Dawn/Early Morning of Day 3

Clarisa Taylor's POV

Zach finally calmed down about an hour after Amanda's face was in the sky. At least Alexis is okay, and George too. Honestly though I would be more upset about Alexis, she's so sweet and artsy, but I hardly know George. All he does is sulk and mope.

These last few days have been the worst of my life, and I've been through a ton in my life. Not that I'm complaining about my life but I just mean I didn't think things could be much worse. I thought I was going to get a chance when I got that job interview but no, it got me kidnapped.

Then in the arena I thought maybe I could wait to be rescued with my allies. But after that finally killing that bear thing and not seeing my allies; I'm beginning to see I'm actually going to have to fight my way out of this hell. Not for James or anyone else but myself.

I look over at Zach's sleeping form and grab his sword. I hate to kill someone who isn't conscious but at least he will be with Amanda.

I stand up quietly, raise the sword over my head and swing down. The cannon booms as Zach's head rolls away from his body.

Renee Walker's POV


I wake up to a sudden weight on me.

"Jana get off me that's not funny," I yell trying to push her off, but she's fighting back.


Jana is thrown off me and rolling around with Amanda.

"What the hell?" I say trying to pull Amanda away and calm them down. I get Amanda for a second but then, in the dim morning light, I see Jana's eyes. Normally a hazel, are a bight, brilliant emerald green. Her eyes are freaking glowing!

"Jana?" I ask timidly, but she just lungs at Amanda again.

"The bite!" Amanda screams pushing Jana off and scrambling away. "It must of done something."

Jana, or well Jana's body, turn to me and knocks me over. I push her to the side as a flash of silver lands right where she was. Unfortunately right where she was, was on top of me.

"Oh God," I hear Amanda say. But she throws another knife at Jana and it hits her leg. She howls in pain and limp-runs into the woods.

"Oh Renee, are you okay?" Amanda says kneeling next to me. Its starting not to hurt, its just warm, a tingling from mid-torso where I was hit, to my toes. I just want to relax and close my eyes for a minute.

"Renee, can you say something? Anything? Nod?" She begs but answering seems like so much work, and it's so warm, like a blanket. I'll answer her when I wake up.

I close my eyes and let warmth flood over me.

Jana's POV (Sorta)

One fell down the other hurt me. Why did she hurt me? I'm their ally, no their enemy, no friend, no killer. Killer? Is that what I am?

Red, beautiful red, when I left the fallen girl was turning red. Red like my leg, but there was so much more. I need more red. Red comes from inside these moving things, I need to find more moving things.

My leg is a beautiful red, because of the sliver I pulled out of it. Red is the best thing of all.

George's POV

We finally stopped running, thank god, and have set up camp near a river.

"Do you think we can go back? Try to find her? Maybe help?" Alexis asks me, twiddling nervously with her hair. I shake my head.

"I wouldn't know where to start and if that bear thing finds us we're both doomed, neither of us have any weapon experience. I'm sorry," I say and I really am. But she turns away, clearly frustrated with me. "I'll watch you sleep, we've had a long night. "

She nods and lays down on the pile of soft grass we gathered. After a few minutes of silence I think she's asleep.

"I understand why, and I'm not mad its just not fair." She says almost asleep. Not fair? Hell I couldn't agree more with that statement.

A/N: Sorry its been awhile, and this chapter may seem short but it's the chapter I spent the most time on. Thanks to whoever is still reading this!