"Come on, Maka. Hurry your ass up or we're gonna be late!"

I was standing outside her bedroom door, waiting for her to finish getting ready so we could finally leave. What the hell was she doing in there? She had been getting ready for almost the whole day, and it was almost eight now. How could she possibly not be ready yet?

"Shut up, Soul! This a hard decision to make on my own, and you're not helping any!"

How hard can it be to put on the freaking dress so we could leave already?

"What decision? Just put the damn dress on!"

The door swung open and I nearly choked on my own words.

Maka was wearing a short, strapless, deep purple hued dress that had a poofy skirt, and made her legs look a mile long. Her ash blond hair tumbled down her back and over her shoulders in a waterfall of waves as she fidgeted with the hem of her dress. My meister's dainty feet were usually encased in steel-toed boots, had been slipped into strappy black high heels, and she was shuffling them awkwardly when I realized she was waiting for me to say something.

"You look, uh, alright. Now let's go, before Black Star comes and kicks down the front door looking for us."

Smooooth. Maka looked so hot that I was fighting a nosebleed, but I choose to tell her she looks alright?

"Are you sure?" she asks, still scuffing her precariously tall shoes into the carpet of the hallway.

"It's not too short? Or too poofy? It isn't the right color; I should go put on the red one to compare, right? Maybe I'll-"

"Maka, shut up. You look beautiful. Can we leave now?"

That was better than You look alright, but it could still use some work.

I looked back up to find Maka blushing slightly at my compliment, and with a tiny smile spreading across her flawless face.

"Thank you, Soul."

Damn, I really was gonna be the coolest guy at this lame dance. Just look at my smokin' hot date.


I held my hand out to her, and just as I thinking about how elegant she looked, she tripped in those damn shoes, as if to prove me wrong.

Catching my meister effortlessly I said, "Jeez Maka, if you really wanted to get close to me that bad, you could have just asked."

Seeing the faint blush of her face and neck from earlier deepen, I couldn't resist and gave her one of my signature Soul Eater smirks.

"You're such an ass, Soul!" She punched him in the shoulder, which meant she wasn't actually mad.

No, if Maka had really been pissed at me I would have a book indented in my skull right now.

I took her hand again, and this time she was more successful in her attempt at walking her unusually high heels.

We left the apartment and playfully bickered all the way to the academy.