A/N: um, hi. I'm ninja, this is a story. An AU of failsafe. Some stuff is explained at the bottom.



The two heroes never knew a day good go so bad. Not only had aliens invaded, but said aliens killed the whole entire Justice Leauge (including the two people that ment the most to the two boys), killed so many civilians, their team, and nearly destroyed the world.

Now, standing here, watching as the mothership exploded, Robin and Kid Flash knew that it couldn't get any worse. Kid Flash put his arm around Robin, pulling the younger boy in close as they both watched the ship burn in a sick fascination.

It was a long time before one of them spoke. And, of course, Kid Flash is the one who broke the silence. "You can feel it, can't you, Dick?" the speedster asked, "Megan and Martian Manhunter are dead."

"Yeah," the Boy Wonder replied sadly, "We're all that's left."

"That's not completely true," Wally argued, "There has to be someone out there still."

"Most likely," Dick agreed, "But whoever's left won't be the best. The well known heroes that everyone knows are gone, but evil is still out their."

The two best friends stood in silence for a while.

Wally turned to Dick, wanting to get the elephant in the room, out. "So what do we do now?"

Dick looked at his his fellow hero, determination shining in his eyes past the pain. "We fight. Earth needs heroes, and we're going to start the Justice League again."

They both stuck a very dramatic pose, being childish, before the fate of the world rested on their hands.

Then they turned to walk to the closet zeta-tube.

"Well, at least the invasion has stopped."

"Shut up, Wally."

As they were walking to the zeta tubes, Wally realized something. "Rob?"

"What up, KF?" Robin asked, hearing the worry and fear in the speedster's throat.

"Ummm, well, Uncle Barry died, and so did Aunt Iris," Wally started explaining his worry. They had stopped walking. "And I can't live with my parents 'cause, well, you know. So... where am I ganna live? I'm not old enough to live alone."

Robin studied Wally for a minute. "You can come live with me, Wally," Robin offered, "After all, I am a billionaire and owner of Wayne Tec. I think I have enough money to supply your appetite." They both laughed as they started walking again.

"Hope Alfred doesn't mind," Wally said. They just continued to laugh.

"Hey, Rob."


"Why are we walking, when I can run us to the tube in under a minute?"

Robin didn't answer, but just climed on Wally's back so they could do just that.

They zetaed to MT. Justice, knowing everything they needed was there. The first thing they did was call Red Arrow. He came instantly.

"You guys did it!" Roy exclaimed the second he got there.

"But at what price?" Robin asked. "Most heroes are dead."

Wally laughed, "Way to serious."

Robin did his famous crackle, "Your right," he agreed.

The three friends stood there, looking at one another, before having a short group hug. The boys were like brothers to one another, and the hug conveyed everything that needed to be said, like "I love you" and "I'm glad your alive." All the sappy stuff they were to "manly" to say.

They pulled apart, and Robin got down to business. "We called you for a reason, Roy." The archer looked at the Boy Wonder, ready to hear what he had to say. "Wally and I have decided, with the Justice League dead, we're going to reform it. You in?"

Roy laughed and hooked an arm around his "brothers's" necks. "Did you really need to ask?"

And reform the League, they did. Somehow, the Watchtower was still in orbit, so they used that as there base. The three heroes had sent out word to any hero willing to help, get to the Watchtower.

And people came.

At first, it was slow going, but more and more people began to show up. Former part-time members agreed to become full time members. People who had never been a part of the League joined. They all wanted to help.

Of course, Robin, Kid Flash, and Red Arrow were still the leaders, even through they were the youngest.

It was a normal night patrolling Gotham. Even though he still had school, and was a co-leader of the Justice League, Robin still made sure to patrol Gotham every night. He came across thefts and muggers, rapers and kidnappers, and (of course) Gotham's insane villains.

But it still surprised Robin when he found a kid trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile (you have no way of proving I'm too young to drive thankyouverymuch).

The kid froze when he saw Robin.

"What are you doing?"

"Stealing your tires."

"Get in the car."


And that is how Jason Todd came to live in Wayne Maner.

Robin and Kid Flash, or rather Dick and Wally, were hanging out. No superhero business for a changes, just because they're friends. It had been a few years since the invasion that cost the world the original Justice League.

But, being the leaders of the Justice League, something superhero related had to come into the conversation.

"Hey, Dick?" Wally started hesitantly.

"What up, Wally?" Dick asked, "You sound serious."

Wally hesitated before saying what had been bugging him for days, "Do you think I should become Flash?" He said it very quickly, as if trying to get it over with.

The smile left Dick's face, finally understanding what was wrong with Wally the past few days. "That's up to you, Wally."

Wally snorted at the answer, thinking it sounded like something a lawyer would say, "I value your opinion."

