Hey everyone!

I know you're probably expecting an update for this and I PROMISE it's in the works. But I've been so delayed and I feel I owe you all an explanation. So I was delaying for two weeks while my midterm exams were going on—I do have to pass my courses if I intend to do something with my life after all… And then immediately after I got the flu, which took a week or so to recover from. And now I'm so bogged down with classes, deadlines for the school newspaper I edit…my life's a mess, in short, and I'll be performing with my school show choir at Disney in a little over a month so I've got rehearsals. Anyway, I promise I've not forgotten about you wonderful readers. An update is half-done but it has stalled for the time being, as I explained. Hopefully it'll be out shortly but bear with me and PLEASE don't feel like I've abandoned you.

Thanks for the wonderful support you have given and (hopefully) will continue to give! You guys rock and hopefully I'll be back real soon!