Summary: Gatsby left Nick for Daisy only to be hit with the realization that he doesn't truly love Daisy and his heart has chosen Nick. But will it be too late again?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(д) (д) (д) ((д))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gatsby's P.O.V

I regretted that I left him. I regretted leaving him outside in the pouring rain after he; my beautiful innocent Nick confess his love for me. But what did I do? I rejected him, telling him that I didn't love him like that, that I love Daisy and not him. Boy was I wrong.

It was a little over three years before I found out about my true feelings for him. Daisy and I went back to West Egg after spending our time in France, seeing that tiny cottage that he had inhabited that summer when I got Daisy back was overwhelming. And that's when everything turned downhill, Daisy and I fought a lot about the most stupidest and insignificant things in life and in those moments I noticed that I had yearned for Nick's company, his smiles, his laughter, the comforting warmth that surrounds him, and most of all that loyalty that he has. I missed him so badly and after spending all those moments with Daisy for three years we decided to separate. It was kind of stupid, I spent half of my life pinning for a girl that was already married and yet ignored and rejected the one that was my mate. After the sudden understanding that my love for him was more than friendship I went on a mission to find Nick.

It was two years after I went looking for him that I found out that my heart, my precious jewel, and my angel was gone. He had left this miserable world without my consent, and for the first time since the war I cried. I couldn't believe that he had departed and that I would never ever see his face let alone apologize to him and tell him that I do love him. But all that didn't matter now since a tragic train crash took him away from me.

Every night I would see his face in my dreams, his brown eyes filled to the brim with tears and disappointment as his cheeks redden from his confession and rejection. The look alone crack my heart, not only that visions created by my mind supplied me with pictures of a not so innocent dreams of love making, his beautiful face redden from the heat of the touches, bodies drench with sweat from the activity as our limbs get tangled from each other, and as I kiss his lips he would moaned in my mouth and for a second I would feel the joy of such pleasures and promises of the future together only to wake up to the cruel and harsh reality that he was gone. Whenever I try to go back to those dreams only his haunting face etched with such agony and pain would show, the once lively eyes turn into such sorrow and lifeless eyes conquered by death, I would wake up crying as my heart pounds to my chest, as the guilt eats my conscience.

And now here I am drinking my sorrows away trying to numb the pain that racked throughout my whole entire body. I would drink till I past out in the couch while wishing for Death to take me away. And maybe when Death does finally decides to do just that, maybe just maybe Nick would be there to greet me with his smile and tell me that he does still love me.