A/N: Shit happens.


After the mission at the circus, Conner was sitting in the TV room, thinking about what he overheard. Megan saw him and came over.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I just heard something on our last mission. It confused me," Connor confessed.


"Wally said, 'What else did you think living a thirty-five year long life then finding out it was fake would do?' to Robin when he was upset."

"Maybe it's a figure of speech," Megan offered.

"What is, my friends?" Kaldar asked as he entered the room. Connor repeated the story to the team leader.

"That is... strange," Kaldar agreed. "Maybe you should just ask them about it."

"Ask who about what?" Artemis questioned as she came in to the room from the kitchen.

Once again, the story was told. "Lets all just go ask them," she replied. "Kid Mouth can't jeep his mouth shut."

All in agreement, the four teammates went to confront their friends.

Wally and Robin where in the gym, practicing on a trapeze. Their teammates watches as Robin flew through the sky, flipping four times before Wally easily caught him. The swung to the platform, landing with a bow. At the applause of their teammates, they quickly scaled down the ladder and walking over to them.

"Hey, guys," Wally greeted. "What's up?"

"I heard you guys talking at the circus," Connor started, cutting to the chase. "What did you mean when you said ''What else did you think living a thirty-five year long life then finding out it was fake would do?'"

Wally and Robin paled, eyes growing wide with horror. "We don't know what your talking about," Robin answered weakly.

"Stop playing around and tell us what's going on," Artemis ordered.

Robin started to argue, but Wally cut him off. "It's a long story."

Artemis shrugged. "We got time."

So Robin and Wally told their teammates their story. How they hadn't died in that explosion, and went on to live long and happy lives. How they had kids, and friends. How they woke up, realizing that 35 years of their lives had never happened, how it wasn't real.

After the story was done, Megan was the first to speak. "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault."

"It's fine, Miss. M," Robin lied. "No harm done."

"Why haven't you told anyone?" Kaldar asked the pair.

"We don't want to be treated different," Wally answered.

"Then you have our words, we will not treat you different."

And they kept their promise.