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Book 1: Saviors
Chapter 1: Imposters

When he had told her they'd meet again, she hadn't really had this in mind.

"Lux? What's with these costumes? You still haven't told me what you're doing in the lower levels of Coruscant and why you need my help." She could feel the white face makeup he'd put on her, changing the nature of her Togrutan markings. It was irritating. As was the long, gauzy dress he had handed to her as part of their 'cover.' But as much as the makeup and clothing bothered her, he looked absolutely ridiculous with the platinum blond wig and purple contacts. Not to mention the ruffly blue suit that looked like it came from some other time period.

"Just trust me," the boy advised. "It had to be you."

"My master thinks I'm running a few errands for Jocasta Nu. If I'm not back in soon he'll get suspicious."

"We'll be done by then," he silenced her with a wave of his hand. A group of seedy looking Weequays were approaching and Ahsoka swallowed the urge to pull her blade right then and there. Jedi weren't looked upon too favorably this far below the glimmering lights of the city. "Follow my lead," he whispered to her as the band of thugs approached. Lux pretended not to notice their presence until one of them grabbed his shoulder. The boy froze. Ahsoka reached for her weapon instinctively but stopped herself. She was following his lead. For now.

"Aren't we a bit well-dressed for such a low-rent part of town?" the Weequay spoke sinisterly.

"Excuse me but will you kindly unhand me?" Lux answerd in an exaggeratedly polite voice that told Ahsoka this was all a part of the plan.

The Weequays erupted in a fit of laughter. "I beg your pardon?" one of them mimicked in a mocking tone. "Have we insulted his royal highness?"

The boy turned on them angrily. "Do you not know who I am? I'm Code Breaker, son of Dare Breaker! He's one of the biggest financiers of your little operation!"

The Weequay suddenly grew quiet, eyeing the pair suspiciously. "Go on," the one who had mocked him mere moments before spoke pensively.

"He sent me here to check on how the business was coming along. Am I to assume you would treat a representative of the Breaker family this rudely on a regular basis?"

"Alright kid," the lead brute said. "If you're Mr. Breaker's son, how come he didn't mention you before? And who's the tail-head?" He indicated Ahsoka, who scowled at the slur.

"Your business is my father's business, not the other way around," Lux answered curtly. "And the 'tail-head' is my betrothed, Mira Shek. I'll thank you not to insult her again."

The thugs exchanged uncertain looks before excusing themselves for a mere moment.

"Betrothed?" Ahoska hissed.

"Look, I was sent to take some merchandise from these drug-dealing pirates. My job is to recover a droid and get a hold of a high-powered weapon they have and then deliver them to a contact."

"Why the crazy get-ups?" the Jedi asked petulantly, sore that he hadn't shared the information with her before.

"Code Breaker is a real person—the son of their boss. And I resemble him closely enough. He really is engaged to a Togruta named Mira Shek…"

"…hence me," Ahsoka finished.

"Precisely. Look I would have told you earlier but I knew you'd back out."

"Thought you were a senator now," Ahsoka gritted.

Lux smiled mishievously."Technically, I don't start for another week and a half. And who's to say a senator can't have hobbies?"

The girl started to speak but spotted the drug dealers returning. "Quick, hold my hand," she ordered.


"Do it! If we're betrothed, at least make it look good."

Lux grabbed hold of her hand without having to be told again. The Weequay approached, somewhat intimidated now that they had presumably looked 'Code Breaker' up.

"You check out, kid. Look, we're really sorry about this. And Miss Shek, please accept my apologies. Had I known I was dealing with such a noble woman I would have refrained myself from my crude ways." Ahsoka nodded condescendingly, deciding it fit her part.

"Y-you won't tell Mr. Breaker about this, will you?" the thug looked to Lux fearfully.

"That depends," he answered testily. "You handle me roughly, speak to me crudely, offend my future wife, and insult my honor and dignity and you expect me to not breathe a word to my father?" The bandits looked to him hopefully but wilted visibly at his harsh words. "What will you give me to ensure my silence?"

"We just hauled in a fortune's worth of credits. We'll hand 'em over to you!"

Lux laughed condescendingly. Ahsoka had to hand it to him, he really was a talented actor. "I have access to more wealth than any of your sorry carcasses will see in a lifetime. What would I want with your ill-gotten gains?"

He nudged Ahsoka softly and jerked his head in the direction of an Astromech droid. She surmised it was the droid he was to recover. "Well, darling," he said loudly. "Since your honor was insulted, do you see anything these miserable wretches have that you want?"

She took a long, dramatic pause before finally speaking in her most condescending voice she could dredge up. "That Astromech is simply adorable, dear. I would love to have it."

Lux looked at her with proud satisfaction. "You heard the lady," he said to the simpering Weequay. "She wants that Astromech."

"B-but we use it to conduct our business," the pirate protested.

"Not for long if word reaches my father about our shabby treatment."

"Fine," the thug conceded bitterly, summoning the droid over and sending it toward Ahsoka. "Is there anything else you desire, Mr. Breaker?"

"Come to think of it, yes," Lux spoke after a moment. "I am told you have a high-power blaster rifle at your disposal."

"No. No way," the pirate narrowed his eyes. "That's strictly necessary for our business."

"Fine. Have it your way. Darling, let's go." He took hold of Ahsoka's hand again and started leading her off. The gentle pressure he applied signaled her to say something.

