"You've got fifteen minutes to answer the questions on the board. Off you go," said the teacher. As soon as he sat down to mark some papers, the kids on Page's table began whispering to each other. She smiled to herself as the walls of the classroom disappeared, and the gossiping students were replaced by friends and family all dressed in their very best, milling around and chatting to each other. The church was decorated beautifully- pale pink flowers on the pews, and light filtering in from the colorful stained glass windows. The sound of chattering guests surrounded her as she peeked out from her dressing room. 'Where is she?' Page thought.

As she looked around, a small girl caught her attention. "Mia!" she exclaimed. Mia rushed over, her golden brown hair tumbling in soft waves down her back. The pale purple dress she wore cascaded in ruffles down the front, where it met her sparkly silver shoes.

"You look so beautiful!" exclaimed Mia as she fully took in the sight in front of her. Page's wedding dress was truly amazing. The white silk reached the floor and was gathered gracefully in the back to form a long train. Small beads accented the seams. Her hair was pinned up with white flowers tucked into the loose braids. To finish off, a delicate lace veil covered her face and settled gently on her shoulders. "Wow," breathed Mia. "Zayn will be speechless!" Page blushed. "I just wanted you to know that I wish you all the best. I hope you can be as happy as me and Harry are." Suddenly, here face changed. "You have five minutes left!" she said in a voice quite unlike her own. Page sighed as she was once again whisked out of her daydream.

Page grimaced as she looked at the board. She would much rather dream about getting married to Zayn from her favorite band, One Direction. She looked over at her best friend Mia, who was also in love with the band, but instead favored curly-haired Harry. (She was also in the process of planning her own wedding). She could hear the organ music already….

The church doors opened, and the guests all turned to watch the procession down the aisle. They smiled at the six-year-old flower girl and oohed-and-ahhed at the bridesmaids in their matching dresses, Mia leading them as the maid of honor. Then Page heard her cue. The church fell silent as she slowly stepped out, supported by her father.

As she reached the end, she stepped up and faced her fiancé. "Wow," mouthed Zayn, staring at Page. "You look amazing."

The ceremony went perfectly went perfectly. Tears were shed, both by Page and the guests. Then finally the vows were said and the rings were exchanged. Page heard the words she had been waiting for. "I now pronounce you husband and wife," said the minister. Zayn smiled at her, his brown eyes shining as he reached for Page's hands. "You may kiss the bride." The two leaned forward. Page closed her eyes. Their lips were about to touch when the minister suddenly lunged forward between them. "Time to pack up!" he yelled. The church disappeared into mist, and reality came crashing back- including the classroom and an irate English teacher.

"Why have you not accomplished anything?"

"Sorry," mumbled Page. "I'll finish it for homework….or something," she said as she grabbed her stuff and rushed out of the room. Page ran down the hall, stopping only to pick up a few fallen highlighters that had escaped her grasp. She reached the class in record time only to find that she was early. Quickly, Page stuffed her things into her already crammed backpack. Breathing hard, she leaned against the wall and smiled as the halls were once again filled with the sound of organ music.