Chapter 1

I jolted awake. I leaned back down to fall asleep again but a searing pain stopped me. I smoothed my hands over my back and felt 2 lumpy lines running down my back. I stood up to look in the mirror and saw that the lines were bright red and swelling. I walked to my window, tiptoeing hoping that Miranda wouldn't wake up. The sky was glowing as the glowing with the new morning light.

At Marline College everything was perfect. Daniel and I had only been dating for a few months but I knew that it would be forever. I stared at the sky as I turned blue and saw a figure standing infront of the wood clearing.

I man was standing there watching me. He was handsome with definite features. His chiselled face looked like the statue of David and his eyes pierced me into my heart. He looked mysterious. He frowned at me then saluted. I walked away hoping that he wasn't a stalker.

Since it was nearly morning, I changed into a pair of black jeans and changed into a clean blue tank top. I listened to what sounded like little raindrops falling on my window and looked again. it wasn't rain, they were pebbles. I opened the window and stuck my head out. Just as I did, one f them hit me on the forehead. I looked down and saw that it was Daniel. He was wearing dark wash jeans with his biker jacket and his infamous red scarf.

Want an early breakfast? Said the piece of paper he held up.

If was so clique. It was exactly like the music video You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift. I loved the song and it never got old. I grabbed my vans, phone and wallet and tiptoed out the door. I slowly closed the door and ran down the stairs while putting my shoes on.

I scrambled outside and ran over to Daniel who hugged me as if it was the last in the world.

'You know you should have slowed down with the rocks?' I said grabbing the helmet from his hands.

'I'm sorry!' he said kissing the spot where the rock it me.

'So I was thinking that tomorrow we could go out and see a movie or go ice-skating?' Daniel suggested as he gave me my cup of hot chocolate.

'Sure but I have study group tomorrow and I need extra credit,' I said shivering as a person opened the door.

'Here!' Daniel held out his jacket.

'Thanks,' I said before the pain started again.

This time it was even worse. It felt like my back was on fire. I fell forward with all the pain and dropped the cup of hot liquid I screamed with all my might as I felt the pain and heat building in my back. I looked up and saw that Daniel was nearly on the verge of tears I screamed again and cried as the heat built up even more I saw behind Daniel was the man from the window but this time he was smirking.

I closed my eyes and blanked out when his eyes met mine.

I seemed to have been transported to some other place. I was standing in front of golden gates. Was I dead? Was this the gates to heaven?

'Luce! My love, we are nearly there!' a voice said on the other side.

I looked through the bars and saw that it was the man again. he was only wearing a sheet that covered him the waist down and h had wings.

'We will met soon, I promise you,' he said walking toward me slipping his arm through the bars, 'I will save you from that wretched life and you will live with me here. I promise you!'

I grabbed his hand but he had disappeared and so had the gates and the light.

What had just happened?