"Dear, I hope your father hears about this. That wretch called me a tail-head!" she whined loudly, rolling her eyes at the sound of her own shrill voice.

"Don't you worry, my love," Lux replied equally as loud and obnoxious. "Father will hear plenty of this."

The thugs were visibly torn before their leader ran to catch up with them. "Fine," he conceded again. "You win." He nodded to another one of his henchmen, who approached with a crate. The teens caught sight of a glimmering weapon inside. "Take it."

Lux grinned smugly. "Thank you," he drawled. "I suppose my father will hear good things after all."

"So he won't cut funding to us?"

"As long as you continue to pay your dues, I see no reason for him to do so," Lux assured the relieved drug dealer, taking possession of the weapon in the crate. "Now hurry on, lest someone spot me associating with your likes. Remember my father is a legitimate businessman." The bandits nodded their heads and hastened to leave.

The pair headed for a transport to take them up a few levels of the city. When she was sure no one was listening in, Ahsoka spoke. "So I get why someone would want a high-power blaster, but what's with the droid?"

"Coordinates stored in its memory drive," Lux answered without looking at her. "I'm helping a group of Felucian farmers rebel against the drug dealers who force them to grow their supply. They're planning to hit all of their major smuggling routes and cripple their supply lines."

"Where to now?"

"You can leave now, if you want," Lux shrugged. "I'm supposed to meet my contact in the Uscru Entertainment District."

"No," Ahsoka shook her head. "You asked for my help in this mission, I'm going to see it through. Besides, how much longer can it take?"

"Suit yourself," the boy mumbled.

The transport landed in the normally neon-lit strip of the Uscru Entertainment District, a scant few miles from the Senate Building. Of course, it was only late-afternoon and most of the workforce was still at its jobs. Bartenders were repairing broken signs or polishing up their bars. A few 'open' signs were lit but the section that was famed for its nightlife was unusually quiet. She had never been here in the daylight.

"How long do we wait?" she murmured to the young rebel as they walked to a street corner where he halted.

"Not too long," he shook his head, dark green eyes surveying the movement of people. No one gave the well-dressed couple a second glance. Minutes ticked by and she was beginning to regret having stayed with him this long. Her master had to be suspicious of her by now.

Why did she even agree to come along? To help this rebel barely older than herself who seemed bent on throwing himself into harm's way all the time? She wasn't sure. Lux just gave her this…feeling. It was nice to be in his company. He was determined and professional and adult-like, but also a sixteen-year-old boy underneath. And Ahsoka understood what it was like to act grown-up and still be a kid at heart. Maybe that was it. Or maybe it was just fascinating to be around someone her own age that wasn't wielding a light saber or meditating on the Force. Whatever the case, she felt compelled to stick by him until his assignment was complete.

It wasn't an attachment. She had to consciously tell herself this but it was not an attachment. Attachments were for the weak-minded, the same people Master Obi-Wan pulled mind tricks on. She wasn't attached to Lux. She was just…fond of him. He was a close friend. And besides, how would the blond-wigged boy make it without his supposed better-half to keep his cover? 'Mira Shek' did all the real work after all...

She was casually surveying the scene when she spotted the group of Weequay moving toward them. nudged Lux. "Don't look now but I think we've got trouble." The boy acknowledged her statement with a grim nod of the head.

"Remember us, Mr. Breaker?" the thug leader from earlier sneered.

"What now?" Lux retorted testily, back in character.

"Waiting around, are we? For what, exactly?"

"We will be attending a gala tonight—Mira and I. We have time to spare." It came off smoothly but Ahsoka could sense that her friend was starting to panic.

"Where would you recommend we visit?" she jumped in to save him. "Not that we would give consideration to the advice of someone of your likes."

"Tell me, Mr. Breaker," the Weequay ignored her. "If you are who you claim to be, how is it that I've just received word that Code Breaker was assassinated an hour ago at his home on Raxus?"

Both the Jedi and her friend were stunned. She could almost hear Lux's mind working overtime to explain this discrepancy. "A decoy was killed," he finally managed, straightening up. "You can't possibly expect my father to allow me to go about without decoys and body guards."

"Then why would your father be offering a hefty reward for anyone who can avenge his son's death?" the pirate countered.

Lux frowned. "Well…he has to make it look good. I would have thought someone like you would understand the games of deceit. If they realize they didn't kill me, I will be in harm's way."

"Or maybe," the pirate countered, "the real Code Breaker is dead and you are simply impersonating him."

"Ridiculous. I am highly insulted by this. Father will hear—" he broke off when one of the henchmen pulled the platinum blond wig from his head, revealing his closely-cropped dark hair underneath. Ahsoka gasped and reached for her light saber, concealed beneath the layers of gauze. The pirate saw her motion and must have concluded she was reaching for a weapon because he grabbed her arms and twisted them behind her, administering an electrical shock from a device in his hand. She cried out involuntarily.

"Ahsoka!" Lux shouted, moving toward her and sufficiently blowing their cover. She saw the other thugs moving toward him and tried to concentrate on the Force, willing it to course through her and aid her. But the electrocution had made her too weak and she could feel her vision dimming from the corners of her eyes. She watched as Lux hit the ground hard beside her, heard the faint grunt he emitted echoing in her mind, and then faded out.

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