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It was just an average day in Amity Park; the sun was shining, the birds were singing. No one was in school because it was Saturday. Two ghosts were duking it out over the skyline. Clouds could not be spotted for miles around. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary.

"Your pelt shall rest at the foot of my bed, WHELP!" bellowed the louder ghost. He could be recognized from miles around with green flames for hair and a goatee, though at the moment, the most memorable part of his image was his hands clutching at the air in front of him. There was a slight hum from the jet-pack responsible for keeping him airborne.

The sound didn't cover the sigh of the other, white haired ghost. Nor did it cover the slap, as he clapped his white gloved hand over his green eyes, and dragged it down his face.

"Four things, Skulker," snapped the young ghost, frustration evident in his voice. Normally this one would be much more up for sarcastic remarks, but he was just not feeling it today. "One, ewwwwww; two, I have a name, it's Danny Phantom; three, think about your track record. How many times have you tried to catch me?"

The robotic ghost looked down, as he tried to think, muttering to himself, "Uhhh…carry the one…add the five…"

"And how many times have you succeeded?" Danny interrupted, barely restraining the beginnings of a smirk. Oh, now he was getting in the groove of things.

Skulker kicked at the air. "Recent records show-"

Danny coughed "ZERO" into his hand. Skulker glared at him.

If looks could kill, Danny thought, he'd be a better hunter. "Fourth, did I mention: EWWWWWW?!"

Skuker's stare grew even more lethal. "Crack all the jokes you desire ghost boy," he ranted, confidence returning to his voice. "This time, shall be different. This time, I shall be victorious. This time, I have these." Skulker said the last word with something akin to reverence. A rectangular box popped out of his back, and aimed itself at Danny. There was an explosion and five missiles rocketed towards the young hero.

Danny cocked an eyebrow, incredulous. "Missiles?" As the first missile neared him, he turned intangible.

His maneuver did nothing to protect him as the missile exploded. Danny found himself hurtling towards the ground. He did flip in midair, and landed on his feet. Blinking hard, he looked himself over, surprised to be in one piece. "I can't believe I didn't face plant right now," Danny stated, relieved.

"Oh. Did I forget to mention that they have a special ecto-proximity-trigger, causing them to detonate when they get too near a ghost?" Skulker inquired with a dark grin. "Silly me."

Danny stared at Skulker, his brain kicking into overdrive as he got into a protective stance. Gotta think.

Skulker primed his missiles as he aimed them at Danny. "Any last words, prey?"

"Hm, 'leave now and I won't be forced to hurt you' comes to mind," said a feminine voice. The sound had a steely edge, and both males looked at the newcomer.

Standing—or floating—right next to them was a ghost with grass green hair, pulled back in a ponytail. Her vivid yellow eyes were glaring daggers at Skulker.

"Ahhh," Skulker said with a smirk, "You are here to pit yourself against the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter." He chuckled, striking an intimidating pose with his weapons. "I am afraid I am a little preoccupied at the moment. However," he continued, his gaze sliding back to Danny, "I promise that as soon as I am done skinning this whelp, I'll give you the honor of hunting you down as well."

"That won't work," the ghost-girl said, as she adjusted her finger-less gloves, pulling the ends up to her elbows. They were distracting, the monochromatic stripes on them drawing Danny's eye. "I'm here for him, not you." Something about her matter-of-fact attitude, referring to Danny as almost an object rather than a person, disturbed Danny more than Skulker's psychotic approach to hunting him.

"WHAT?!" Skulker roared, his missile launcher aiming itself at her. "You dare interfere with the hunt? With MY hunt? With I, Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest and most lethal hunter?" Rage echoed in Skulker's every word, the flames of his hair burning brighter, his eyes narrowed maniacally.

Danny tried to come up with a snarky comment to interrupt him with, but decided Skulker was making himself look like an idiot just fine without him, and settled to just watch.

"Your pelt resting at the foot of my bed is too good for you," Skulker snarled at the female, who was looking quite disinterested. "Your hair shall become a sleeping cap for my head and your hide shall be made into slippers for my feet."

The ghost-girl was staring intently at Skulker as she clenched her fists. It was a slight movement that set Danny on edge, but not nearly as much as the tiny smile appearing on her face did. "So, settling this peacefully is out?"

Skulker's only response was to prime his missiles.

The ghost-girl extended her fingers towards Skulker, and yellow lightning arced between them.

Skulker's hair and beard went out after a colorful light show and an almost comical "ZAP", and he fell to the ground with a 'thunk'. The girl smiled, pulling out a shiny metal soup thermos with a white cap. "In you go," she declared as she pulled the cap off. A beam of white energy that Danny was familiar with shot from the thermos and engulfed the hunter, sucking him in. This action was followed by her recapping her thermos.

Where did she get that? Danny wondered, feeling cautious. Should I leave?

The girl looked at Danny and said, "Now for you."

Crud. Probably.

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