several months, my constant writing has caused me to improve(at least I think I have), as well as become more confident in my writing of other characters. And as a result, trying to pull out a new chapter of this has been like a rabbit trying to climb the Great Wall of China. So what I am going to do is rewrite it. I won't be removing this story, but chapters 3-11 will be taken down when I'm ready to post the new stuff. Things will be added, so rereading would be wise.

I'm telling you this in advance so there aren't any surprises, and if you guys are pissed(like I would be), you don't have to deal with my crap anymore. But I am hoping you'll stay along and pardon this irritation I must have caused.

Hoping you'll stick around,

The Fire Rain Alchemist.