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Summary: An example of why I joined the DWOCD community. A test drive of a friend's boat leads to trouble when the boat experiences mechanical issues. The resulting explosion deafens Danny. A sad little whumper of a story that I blame on my DWOCD isues. Plus my support group made me do it!

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Chapter 1

Danny gazed blearily up at the very green leaf that was hanging mere inches from his nose. He was lying completely flat on his back. He knew that much because he could feel the sand and small rocks poking uncomfortably into his shoulders. But he couldn't take his eyes off the leaf as it fluttered back and forth in a light breeze. He was wet and shivered slightly unsure why he'd be cold on such a hot day. But the fact was, he felt cold and didn't know what to do about it as he blinked hazily upwards. Part of the leaf was dappled with sunlight and part was darkened by shade and it totally captivated him. There was a glimmer of blue sky and the promise of a bright sun behind it.

He felt wholly disembodied as he studied the green leaf. There wasn't a single thought in his head other than the fact that the leaf existed and for some reason, he was laying on his back and not sure how or when that had happened. Something niggled in the back of his head but it refused to come forward. So he let it go.

After a few minutes it did sink in that there was absolutely no sound. Nothing. The leaf was swaying in the breeze, but the silence was deafening. It was like watching a television show with the mute button on and it was slowly becoming more and more disconcerting. Slowly, his eyes strayed from the leaf and up towards the canopy of heavy jungle. The trees were definitely swaying in more than just a gentle breeze and he could smell the salty ocean air. But there was absolutely no sound. He furrowed his brow in confusion at that because if there was a wind, he should hear the rustling of the leaves. He should be hearing birds even or the distant pounding of ocean surf.

The tiny worry started and the only word that came to mind was "why?" Once again the feeling entered his head that something was wrong .. something had happened. But he couldn't make his brain work.

Hesitantly he reached up to touch the leaf with his right hand and saw that it was shaking badly. There was blood on his palm. "Why?"

But as he got closer to touching teryhe green, Steve suddenly loomed into view. He was agitated, worried as he looked frantically around the area beyond where Danny lay prone. And his lips were moving fast as if he was shouting down at him, but Danny frowned again at the sheer lack of sound.

Steve had also grabbed Danny's hand and was holding it tightly. So tightly that Danny thought his bones would crunch together and he winced at the hard pressure. Devoid of any other feeling though, Danny silently watched Steve through hazy eyes.

He stayed confused when Steve gently put his other hand on Danny's chest and then up to his cheek. Then to the side of his face and moved it up into his hair. The touch was careful, light and full of an emotional worry. Steve's face became closed and angry; and his hand came away bloody red. He passively watched as Steve patted his hand down to his side. He leaned close and his lips moved again before shedding his button down blue shirt and then stripping off his white t-shirt. But Danny lost sight of what was happening and dozed until he felt Steve cleaning his face and trying to bandage his head with ripped remnants of the shirt.

Suddenly it hurt and he tried to flinch away, but Steve's lips looked like they were shushing him and he could read his name. And the eyes. Steve's eyes. Danny could read them like a book and they were anxious, worried and very dark as he focused on the bleeding gash on Danny's temple. He must have murmured something about the pain because Steve appeared to answer him. Again he could read the simple words of "Okay .. Danno .. Okay."

He wanted to ask what was wrong .. what had happened .. but Danny just couldn't bring himself to form more words and he wasn't sure if he cared to find out yet. He still didn't understand that his own head was bleeding and that it had been cut open by a piece of shrapnel from the explosion. That his hearing loss was because of the sheer reverberating concussion of sound that that had ripped through the boat and then the water just as Steve hurled them both into the ocean. So Danny simply lay on the deserted beach and lazily watched first the leaf and then Steve's very anxious face. He didn't think twice about his gaze falling to Steve's mouth to try and read the words being spoken. Some things were obvious .. like his name or when Steve said 'okay'. Other things were a total mystery especially when Steve jerked his head around or looked elsewhere.

There was a moment where Danny felt bone tired, almost nauseous as the pain intensified across his temple. He moaned softly as he allowed his eyes to close. The bright sun only made matters worse and it was increasingly hard to focus. But there was a severe shake on his arms and he winced again as the motion seemed to rattle the aching drum that had begun to pound in his head. When it happened a second and then a third time, Danny forced his eyes to find Steve practically nose to nose with him. He blinked in a vain effort to hear him as his hand came up to grab at Steve's forearm weakly. "Sick. Why?"

Danny saw again that Steve's lips were moving and he was trying to say something important. The worry in Steve's eyes had also increased ten-fold and he seemed more frantic .. terribly distressed. The very air had changed around them and feebly Danny could sense a storm. The wind had increased and the smells had changed to now include the wet, pungent scent of rain. His green leaf was now fluttering crazily in a high wind.

So Danny tried his best to hear the words but he was unable to do more than once more attempt to read Steve's lips. He seemed to be demanding now that Danny stay awake or don't sleep. Once, he thought Steve said 'okay, it will be okay' and clearly another word was 'Danno'. He could read that easily enough on Steve's lips and a small smile curved his own.

That simple smile made Steve hesitate and appear slightly less stressed for a moment. But Danny was so tired, his head was pounding with a vengeance and his ears had begun to ring even though he was still completely deaf to all other sounds. And as he slowly closed his eyes once more, Danny's hand loosened and fell away from Steve's arm. It landed limply in the sand next to him where he lay in the shade of a large banyan tree.

~ to be continued ~