Rose's response to the vampiric ghost was to raise an eyebrow.

The white-capped ghost clapped a hand to his forehead. "Oh butter biscuits, where are my manners." He took a deep bow, never removing his sanguine-eyes from Rose's. "My name is Plasmius."

"Vlad Plasmius?" Rose asked, as she eyed the specters black hair. Who in their right mind would style their hair to look like two curved horns?

"Ha-ha," Vlad chuckled. "So you've heard of me?" Vlad smiled, once again flashing his fangs. "Thankfully I've had the same pleasure, Ms. Rose."

Rose felt like she needed to take a shower. The individual in front of her exuded oiliness to an extent, she was amazed the EPA wasn't citing him on the spot.

Vlad continued, neither noticing nor caring about her discomfort. "I have a proposition for you."

Rose crossed her arms in front of her, her spine straightened and her neck stiffened.

"I'm not interested," she said curtly.

Vlad was unperturbed, as he greasily continued. "Ah, but you do not even know what is being proffered."

Rose didn't react, as Vlad went on. "You want Danny Phantom out of Amity Park; I want him under my thumb. The two are not mutually exclusive."

Rose shook her head knowingly. "That's never going to happen."

Vlad's grin grew as he ran his tongue over his fangs. "You only say that little falcon," he lectured, "because you don't know the plan."

"There's a plan!?" Rose asked incredulously. He has plan for what to do if a random female ghost wants Danny Phantom out of the picture, she questioned mentally.

"My dear," Vlad exclaimed. "There is always a plan," he affirmed smugly, and then he began to explain.

"What more proof do you need, Tuck?" Sam snapped angrily, as she spelled it out. "Rose is E-V-I-L."

Tucker gulped. "Let me see the Fenton Binoculars again," he asked hesitantly.

The two were hiding in a bush to the side, and far below, where Rose and Vlad floated. Tucker held out a hand, and Sam slapped the binoculars into his palm. They were exactly like a pair of regular binoculars, with one important difference: the word Fenton was proudly displayed on either side for the world to see. The letters were a day-glow green.

Tucker peered through the binoculars. He could see Vlad talking animatedly, and the back of Rose's head.

"Well?" Sam asked impatiently.

"It looks…bad," Tucker conceded.

"BAD!?" Sam cried in a forced whisper.

Tucker swallowed nervously. He didn't think it looked bad, he thought it looked much worse.

Sam spoke through clenched teeth. "She's talking to Vlad. She obviously works for him."

"That's what it looks like," Tucker agreed. "But we don't know."

Sam let out an exasperated sigh. "Start thinking with your brains, and stop thinking with your hormones." She gestured at the two ghosts. "She's colluding with Vlad."

"I am, thinking with my brain that is." Tucker started to rise from the bush in protest, Sam grabbed his shoulders and pulled back under cover. She gave Tucker a dirty look. "I am," he stressed.

When Sam shook her head, he continued. "Look, she is talking to Vlad that proves nothing. Danny talks to Vlad on semi-regular basis. If that was a crime, he'd be guilty too." Tucker gestured to the both of them. "Heck, we'd be just as guilty."

Sam would not be appeased. "I told you she was trouble," she spat. "Did you listen to me. Nooooooooo," Sam said, dragging out the 'O'. "You were too busy making goo-goo eyes at her."

A look of insight appeared on Tuckers face. "Oh, I got it," he said knowingly. "You're jellin."

Sam slowly turned her head to look at Tucker.

"Um…," he floundered as sweat began to congregate on his brow. The look on Sam's face made him think of a hungry sphinx in ancient Egypt. He panicked, and stuttered, "sh-she's to-to-totally evil."

"Dang straight," was Sam's reply.

Tucker wiped sweat off his brow as his heart started back up.

"Fortunately, I have plan," Sam gloated.

When Vlad got to the part of the plan about giant ghost waffles, something inside Rose snapped.

"I'm going to cut you off right there," She said, blocking Vlad as moved to continue. "I'm not even sorry about."

Vlad glared at her, as she inspected her fingernails nonchalantly. "You don't like the plan?" When Rose shook her head, he asked, "why?"

Rose adopted a matter of fact tone. "Giant ghost breakfast pastries aside, you plan has too many moving parts." She steamrolled over his attempt to cut in, "you rely on half a dozen ghosts, all of whom are pushing their own agendas. Also, you rely too much on Phantom's blindness." Rose crossed her arms. "Finally, you rely on your pawn in red to do as you say. The red huntress is beyond anyone's control, or prediction. You've had your share of good plans, but this is not one of them."

Vlad digested this. "So you refuse to work with me?"

Rose slow clapped, "Very good Vladimir."

Despite being talked down by an adolescent ectoplasmic entity, Vlad was remarkably calm. He sibilantly hissed, "Free advice, girl, you don't want me as an enemy."

Rose made an unattractive snort. "Fine, I have some for you, Mayor Masters," she said pointedly. Vlad kept his poker face as she continued. "Know thine enemy. See you are obsessed with taking out your former best friend, marrying his wife, and gaining his son as an apprentice. You have a secret that few know about, which would effectively end your career." Vlad swallowed, as Rose persisted smugly. "I know how you think, and what motivates you. The converse is not true."

"So it is to be blackmail then?" there was frustration, and begrudging fascination apparent in Vlad's voice.

Rose shrugged. "You can interpret it however you want. Honestly, your opinion doesn't matter an iota to me." Her eyes narrowed. "Just stay away from me, and stay away from Phantom."

"Very well," Vlad spat, as he returned the glare. "You haven't seen the last of me," he warned, as he turned into a pink mist and dissipated.

Rose tipped an invisible hat to him. "Do svidanya, Vladimir."

Rose slowly floated to the ground after Vlad disappeared. Tension seemed to flow from her, as she took a deep breath.

I thought I would have a fight on my hands, Rose thought as she took several deep soothing breaths. I could take him…probably. Out loud she said, "That went better than can be expected."

There was a flash of white light and a sucking noise. Rose vanished.

Immediately behind where she was standing, Sam capped a Fenton Thermos. "Funny," she said with a smile. "I could say the same thing."

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