Chapter 1

Tugging lightly on her dresses hem, Driann brought a shaking hand to her forehead, panting heavily. Her eyes were wide, a couple of tiny, strained laughs escaping her lips. She didn't understand why she was so afraid of this.

The growls from the monster outside the door next to her caused her to freeze in fear. She hated it here. It wasn't safe, nothing was safe... nothing... nothing was safe. She pressed her lips together tightly, tightening the front of her black cloak, fearing that the monster may hear her fearful heart beating.

She began crawling a quietly as she could towards a door across from her, before getting up and dashing towards it. Just then, the grunt's growls reached her ears as she opened the other door and slammed it shut behind her. Thankfully those monsters were really stupid, so she was safe in that sense.

Of course, this character needs and introduction.

Driann crawled over to a lit fireplace, soaking in sanity as the monster's growls from the room before kept her on an edge.

Driann was a teen of 16 years. She has brunette hair and reddish-brown eyes which contrasted sharply with her pale skin. Dark rings were set under her eyes from lack of sleep, fear, and stress. After all, who in the world would be able to sleep peacefully after being sucked into the world of Amnesia?

Know you're probably wondering how she got "sucked" into this game-based world. Let's move backwards a couple of days:

"Hey, check this out Driann, it's a new episode of PewdiePie!" A black-haired girl laughed this out, a grin etched across her lightly tanned facial features. Driann excitedly lept over her couch, narrowly missing an encounter with the floor and scrambling over to her friend Jessie, who sat at the kitchen table with her laptop out.

"Seriously? I thought that he quit or something like that." Driann stated questioningly.

"Nah, he must've hit a mod-block or something like that."

Driann made a face. "Pfft, what the hell is a "mod-block?" Eh, forget I ever asked. Let's watch some Amnesia."

Jessie grinned wider. "That's the spirit bro! Come on!"

They turned their attention to the computer screen, hitting the play button to the video eagerly. They were total fans of PewdiePie. Complete addicts to his humor. The. End. He was like the only light of humor in their world, so they basically saw him like a god... okay, not quite. That's too much. Either way...

The two fans watched with great interest as PewdiePie made a great show of screams as a string of swear words erupted from his mouth when the Bro showed up. Interestingly enough, it almost looked as if the game had become- alive. The graphics must've been improved, that's probably it.

"Hey, doesn't this video look great? It's like, totally clear from start to end." Jessie said in surprise.

Driann nodded her head in agreement. It did look really great. After watching a couple more older videos, Driann's friend eventually left, waving as she got into her mom's car. Driann waved back at her before stepping backwards into the doorway and into her house.

Driann walked upstairs to her room, laying down in bed and yawning. Like a fatass, she basically stayed in her pj's the entire day. What was the point of having to take them off if you weren't going anywhere, you know? Pulling the covers over her head, the sixteen-year old curled up underneath the covers and closed her eyes.

The last thing she heard before drifting off into sleep was an eagle-like cry.

And... back to the present. So that was what happened. There was no actual way to explain how she was magically bip-bopped into this world of chaos. All she knew was that there was a Bro in the next room and she was stuck in an extremely dark one with only a fireplace as her light-source.

Damnit. Why couldn't she find any lanterns? She couldn't even find Stephano... that's probably because PewdiePie was trapped here too. Yes, she saw him and wasn't surprised. I mean, why not? But because of the black dress and hooded cloak she was transported here in gave her the appearance of some new monster, Pewdie had run off screaming, "DON'T FUCKING KILL ME BIIITCH!"

Driann was somewhat offended by this, but chased after him anyway. What annoyed her the most was that the "hunted" music had started as well, causing the blonde male running from her to run even faster. Apparently she was considered a monster in this game, even though she had no intentions to kill or hurt anyone.

This annoyed her even further.

The strangest fact was that when chasing after the man she so idolized, she didn't she Stephano whatsoever. Even though her was screaming even for Stephano to rescue him, he wasn't there. Oh well. He'll show up eventually. He wasn't the sort to stay hidden for long.

Hearing the monster finally moving away, Driann heaved a large breath of relief.

Thank god.