A/N: This is a Hunger Games about me and my friends. . A guy named Adrian is convinced he's supposed to make the Hunger Games. So he kidnapped 16 children and took them to an underground arena that he created. He also tapped into CNN's network and has taken over their channel and is broadcasting. The Government can't seem to track him since he is a genius.

Izzy Gordon's POV

"Welcome tributes to the 1st ever Hunger Games! Since it's the first we will have a twist! All the tributes know each other in some way or another! And for those tuning in at home you can bet on tributes online! My name is Adrian Falk!" cries the madman who has kidnapped us. This sadist who has taken the Hunger Games too far and is convinced they are real.

"Now to introduce the tributes.

District One:

Lisa Bromley, a talented musician who has no history of violence. How will our song bird fair?

Kyle Frasier: A football player who really wishes to stay alive.

District Two:

Jana Barham: Smart girl with a bit of a temper, can she keep her cool in the arena or maybe her temper help her win.

Aaron Daum: A bit crazy, but experienced with weapons he probably want to get back to his girlfriend, which means he has to kill everyone.

District Three:

Renee Walker: A very clever girl, will her wit help her? Best friends with Jana, will the arena change that?

Zachariah Jones: Smart, kind of strong, not very quick though and has a soft spot for his girlfriend.

District Four:

Clarisa Taylor: Tall, pretty, but not stupid. Good with some weapons but better with her own strength. She will probably want her boyfriend back.

Blake Miller: A military obsessed kid, with his girlfriend on the sidelines hopefully he will put on a good show.

District Five:

Amanda Breckenridge: Zach's girlfriend who doesn't appear strong, but has an inner strength. She also has the type of personality that makes you want to protect her.

Joey Capehart: Brilliant with technology but how will he fair under the pressure of mutts and fighting his friends?

District Six:

Alexis Jacobs: Creative, very creative, but unfortunately not amazingly strong. Maybe she will make an ally or two.

Sam Steele: Smart nerd, whose quick, but kind of scrawny. Will he make it to see his sisters again?

District Seven:

Amanda Hosp: Smart, quick, and funny. Will her knowledge of the people in these games help her get out alive and back to Sarah?

Gregory Morris: A nice, Christian guy who tries to get along with everyone. Will he be able to keep his faith in the arena?

District Eight:

Elizabeth "Izzy" Gordon: A jack of all trades, master of none sort of girl. She has no problem fighting for her friends, but can she fight against them?

George Richardson: Funny guy, with smarts and creativity. He doesn't have much in the way of strength but maybe he can do make it.

Now unfortunately these were the only tributes I could get on such short notice. I would like to thank CNN for letting me use their channel, not that they had much choice, and I would like to thank our tributes." Adrian says glass ranger tower he's set up in the middle of this forest he expects us to fight to the death in. I have to admit I have thought of stabbing Zach, and Blake a few times but not seriously!

We are all standing on metal plates in a huge circle around the tower that has supplies spilling out of it. There is no way I'm killing my friends. I look to my left at George and see he already looks defeated.

"We will be fine George, we don't have to fight. This isn't real, he can't force us to." I say and smile, he start smiling when the speakers came back on.

"Oh is that so Izzy? I can't make you fight? Well that's true enough but I do have someone precious to each of you. Did you not pay attention during the introductions girly? I have your sister, and someone precious to each you. If you don't fight I will destroy them. So I suggest fighting." Adrian calls in a sing-song voice from his untouchable post. I stifle a sob and look around as the impact of these words sink into each of us. We have to kill for our loved ones.

"Lisa, I have your three year old sister.

Kyle, I have your grandmother.

Jana, I have your mom.

Aaron, I have your girlfriend Hanna.

Renee, I have your sister Sammy.

Zach, I have your dad.

Clarisa I have your boyfriend, James.

Blake I have Shelby.

Amanda B, I have some girl named Ariel.

Joey, I have Regina.

Alexis, I have your mother

Sam, I have one of your sisters, she's being a pain about it too. I told her she should be honored her brother is fighting in the Hunger Games but she doesn't seem to get it. Oh well, moving on.

Amanda Hosp, I have your girlfriend, Sarah.

Greg, Laney and I are getting along well, because she knows to keep her mouth shut.

Izzy, we already know I have your sister.

George, I have your girlfriend, Stevie, who I understand is friends with a lot of you.

Now please note, I'm a nice guy so if you die in these games, your loved one won't too, provided you've been trying. No, I will release them in a random spot somewhere in America or Canada. I have created mutts and landmines so be careful.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor."

And then the count down from sixty begins, with everyone ready to fight for their loved one.

A/N: So for those who didn't understand this takes place in modern times. A guy named Adrian is convinced he's supposed to make the Hunger Games. So he kidnapped 16 children and took them to an underground arena that he created. He also has the loved ones of the children and will kill them if the tributes don't fight.