Dick hesitated. "I think it's big shoes to fill. Barry was amazing," Wally nodded solemnly, but didn't speak. He knew Dick well enough to know that he had something else to say. "But I think you can do it."

Wally was surprised. He knew how Dick felt about becoming Batman, and he assumed that he would feel the same way with Wally becoming Flash. But Dick had said exactly what Wally needed to hear, that someone was confident in him. "I...I think I'll do it."

"Good for you!" Dick exclaimed.

They small talked for a little while longer before Wally brought it back to superhero names. "What are you going to do?" he asked. "I mean... You can't stay Robin forever dude."

Dick looked a little afraid, and found a sudden interest with his shoes. "Wally," Dick's voice was week, strained. Wally put an arm around him. "I played leader with the invasion. And, as leader, I led everyone to their deaths." Wally wanted to agure with Dick about this point, but he knew that he couldn't get through to him. Roy and him had tryed hard enough. "I can't be what everyone needs me to be. I can't be Batman. It's too hard. I can't lose anyone, anymore. I CAN'T BE BATMAN!"

Wally pulled him close. He felt the child (because yes, Dick is still a child) shiver in his embrace, his sholders heaving with silent sobs. "Then don't be." he whislered to Dick, "Be you."

"I can't be Robin," Dick said. "I'm giving that to Jason."

"Really?" Wally couldn't help but be surprised. He didn't think Dick was ever going to let the kid out. He knew how afraid Dick was of losing him.

"Yeah, he's ready."

"Good for him," Wally said, but then got back on topic, "But if you're not going to be Batman, or Robin, then why nkt make yourself a new identity? "

Dick hadnt thought of that, and was surprised Wally had. "Yeah. Yeah I think I will. Thanks, Wally."

"No problem, bro."

They talked for a little while longer before they had to go to a meeting in the Watchtower.

"You got a name?" Wally asked as he stood up.

"I think I do." Dick replied, "How does Nightwing sound?"

Wally smiled, remembering when the two of them where little and Superman had told them of the Kriptonian superhero. Nightwing. "Super."

So the leaders of the Justice League became Red Arrow, Flash, and Nightwing.

And Robin became the first sidekick.

It was soon after that Nightwing and Robin where running around Gotham trying to solve a case. A mother and father had been killed, and their 13 year old son had gone missing. The murders had taken the kid.

Nightwing and Robin were going to find him.

And they did. He was being held in a abandoned warehouse. Nightwing and Robin managed to take out the murderers/kidnappers and save them. The cops left after Nightwing said he would take care of the kid.

"Hi. What's your name?" Nightwing asked. Robin snorted behind him.

"Tim," the boy said, looking nervous, "Tim Drake."

"I'm Nightwing, and that's Robin. Do you have anyone you can stay with?"

"No," Tim answered, "I don't have any relatives."

Nightwing was thinking, trying to think what to do with the kid, when Tim spoke. "Can I stay with you?'

"Tim," Nightwing started, trying to be gental, "I don't think..."

"I know your secret identity, Mr. Grayson," Nightwing's jaw dropped. He turned to Robin. Robin looked at him and started protesting instantly. Nightwing looked back at Tim.

"Get in the car."

And that is how Timothy Drake came to live at Wayne Manor.

It wasn't that long after Jason's death (with Tim steeping up to be Robin) that Wally and Dick found themselfs comforting their "brother."

"I-I-I can't do it!" Roy screamed. "I can't, I can't be a father. I just can't! I'm not ready for that. I can't." Roy started to cry. Dick hugged him while Wally held Lian, Roy's daughter.

"You can do it, Roy," Dick comforted him.

"And we'll be right there to help," Wally added.

"But I'm a superhero! I don't have time to raise a kid!" Roy was just getting more and more upset.

"You can make time," Wally stated.

"Like I have, to be with Tim and Jay... with Tim," Dick nearly slipped. Wally noticed, but Roy didn't.

"But...but... What would Ollie have said?" Roy finally voiced his true fear.

Wally and Dick looked at each other and both screamed at the same time, "He would be the one telling you all of this if he were here!"

It was a normal night at Wayne Manor when the doorbell rang. Alfred went to get it, and came back with none other then Talia al Ghul with a child no older then 11 trailing behind her.

"Talia?" Dick asked, "I haven't seen you since before..."

"Hello, Richard," she said, "And yes. That is part of the reason I am here. This," she pointed to the child, "is my son, Damian. His father is... was Bruce."

"And what does that has to do with your visit?" Dick questioned, able to hide his surprise.

"You shall be raising him from now on," Talia stated simply. She turned towards Damian. "This is your home now, Damian. You will do as they tell you. Understand?"

"Yes, Mother," the child answered. Talia then left.

Dick stood, watching Damian as he looked around. "Alfred, can you please show Damian to a room?"

