Everything had been a blur. One moment, I had just opened the door to my basement. The next ... well, the next moment, I'd stepped in, and suddenly the ground seemed to give way beneath my feet, and I fell into darkness ...

I shook my head, still feeling rather groggy and lightheaded, then looked around me. I was lying on a field of grass, and above me was the clear blue cloudless sky. Where was I?

I gave myself a pinch to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't. The ground was hard and solid beneath my feet, and the grass rustled slightly as it parted beneath my feet ... I looked closer. My old shoes were gone. They were replaced with low-heeled boots. And I was no longer wearing the T-shirt and jeans I had just a while ago. I gasped as I looked at the extremely beautiful pink dress I was now wearing. (However, I still had to refrain from an expression of disgust at how girly I must have looked).

Marian has just turned into a little princess, waiting for her handsome prince to come fetch her on a white horse ... an irritable part of my brain teased. I hurriedly crushed my train of thought. Must focus on getting out of here alive and well, I thought as I began to take stock of my surroundings. Especially when there is no one here...

All around me was green grass. Behind me the green extended as far as my eye could see, until it met the blue sky in purple mountains. No good there. But far off to my right, I could see thin spires in the distance, somewhat blurred by fog.

A city!

There I would go then. And when I got there, I would have to figure out how to get back home.

I began scaling the small hill in front of me, stopping every now and then to prevent from tripping over my ridiculously long skirts. As I climbed, I pondered.

How had I gotten here in the first place ... from my basement? I had been at home, with my parents and siblings, so no one could have kidnapped me ... but it seemed rather likely. I certainly felt fine, though. I checked my arms and legs - no bruises or injuries of any kind. Nothing had happened, then. I breathed a sigh of relief.

But then, what had happened?

My train of thought was cut off then, but not by myself. In that moment, I had nearly tripped and fell over a large bundle of red cloth lying in the tall grass.

I looked down - and immediately regretted it.

It was not a bundle of cloth. It was ... the mangled body of a man.

A now dead man.

A shrill scream split the silence, and I barely realized that it was coming from me. I turned and ran in a different direction, only to find my progress impeded by more bodies. I had stumbled into a battlefield, filled with the losing army.

A horrible smell wafted up in the air, but I kept running, even though I was sobbing for breath. Death was everywhere - it was all around me, in the air. Desperately, I ran, trying to escape, but what if it caught me -

It felt as if I had been running for an eternity, in that silent, death-filled place. But gradually I realized that there was another sound in the air. A sound of ... a horse's hooves pounding the ground. Getting nearer to me. I could not risk getting caught. I was just a girl in this lonely place. I tried to coax more speed into my legs, but I was already so tired ... Suddenly my legs buckled underneath me, and I fell to the ground, as my brain screamed, NOOO!

The clopping of the horse's hooves got even closer, then stopped.

I was caught now. There would be no escape. So this was how it would end?

I turned around and looked up ...