"Of course, Master Dick. Come along, Master Damian," Alfred set before walking away, not even looking to see if the child was coming.

Dick sat down. "What just happened?" he asked himself out loud. No one answered.

Alfred died. Dick knew in the back of his mind that he would soon. Alfred was old when he came.

It nearly broke Dick. Alfred was a connection to Bruce. But what kept him going was the two young boys left behind.

He had a responsibility to Tim and Damian, to raise them, though Tim was 17, and Damian was 15, they still needed a guardian.

And maybe, just maybe, he could save his little lost bird that had came back from the dead.

A new Young Justice was formed. Justice League members had gotten sidekicks. Some of the sidekicks remembered the time when Young Justice had stood up, even though it had been so brief.

Nightwing and Flash didn't like the idea. Damian was now Robin, and he joined the team. Tim joined as Red Robin. Even Jason came by and helped them out from time to time.

They couldn't help but think about what happened to their Young Justice. They couldn't help but worry that the birds, their little birds, might die in a way like he team did.

But they understood where the sidekicks where coming from. They were two of the original founding members, after all. They understood their quest for freedom.

They approved that Young Justice be allowed to work out of MT. Justice.

Superman and Superboy were both dead, but their enemies weren't. Lex Luther and Braniac had mended together, and had taken down the Justic League.

Other then Flash.

The others watched as Flash ran around the world in under 30 seconds, running and hitting Luthor/Braniac.

They watched as the Flash went to fast, and got pulled into the speed force.

Nightwing collapsed. His best friend, who had stuck by him through everything, was gone. He screamed his name and reached out for him, even though he knew Wally was gone.

Then, he was suddenly there. Holding Dick's outstretched hand. They stared at each other, before collapsing against each other.

"You promised you wouldn't leave me behind," Dick whispered.

"I know," Wally said breathlessly, "That's why I came back."

For whatever reason, Wally never moved out of Wayne Manor, even though he could.

He was adopted as a Bat, even though he was only there when absolutely needed. He still patrolled Central City and Keystone City, even though he lived in Gotham.

Wally acted as a big brother to the Robins, especially after Dick became their guardian.

He worked at Wayne Tec. with Dick, and was very helpful. It surprised a lot of people when they found out just how smart the jokester was.

But no one knew why he didn't move out of the manor when he could. Only Dick and Wally knew.

Wally stayed to be with Dick.

They watched as the coffin was lowered into the ground. They were surrounded by Justice League members, all wearing stiff suits and black dresses.

They were never exactly close to the fallen hero, but they still felt the pain of loss, from losing a comrade in arm.

It also brought back unwanted memories

Years passed with new heroes and sidekicks coming and going. But through it all, Roy, Wally, and Dick stayed the leaders of the Justice League.

So Nightwing and Flash saw the irony of the situation they where in at the moment.

"Looks like we're right back to the start," Wally stated, looking around the mothership of the invading aliens. "Maybe we should of died in that explosion all those years ago in the first alien invasion."

"No," Nightwing exclaimed, "We've done too much good." They fought off some more of the aliens trying to go and deactivate the bombs.

"We're not getting out of this explosion," Nightwing stated.

"No, we're not," Flash agreed.

They took down a few more aliens before Nightwing spoke again.

"Isn't it strange how we use nearly the same exact plan for every invasion?" he asked.

"I think that makes us pyromaniacs," Flash joked. Nightwing had been right. He had filled Barry's shoes, right down to the lame jokes.

"I have to agree," Dick had listened to Wally's advice, and his own promise. He never became Batman. He could still joke, and loved to prank the other Leaguers (with Wally and sometimes Roy, of course). "We've blown up 25 alien mother ships in... 35 years?"

"That sounds about right."

They defeated the last of the aliens, only to see that there was only 5 seconds left.

"Dick..." Wally said gravely.

"Wally..." Dick whimpered, afraid.

"It's been an honor." The two of them whispered together.

The two best friends, who had been through so much together, hugged each other close for what they believed would be the last time.

But their eyes opened, and they sat up to see the faces of so many people, lost in the first invasion.


It is shown in Young Justice that Wally has a good relationship with his parents, but I like Wally being an abuse victim, so in my world, he is.

Roy is not a clone for me in this, and will not turn into one. It my AU, so deal with it. Sorry, was that mean. That sounded mean

I don't know how Tim came to be in the family, so a made something up. If someone will tell me, that would be awesome, but I'm not changing it. It will be brought back into play later in the story.

I know, Alfred is Alfred and doesn't die but come on, the dude has to be, like,m100 by now!

The part with the speed force is based on a Justice League: Unlimited episode, that's the disclaimer. I just tweaked it a little to fit this fic.

It's been an honor was something Batman said to Flash and Martian Manhunter when he thought he was sacrificing himself to save the world.


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